Papote Smoky Food Shop image
Papote Smoky Food Shop
👍👍 Excellent burgers and sandwiches! Certainly one of the best we have had in South America. Highly recommended!
4.90 (212 reviews)
Restaurante Nativa image
Restaurante Nativa
👍👍 Incredible tasting menu with drinks pairing. Great use of local ingredients and really celebrating Bolivian flavours. Excellent friendly service. Highly recommended!
4.80 (271 reviews)
Café Time & Coffee La Recoleta image
Café Time & Coffee La Recoleta
4.50 (956 reviews)
Taller De Hamburguesas image
Taller De Hamburguesas
Hamburger restaurant
$ $$$
4.60 (353 reviews)
Cafe Monterosso image
Cafe Monterosso
👍👍 This place is no secret but it is as good as everyone says! It’s very discreet front makes it a fun game to find and the setting inside is very relaxing and homely which is nice when you’re traveling. The host was very friendly and fit us in at the bar on a booked out evening and his children helped...
$$ $$
4.70 (222 reviews)
La Taverne Sucre image
La Taverne Sucre
French restaurant
👍👍 Amazing food - the menu of the say is an absolute bargain. The service was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and can't wait to go back for another one. If you're in Sucre, you have to go!
$$ $$
4.50 (550 reviews)
Pueblo Chico image
Pueblo Chico
Bar & grill
👍 We needed a place for a late night dinner after the dance show and this place was very accommodating. We ordered our food before the show and the hot foods were ready when we arrived. Our group had grilled chicken, pasta, Pad Thai chicken, chips, and chips with roast beef. The food portions were sup...
$$ $$
4.40 (834 reviews)
Bienmesabe image
👍👍 The food is simply fantastic and very delicious. The service is great and the atmosphere is very cozy and nice. I'd recommend it!
4.50 (294 reviews)
Papavero ristorante e pizzeria image
Papavero ristorante e pizzeria
👍👍 We ordered two pizzas for takeout (the Winter and Spring pizzas) - both very delicious. Best pizza we've had since Cali, Colombia (the dough, mozzarella, tomato sauce were all excellent). Food was ready for collection when they said as well. Highly recommend!! Thank you :)
4.50 (289 reviews)
Kultur Berlin Hostel Restaurant Bar Nightclub image
Kultur Berlin Hostel Restaurant Bar Nightclub
Casual dorms & private rooms in a cozy hostel featuring a bar/restaurant, a nightclub & a courtyard.
4.30 (1.6K reviews)
Joy Ride Cafe image
Joy Ride Cafe
👍 Nice atmosphere and wide variety of things. Their food is pricey and not a good quality to price. I ordered two different dishes.
$$ $$
4.30 (1.6K reviews)
Cafe Restaurant Florin image
Cafe Restaurant Florin
👍👍 Wonderful pique macho, and the vegan dish was especially delicious given that the restaurant doesn’t specialize in vegan food
$$ $$
4.30 (809 reviews)
Salteñeria El Patio image
Salteñeria El Patio
👍👍 Great! The vegetarian and pollo salteñas were wonderful - most of all I just vibed with the atmosphere. They say your vibe is your tribe and my tribe is a lil beige sac full of brothy egg raisin chicken goop. Love dat.
$$ $$
4.30 (799 reviews)
Pizzeria Napolitana Restaurante image
Pizzeria Napolitana Restaurante
$$ $$
4.30 (768 reviews)
Master Bar image
Master Bar
👍 Delicioso charque y excelente servicio, son muy atentos y amables.
4.60 (157 reviews)
Don Osso comida rapida image
Don Osso comida rapida
👍👍 Loved Don Osso, best lechón sándwich in town u gotta try it!
4.90 (87 reviews)
"El Bagual" Churrasquería image
"El Bagual" Churrasquería
👍👍 Perfect place to have lunch with the family or a group of friends. The meat is very good, the service is super friendly, attentive and fast, and the salads type selservice but very abundant, fresh and varied ... highly recommended.
$$ $$
4.30 (593 reviews)
El Huerto image
El Huerto
😠 The hotel called el Huerto restaurant to inquire whether we could still eat there, as it was already 2pm and we still needed to take a taxi to get there. They responded that we could, if we would arrive before 3 pm. So we decided to take a taxi and arrived just in time. At the restaurant the lady to...
4.30 (570 reviews)
Pizzeria MANÁ image
Pizzeria MANÁ
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Excellent pizza. Quick and delivius. Price very Good, clean place. Highly recomended. Greatings from Poland.
$$ $$
4.30 (540 reviews)
Kaiseki sushi Restaurant image
Kaiseki sushi Restaurant
😠 For three servings of sushi they gave us a very small one serving of wasabi and refused to bring more, they said it was only for a fee. My recommendations to everyone who orders sushi here - order them in turn, then they will bring you each portion of wasabi separately, and do not put one meager dro...
$$ $$
4.40 (274 reviews)
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