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Toro Toro National Park image
Toro Toro National Park
National park
Spacious park for hikes & treks amid canyons & caves, with views of dinosaur footprints & fossils.
4.60 (1.1K reviews)
Caverna Umajalanta image
Caverna Umajalanta
Tourist attraction
👍 it was like going amazing experience not recommendable for people with heart will have to drag yourself will.have to go into.very very narrow will.get wet and will.have to walk inside giant caverns you will also find a very spe...
4.80 (126 reviews)
Cañon de Toro Toro image
Cañon de Toro Toro
Scenic spot
👍👍 A highly recommended walk to go see the viewpoint and the canyon that was opened for millions of years and appreciate the exotic birds that inhabit it and do not shout please and do not carry garbage highly recommended
4.80 (89 reviews)
Pizzería Snack Vergel Jurásico image
Pizzería Snack Vergel Jurásico
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Very nice people, we came after 22:00. They welcomed us, and made a really good pizza 🍕
4.90 (75 reviews)
National park
😠 Very poorly run office. At 10.30am they said the next guides are at 2pm. We arrived at 2pm and there are about 15 groups waiting for a guide. We asked if we could do it solo and they said no, we can't do the walk without a guide. So basically we just wasted our day waiting for non-existant guides to...
4.60 (80 reviews)
Café Cretácico image
Café Cretácico
👍👍 Nice atmosphere, delicious beers, raclette and tartiflette
4.80 (59 reviews)
Hotel Rumi Kipu image
Hotel Rumi Kipu
👍👍 Best hotel at the Torotoro National Park. Alfonso and Annemarie will host you like you were unique. Rooms are clean, comfortable and have great views over the mountains. Food is exceptional and the service very friendly. They have a lot of information on the tours and Thier advise is the best you ca...
5.00 (38 reviews)
Hostal Margaritas image
Hostal Margaritas
👍👍 An absolutely lovely hostel with a very kind owner. The beds are probably the most comfortable ever, and the rooms are clean and spacious. Great value for the price. The restaurant across the street, which the same owner owns, is just as lovely.
4.80 (46 reviews)
El Vergel image
El Vergel
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Es un circuito de mucha caminata tanto de bajada como de subida, se recomienda llevar bastante agua para refrescar el cansancio, el camino esta muy bien marcado, y todo el trayecto se va con un guía respectivo, al llegar a lo más profundo se puede ver una cascada que cae desde las cavernas donde se...
4.70 (51 reviews)
Huellas de Dinosaurios image
Huellas de Dinosaurios
Tourist attraction
😐 Good place, the road is very bad because they are doing expansion work and there is a lot of machinery on the road, it rained and the road got a bit heavy Approximately 150 km but you travel between 30 and 50 km/h. It took us about 5 hours to get to the place. They do not allow individual tours. Ev...
4.40 (68 reviews)
Cabañas Umajalanta image
Cabañas Umajalanta
😠 I went by moto táxi to get to know the place, have lunch and maybe stay. The ride is rough and when I arrived there was nothing. They said there was no lunch and didn't tried to offer any possibility. Only to go back to the city. It is 20 bs the ride each way. The prices of the cabins are twice or t...
4.30 (59 reviews)
Como en Casa Torotoro image
Como en Casa Torotoro
👍👍 Excellent value hotel in a nice relaxing setting. The owner is absolutely lovely. She was always there to help with our requests. The dinner was good. We also had laundry done. Everything was very reasonably priced. We even got sandwiches and cookies to take on our hikes. Overall I thoroughly enjoye...
4.60 (38 reviews)
Villa Etelvina image
Villa Etelvina
👍 Excellent place
4.60 (35 reviews)
EL DINOSAURIO hostal y Café bar restaurante image
EL DINOSAURIO hostal y Café bar restaurante
Serviced accommodation
👍👍 Amazing Hostel, the staff are so friendly and helpful. The food is good. The rooms are large and secure. And the bathrooms are clean and the hot water and shower pressure is fantastic.
4.40 (41 reviews)
Hostal Edén image
Hostal Edén
👍👍 Buen lugar para descansar atencion muy satisfactoria, el desayuno se paga 10 bs aparte.
4.40 (32 reviews)
Hostal Matita image
Hostal Matita
😠 Untrustworthy. The owner agreed to a price when I visited and reserved a room, but tried to have me pay 3x more when I returned later. Don’t trust anything the owner says.
4.20 (37 reviews)
Hotel El Molino image
Hotel El Molino
Quaint brickwork hotel with mountain & countryside views, plus a terrace & free breakfast.
3.90 (62 reviews)
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