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Marché De Covè image
Marché De Covè
👍 Connu pour sa croustillante galette et son huile d'arachide d'agréable senteur, le marché de Covè est localisé au cœur de la ville et se trouve au centre de toutes les attractions.
4.00 (145 reviews) (~0.07 km from centre)
TG Hôtel image
TG Hôtel
👍 Very comfortable. Clean. Hot water, nice bed, a few air conditioned rooms. The rooms in the back look out over a nice green area so very calm despite being just off the main road. My room was 15,000 and I paid for a room for the driver that had an enclosed parking space attached for 6,000. Decent B...
3.60 (278 reviews) (~1.42 km from centre)
Hotel Kpoffon Finagnon image
Hotel Kpoffon Finagnon
3.70 (32 reviews) (~7.73 km from centre)
Hotel La Confidence Chez Accro Miva image
Hotel La Confidence Chez Accro Miva
Resort hotel
3.30 (77 reviews) (~1.66 km from centre)
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