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Mandir Shah Majeed


5FV8+986, Inner City, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

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  • 1Ajeet D. 3 years ago
    No mandir now on that place bcz no any hindu in there

  • 5Ali H. 3 years ago
    Very very beautiful place to visit

  • 5Ishtiaq A. 4 years ago
    Ancient place which needs government care.

  • 5Nadir H. 4 years ago
    Ancient history. Give right to minority in Pakistan. I visited this place and believe me how much i feel pleased .

  • 4Najeeb Sadaat B. 4 years ago
    It is a historic place,private visitors are not allowed bur Reshwat can do the magic.

  • 4Sayyad R. 4 years ago
    good place to visit. but be careful.

  • 1ZEESHAN A. 4 years ago
    You can only visit either with government officials or by bribing warden near it. They will let you visit, otherwise it is occupied by muslim families.

  • 4Junaid A. 5 years ago
    Historical but not preserved..... decaying building

  • 5Nisar Balhro S. 5 years ago
    some 200-250 years back at this place was a platform (thalla/tharra) under a huge Pepal tree where used to meditate a saint called Shah Majeed. Both Muslims and Hindus used to pay their respect to him. When he died, he was buried on the same platform. Veneration continued and with passage of time the place started to be called Chowk Majeed. It continued to be so called in the municipal record of the year 1864 and 1884. The license for Taazia Kamangaran used to be issued “via Shah Majeed”. Wasti, author of Aina -i-Multan (1985) quotes and asserts that for quite some time there was a lot of Muslim property around this platform but gradually Hindus purchased the entire property. They built four walls around this platform. During the Hindu-Muslim riots of 1884, Hindus, placed idols on this platform and gradually, the Muslims forgot that a Muslim saint is buried under this platform and Hindus were encouraged to build a temple over it in 1944 however the structure still continues to be called as Mandar Shah Majeed. The temple is made of white plaster finely completed to a marble like finish. It has a petit balcony above its entrance behind which stands the mandappa (main spire) of the temple. Inscriptions in Hindi are rendered in stucco work and so are the decorative motifs. Access is through Chowk Bazaar. The temple is situated at the corner of Bazaar and a street. Unfortunately much of the temples elegance has been obscured by a web of electrical wires and a cluster of transformers. The temple is in a complete state of neglect but has withstood the onslaught of time. Some of its features still retain elegance.

  • 5Asker G. 5 years ago
    Hazrat Shah Yousf Gardez Tomb is one of the oldest & unique in Pakistan. The Saint migrated from Afghanistan around year 10 AD. The blue traditional hand made Tyle work on the tomb is beautiful.

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