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  • 5/5 Solomone S. 5 years ago on Google • 876 reviews
    It's a tourist attraction in itself. It's more like a big supermarket for local produce (vegetables, fruits, homemade cakes, root crops, kahala, local medicines, & handicrafts, etc Upstairs, u will find more local jewellery stallers, crafts, clothes and many more. Around the main building are little shops of clothes, food, arts, western Union, sewing, clothes, etc. They have a paid parking inside. There are some small takeaway places in it. Saturday is the busiest and where u find most fresh produce. Be sure to go early in the morning. It's close at 5 PM.
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  • 5/5 chloé f. 4 years ago on Google • 140 reviews
    Great market to buy veggies/fruits and souvenir like necklace and wood carving! Love it, not everyone take card thought, need to bring cash
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  • 4/5 Jessenia G. 5 years ago on Google • 124 reviews
    Craft and produce market located in the centre of town, I'd definitely recommended checking out all the handmade tapa crafts. These are local women, handcrafting, painting and carving little (and big) crafts. There is a section upstairs which is all cheaply made shirts and trinkets from China, but I'd bypass this and head for the tapa. Haggling isn't a thing in Tonga, I'd say they probably find it disrespectful to their hard work but you can get good 'bundle' deals when you buy more than 1 or 2 of the same item.
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  • 4/5 N E. 1 year ago on Google • 38 reviews
    Would have loved to buy some things but NZ immigration would stop me bringing it back into the country. The stall holders just let browse, they don't annoy you. Loads of fresh produce for sale too.
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  • 4/5 Jackie O. 4 years ago on Google • 190 reviews
    A slice of Tongan life

  • 5/5 Mitchell van G. 2 years ago on Google • 157 reviews
    Anything you need or want from fruit and veg to haircuts. Go upstairs for souvenirs.

  • 5/5 Christine P. 4 years ago on Google • 128 reviews
    Has everything and then some....from authentic tongan stuff at an expensive price to the fake tongan stuff at cheaper prices...something for everyone at home (USA) and no them weaved rectangles are not mats they are taovala (aka tongan wrap around skirts unisex fool lol)

  • 3/5 Sherah 6 years ago on Google • 90 reviews
    Love the beautiful handmade items, great art and craftsmanship! 💚 There are some fruits and vegetables which are starting to rot ( which can be bought at a discounted price or free). 🍆🍠🍎🍈🍐Some vegetables and fruits aren't ripe and most aren't washed beforehand. The market has plenty of cheap Chinese knockoff items such as "Adidas" & "Nike" backpacks, flip-flops etc (which I don't mind sometimes!) Most of the Chinese mini storefronts have cheaply made products so just be aware when buying! Otherwise, it's fun to walk around and see everything, I could easily spend an hour here looking around! 😊

  • 3/5 Peter H. 6 years ago on Google • 61 reviews
    Good fresh veggie market, and if you are interested in some local artifacts, then this is the place for you

  • 4/5 Jerilyn van H. 6 years ago on Google • 51 reviews
    Great place to go for handmade really affordable genuine souvenirs from Tonga!


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