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Lake Bishoftu Resort image
Lake Bishoftu Resort
Resort hotel
😐 The place is beautiful and is located in a good spot. U have an excellent view of a lake especially during the night though prepare for windy air. The downgrade of this place would be the poor seevice and the barely average foods. Needs a fast and improved service.
4.50 (806 reviews)
Kuriftu Water Park image
Kuriftu Water Park
Water park
👍👍 An amazing place for having many choices of water games. It will be very busy during weekends. The weekend price is 1,600.00 ETB for adults. There is a nice restaurant inside the park. A refreshing place and recommended for family, kids and couples.
4.40 (508 reviews)
Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bishoftu image
Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bishoftu
Resort hotel
🫤 Pricey but service is C minus. I stayed this same place about 6 yrs ago. The service went down hill compared to my last stay. Bad service started with reception. Staff members lack training. Unmotivated and take too long to take action when you call. That is even if they answer your call. Phone is b...
4.30 (626 reviews)
Pyramid Hotels and Resorts image
Pyramid Hotels and Resorts
Resort hotel
Warm quarters in a casual resort offering lake views, plus an outdoor pool, a gym & free breakfast.
4.20 (427 reviews)
Adulala Resort & Spa image
Adulala Resort & Spa
Resort hotel
🫤 What really disappoints me about this resort is that, while it has a very beautiful rooms with breathtaking architecture, well articulated playgrounds, swimming, meeting rooms and spacious recreational area, the place is dying due to a very poor management of the facility, lack of proper maintenance...
4.10 (418 reviews)
ሊሳቅ ሪዞርት | Liesak Resort image
ሊሳቅ ሪዞርት | Liesak Resort
Resort hotel
Rustic quarters, some with verandas, in a laid-back resort offering an outdoor pool & a spa.
4.10 (338 reviews)
7 LAKES Indian Restaurant image
7 LAKES Indian Restaurant
👍 Atmosphere is friendly and funtestic. With family we can stay comfortably. All indian food dishes are available.
4.40 (75 reviews)
Yatu International Hotel image
Yatu International Hotel
4.50 (62 reviews)
Kiroftu Resort & Spa image
Kiroftu Resort & Spa
Resort hotel
4.10 (152 reviews)
TK Hotel & Resort image
TK Hotel & Resort
Resort hotel
👍 Its a new spot, nice hotel and resort. There is a lake view and everything. There aren't a lot of food choices for now but hopefully they will be added soon enough. The service is good though if u want fast and immediate attention better to stay on the main restaurant and not go down the hill as the...
4.30 (59 reviews)
አሻም አፍሪካ ሆቴል እና ሪዞርት / Asham Africa Hotel and Resort image
አሻም አፍሪካ ሆቴል እና ሪዞርት / Asham Africa Hotel and Resort
Laid-back lakefront hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a restaurant, plus a spa with a gym & a sauna.
4.00 (118 reviews)
The Viewpoint Lodge Resort image
The Viewpoint Lodge Resort
😠 Don't be misled by the positive reviews. My partner and I weren't able to spend the night here due to our room being infested with mice and insects. We drove back to Addis Ababa at 1am after trying several methods to get the mice away (turning on all the lights, spraying perfume in the room, etc.)...
4.00 (83 reviews)
IVY HOTEL Bishoftu image
IVY HOTEL Bishoftu
Relaxed hotel offering a fitness centre & a steam room, plus a bar/restaurant & a breakfast buffet.
4.30 (44 reviews)
Akkoo Coffee image
Akkoo Coffee
👍 Beautiful and relaxing place. Price of food is a bit expensive for casual dining.
4.50 (31 reviews)
ፒራሚድ ሆቴል / Pyramid Hotel image
ፒራሚድ ሆቴል / Pyramid Hotel
👍👍 Took advantage of the hiking I had at Green Lake in Bishoftu, and stopped by for refreshments and have drinks. It was great. Service top notch as always.
3.90 (46 reviews)
Pelican Paradise Resort Hotel image
Pelican Paradise Resort Hotel
Resort hotel
🫤 Rooms wide modern but has spiders and other insects food was ok till i had the wish and trow up all evening i wish i could say i enjoyed being there bcz it has good spots to chill but did not enjoy my stay only loved the turtles and the vintage cars!
3.60 (91 reviews)
Babogaya Resort image
Babogaya Resort
Resort hotel
👍 The resort has a great view and offers a good boating experience at affordable price. But the place looks neglected, it needs some renovation, even a little non-costly renovation could make a difference. The food is also not good due to lack of cleanliness.
3.60 (91 reviews)
Yoya Resort @ Lake Babogaya image
Yoya Resort @ Lake Babogaya
👍👍 Being one of the payoneer resorts in Bishoftu, the place is well taken care of. They have done a great job designing medium sized rooms just above the lake where you can sit and relax. The staff is so very friendly that you'll end up making friends there. You will have a direct view to Babogaya lake...
3.90 (32 reviews)
Rozmarey Hotel | Bishoftu | ሮዝመሪ ሆቴል | ቢሾፍቱ image
Rozmarey Hotel | Bishoftu | ሮዝመሪ ሆቴል | ቢሾፍቱ
👍 Located nearly the bus station of Debrezeit , with nice and cool service , beautiful green area .....
3.60 (40 reviews)
Gold Mark International Hotel image
Gold Mark International Hotel
👍👍 Clean room, comfy beds, and excellent customer services. There wasn't water to take shower in the morning and told by one of the staff that mentainances are working, but I had shower the previous nights. I will go back to stay again.
3.60 (35 reviews)
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