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  • 5Mike B. 5 months ago
    I mean... What's not to love? There's like 20 different varieties of rum, and amazing rum cake, amongst other things. Amazing views and friendly service cap out the experience. Definitely worth a stop!

  • 5Ryan B. 7 months ago
    MUST visit if you like rum or even if you MIGHT like rum and just love good spirits. Heck, you know what, go if you don't like rum, you might have a conversion like I did when I went to a tequila store and tasted what good stuff can taste like. 'Cause this rum is GOOOOD! They have 5 types but those 5 span the spectrum from sweet and fruity to calm ans complex. None have the characteristic burn you get with straight liquor. I would throw all of them on ice for a sipping rum. Pair the free tastings with their unbelievable rum cake (also free tastings) and enjoy the sweet flavourful goodness. Wish I could have brought them all home but I personally took home the Wandering Spirit as a nice calm, not too sweet, flavourful sipping rum. Even if you don't go for the cake and rum, go for the view. Such a nice patio view overlooking the west. Just wish they served snacks/coffee/drinks so we could have enjoyed a table and really soaked the view in.

  • 5Jan B. 8 months ago
    Nice little brew shop with rum and infused cigars (with their own rums). And ofc they will give you little taste of those rums they're making (i myself liked the spice one the most).

  • 1k u. 9 months ago
    We visited the rum factory on a whim while touring the area. We'd been several years before. Was greeted properly, very clean and spacious store. At first we were only 2 customers. Stepped outside onto back balcony for photos. Other customers arrived. As we re-enter ed the store the owner was LOUDLY CUSSING OUT HIS EMPLOYEE. WHO treats anyone like this??? We felt terrible for the employee. OWNER was TERRIFYING. WE'LL NEVER SUPPORT THAT BEHAVIOR OR ESTABLISHMENT. Tour operator confirmed that is his ongoing reputation. Shameful!

  • 5T. 10 months ago
    Came inside and was immediately greeted with samples of the rum cake as well as samples of the different rums. It all tasted good to me lol. Ended up purchasing one bottle of chocolate rum and a couple cigars. Had no issues with the cashier. The view in the back was crazy nice!

  • 5Jack F. 11 months ago
    My family and I had a great time visiting the Roatan Rum Company. They have amazing rum cakes and a great view on the back deck. I would recommend to any cruise goer traveling to Roatan!

  • 4Ron B. 1 year ago
    A fun place to visit. It is a retail place, not a distillery. Free samples of rum and rum cake. The rum infused coffee beans are packaged in the same bottle as the rum. Very clever.

  • 5Jonathan O. 1 year ago
    Rum, rum cake, staff and view was all an absolutely delight! Everything was amazing! Wish I had room for it in our luggage and I would have bought everything! I wish they served cocktails or more than just samples so we had a good excuse to stay for longer and hang out!

  • 4Luna M. 1 year ago
    Only tasted a the coconut and mango rum's which were good. The cakes were delicious and my favorite was island spice or the pineapple. Wish they had the rum samples set out like the cakes so you could sample them without asking each time.

  • 4Warren E. 1 year ago
    The rum cake is to die for! The rums are good too. Would be a five star rating but they don't offer tours just tastings

  • 4Ila S. 1 year ago
    The place gives the free tasting for Roatan Rums and portions are very generous for tasting :) . Their Rum cakes are absolutely delicious. The place is clean and have amazing views of ocean. Just across the street is lighthouse.

  • 1Sheila O. 1 year ago
    Staying in Roatan just down the street from the place and I have no word's for the experience but horrible. The owner really needs to put his customer service pants on when he is in the shop. I try to strike up a conversation with him since we are both from Canada and he really doesn't want to talk about and tells me that he has 24 minutes before close then he will be able to get the hell out of his shop and have his own drink. Really buddy?? Having a bad day I saw 3 other employees working maybe you should have went home early ..... Then in making our purchases the guy at the cash register shames us in not purchasing enough (we had 12 days of vacay left) while listening to owners rant about going home to drink. Toxic experience and I only wish them an opportunity to improve so that others experience a more pleasant visit.

  • 1Suraj P. 1 year ago
    The Caucasian guy at the cash register was an absolute tool. Extremely rude, short, & incoherent. Seemed as if he'd been drinking rum the entire day, very unprofessional. He's in Honduras, yet he's racist. Mind blowing, don't waste your time here, the rum cake is disgusting. The local driver who took us here, was not a fan either, although the cruise excursion included this stop. The local driver told us afterwards, of this guy's racist behavior throughout the town as well. Apparently, he's from Canada, far from home little man.

  • 5Kathleen-Joy L. 1 year ago
    The rum and rum cake are stellar. And I really liked getting my rum in a skull decanter! MUST shop here on my island cruise stop!

  • 5D'Artagnan H. 3 years ago
    My wife and I stopped by on recommendations from locals who loved the chocolate rum. The ladies that helped us sample the rum and cakes were super friendly & welcoming. We really liked the Wondering Spirit Run and Coconut Rum cake. Before buying, we went out on their lovely back deck and enjoyed some drinks and wonderful view. While there, we had the pleasure of meeting Michaeleen & Frank who were serving drinks on the deck area & turned out to be the owners. They were amazingly friendly and funny. They had us laughing, while sharing good tips about the island. They are passionate about their craft and love sharing the fruits of their labor with everyone. We were so happy to meet them and to be introduced to their wares. We look forward to returning to Roatan to see them again and get more of the wonderful rum & cake! Thank you so much for sharing your passion!

  • 4Karen B. 4 years ago
    From cigars , coffee to rum and fabulous rum cake. Lots if nice gifts to take home. Also great views.

  • 5priscilla b. 4 years ago
    This rum company was at the very top with a gorgeous view! When you walk in they have rum samples & rum cake samples to can buy one of the 5 rums that they make OR you can choose from about 50 different flavors,create your OWN rum & name it!! As you walk out back you see this beautiful view & they have a frozen drink machine serving, what else? RUM DRINKS!!

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