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Fasil Ghebbi image
Fasil Ghebbi
Historical landmark
Heritage site featuring remains of castlelike fortress-city, once home to Ethiopia's emperors.
4.50 (320 reviews) (~1.07 km from centre)
The Four Sisters Restaurant image
The Four Sisters Restaurant
👍👍 Great local food. Service is amazing.
4.50 (245 reviews) (~1.43 km from centre)
Debre Birhan Selassie Church image
Debre Birhan Selassie Church
Orthodox church
This ancient Ethiopian Christian place of worship is known for its colorful, religious art.
4.70 (133 reviews) (~2.22 km from centre)
Emperor Fasil’s Palace image
Emperor Fasil’s Palace
Historical landmark
👍👍 The Royal Enclosure (Amharic: ፋሲል ግቢ, or Fasil Ghebbi) is the remains of a fortress-city in Gondar, Ethiopia. It was founded in the 17th century by Emperor Fasilides (Fasil) and was the home of Ethiopia's emperors. Its unique architecture shows diverse influences including Nubian styles. The site wa...
4.50 (180 reviews) (~1.12 km from centre)
Roseau Hotel & Spa image
Roseau Hotel & Spa
👍👍 Roseau Hotel and Spa is located at the heart of Gondar, one of the leading tourist destination cities of Ethiopia. The hotel is designed to make customers safe and elegantly convenient. I experienced the pleasure of dinning here in Roseau Hotel. I witnessed how great for planning an event, conferen...
4.80 (93 reviews) (~3.34 km from centre)
Fasilides' Bath - ፋሲለደስ ጥምቀተ ባህር image
Fasilides' Bath - ፋሲለደስ ጥምቀተ ባህር
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Fasiledes' Bathis located about 2.5 kilometers from Fasil Ghebbi in Gondar, Ethiopia. It was built during the time of emperor Fasiledes in the 17th century. The palace is thought to have been the summer retreat for the royal family. In modern day it's home to the Timket Festival, epiphany, which ce...
4.50 (170 reviews) (~0.86 km from centre)
Goha Hotel image
Goha Hotel
Unfussy rooms & suites in a casual hilltop property with an open-air eatery & an outdoor pool.
4.20 (200 reviews) (~1.48 km from centre)
Gondar Hills Resort image
Gondar Hills Resort
👍👍 It is classified as one of the most luxurious resorts in Ethiopia. Perched on an unbelievable hilly terrain, the city of Gondar is a unique place with a view of the mountains. If a guest who goes to Gondar rests here, his memory will be complete. The hiking trails are exceptional. Its magnificent ar...
4.80 (46 reviews) (~1.9 km from centre)
University of Gondar - ጎንደር ዩኒቨርሲቲ image
University of Gondar - ጎንደር ዩኒቨርሲቲ
😐 University of Gondar (university of peace) one of the best university in Ethiopia! It include 3 campus(gbi) through it namely maraki,tewodros& Fasil! It is so amazing university with their beautiful girls! They around 17,000&above students through it!
4.20 (92 reviews) (~2.86 km from centre)
Gondar Plaza Hotel ጎንደር ፕላዛ ሆቴል image
Gondar Plaza Hotel ጎንደር ፕላዛ ሆቴል
👍👍 Modern hotel which is slightly further away from the city sights. Staff are very helpful and friendly from the doorman to the cleaning staff. Most speak some English. There is no air conditioning but staff kindly gave us a fan for our room. Also be aware that there is no elevator and some rooms are...
4.30 (36 reviews) (~2.34 km from centre)
Sycamore pension image
Sycamore pension
👍👍 Great value for money in Gondar. Hotel is great, however NEVER, NEVER book a Simien Mountains trip here, specially with a guy called FENTA (sounds like "Fanta"), as he will try to cheat you. Do it in Debark instead. I repeat: do not book a Simien trip to Fenta: he's a liar.
4.20 (38 reviews) (~1.55 km from centre)
Haz Hotel image
Haz Hotel
👍👍 Great place to stay in Gondar! Everything is new and functional. Our room had a mountain and a castle view. Tidy and specious bathroom with hot shower. 5 minutes walk from the castle. Good restaurants nearby. The staff and management is very kind and friendly. Good breakfast included. Wifi works be...
4.30 (32 reviews) (~1.3 km from centre)
Quara Hotel Gondar image
Quara Hotel Gondar
😐 Noisy as it is on the main sqaure. Dirty. Some bugs were around. Many disfunctions such as no proper electricity outlets but at the bathroom. The rooftop cafe is nice and service is good.
3.90 (58 reviews) (~1.12 km from centre)
Lodge Du Chateau - Gonder - Ethiopia image
Lodge Du Chateau - Gonder - Ethiopia
Modest dorms & rooms in a snug, woodsy hotel with a garden, mountain/castle views & free breakfast.
3.80 (61 reviews) (~1.2 km from centre)
AG Hotel image
AG Hotel
👍👍 Great location, wonderful service and calming vibe during the day. If you like night life this is a choice of hotel. Closest to historic attractions and cultural festivals during Ethiopian holiday.
3.70 (72 reviews) (~1.45 km from centre)
Haile Resort - Bilko, Gondar image
Haile Resort - Bilko, Gondar
😠 Room #108 & this side of the building all rooms , the afternoon sun will be there with you , even @ night it is not possible to sleep . The rooms are not design for bed room . the customer serves is excellent all employees are amazing and helpful
3.70 (57 reviews) (~1.16 km from centre)
Hotel Lammergeyer image
Hotel Lammergeyer
👍👍 I have enjoyed my stay in this hotel for Timket. They served us well and it was very near to the site. They have amazing food great taste. They even serve nine fasting food in the fasting season which is hard to find in the town. The compound is so green , beautiful flowers and trees. The birds give...
3.80 (32 reviews) (~0.77 km from centre)
Taye Belay Gondar Hotel image
Taye Belay Gondar Hotel
👍👍 At the first Welcome to ethiopia in gondar so all of you need to this hotel is full of
3.50 (68 reviews) (~1.19 km from centre)
Florida International Hotel image
Florida International Hotel
👍👍 I like my stay in the hotel. The service was great starting from picking me up from the airport and dropping off for free as almost hotels has fee. The rooms are wide and has comfortable bed. Their breakfast was okay and the chef was so friendly she even made food of my own choice which was not on t...
3.40 (87 reviews) (~2.41 km from centre)
L Shape Hotel image
L Shape Hotel
3.50 (49 reviews) (~1.13 km from centre)
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