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Dire Dawa Ras Hotel image
Dire Dawa Ras Hotel
🫤 I ll definitely never come back to Ras Hotel dire dawa. I stayed 6 nights with my wife and 9 months old son. There are always something wrong in the room the tv or the fridge or something else. The room is full of mosquitos and small insects flying. The staffs are so so, some of them are helpfull an...
4.00 (143 reviews)
MM Hotel image
MM Hotel
👍 Very friendly staff, breakfast is included with accommodation, safe, very clean, front desk staff are well spoken/polite and friendly When it comes to price it's very reasonable, I stayed for 3 nights in big room with king size bed, airconditioned + jacuzzi around 27$ per night. Transport is availab...
4.10 (82 reviews)
B-Capital Hotel image
B-Capital Hotel
4.50 (39 reviews)
African Village image
African Village
👍👍 Wow ! This place is great ! The owner is extremely kind and accommodating. The workers are very friendly. The food is some of the best in Dire Dawa. I had an extended stay of three weeks at this hotel and am going to miss it. It had WiFi, warm water in the shower, and tv, but best of all was the oth...
4.10 (73 reviews)
ፓራዲዞ ሬስቶራንት Paradiso Italian and European Restaurant image
ፓራዲዞ ሬስቶራንት Paradiso Italian and European Restaurant
👍👍 This place is a must visit, while ur stay @Dire. This's a very beautiful & amazingly creative spot. There are many scluptures and artifacts in the whole compound. If u r thinking of an event consider this venue as well. I was here during a fasting time & liked thier rice, I came again to enjoy it to...
4.40 (42 reviews)
Dire-Dawa University image
Dire-Dawa University
👍 One of the oldest universities in Ethiopia. The city is beautiful city of ethnic and religious diversities.
3.90 (117 reviews)
Dredawa Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church image
Dredawa Saint Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
Orthodox church
👍👍 The new building looks amazing!
4.50 (36 reviews)
ሳምራት ሆቴል Samrat Hotel image
ሳምራት ሆቴል Samrat Hotel
👍 the best place to stay the bed is so comfortable the room is big with clean restroom and has a ac good location The hospitality of the hotel is very good the food was delicious
3.80 (174 reviews)
Seista Hotel image
Seista Hotel
👍👍 The best place to stay in Dire Dawa! Absolutely beautiful views from the rooms, impeccable service, not expensive and wonderful breakfasts. They always go extra mile to ensure your comfort.
4.40 (37 reviews)
ድሬደዋ አለም አቀፍ ስታዲየም Dire Dawa International Stadium image
ድሬደዋ አለም አቀፍ ስታዲየም Dire Dawa International Stadium
😠 my name is salim Ahmed tayib I live in Ethiopia I am grade 12 natural science student I have very huge interest to make application solve share problem my application name is salim share this application is faster than xender every man can downloading this application therefore the simple way to us...
4.20 (45 reviews)
Papa Recreation Centre image
Papa Recreation Centre
Recreation center
😐 Great place for kids--bumper cars, go-karts, kiddie rides, donkey/camel rides, swimming pool, restaurant, etc.
4.00 (65 reviews)
Dire Dawa image
Dire Dawa
Train station
👍👍 Crazy love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰Dire lyu nat lene
4.10 (51 reviews)
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport image
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport
International airport
👍 Nice airport. Seems to be the training school for Ethiopian Airlines. Point to note. 1.1 fuel supplier 2.. No longer accept cash. Be ready to wait to have your money deposited at Oil Libya Diredawa account 30 minutes wait. 3. Its impossible to get airport fuel contact online. 4 working through...
3.90 (77 reviews)
Dire Dawa Ras Hotel (Karamara) image
Dire Dawa Ras Hotel (Karamara)
😠 This is honestly the worst place!! They have a very nice and friendly staff but the place was dirty with little to no maintenance made for years. The WiFi was very slow and they hard power cuts at least 15-20 times in one week!!! Worst part is that it takes almost 30 mins for them to setup the backu...
3.70 (47 reviews)
Care Square Hotel | ኬር ስኩዌር ሆቴል image
Care Square Hotel | ኬር ስኩዌር ሆቴል
👍 The tree shades are amazing The food is delicious, and the service is excellent at reasonable prices.
3.80 (34 reviews)
Sabriya Hotel and Resort image
Sabriya Hotel and Resort
😠 Stayed there. the compound & environment is green and a little bit silent. Cafeteria waiters were inattentive. The worst service I ever met during my visit in Diredawa. Ground rooms had a mosquito though I used to have a mosquito repellent. Sanitation is good. too much oil in food. Wifi was normal (...
3.60 (52 reviews)
Triangle Hotel | ትሬያንግል ሆቴል image
Triangle Hotel | ትሬያንግል ሆቴል
😐 it was okay the best thing was the gym which was standard and it has a swimming pool which is also a plus and great wi-fi. the downside is the rooms are small but for 600 ETB which is about 11 dollars you can't complain the swimming pool was a little dirty. the biggest problem was the shower THERE I...
3.40 (109 reviews)
New Blossom, Hotel & Spa image
New Blossom, Hotel & Spa
😠 It's a bad experience, the recipient has no experience he just speaks only Amharic , He needs to speak more than one language to help another foreigner, And the Coffe also has no service you wait a long time to have something, And if you are Muslim they disrespect you they ignore you. I don't recomm...
3.40 (102 reviews)
Cleopatra Hotel and Spa image
Cleopatra Hotel and Spa
😠 This Hotel For Me Is The Worest One In DireDawa. Not Only That The Service And Staff Is Arrogant But Also The Owner. The Funny And Disgusting Part Is The Owner Tries To Heat And Seduce My Wife While We Were Waiting For Service. I Really Don't Recommend This Hotel Even For My Enemies..... Just The Ug...
3.60 (40 reviews)
ፀሐይ ሆቴል Tsehay Hotel image
ፀሐይ ሆቴል Tsehay Hotel
😐 Nice people around but if you are looking for a quite time alone do not go there. It's loud in there and sometimes the light will go off and they won't turn on the generator. Some things won't work and you will have to deal with it 💯 😉
3.50 (52 reviews)
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