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Experience the best that Agra has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 59 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Agra Tour Guide Rihan Khan image
Agra Tour Guide Rihan Khan
Tourist information center
👍👍 First of all thanks for wonderful service. I must recommend Rihan as a Agra guide. There are many plus points about him such as, he will not let you spend useless money anywhere. He will help in all manners to give you correct guidance from where to buy the souvenir stuff. He has lot of knowledge of...
5.00 (382 reviews)
Taj Mahal Agra -Tour Guide By Imran Khan 🇮🇳 Department of Tourism /government of India/incredible India image
Taj Mahal Agra -Tour Guide By Imran Khan 🇮🇳 Department of Tourism /government of India/incredible India
Tour operator
👍👍 This is our first visit to Taj Mahal and we had a good experience. Guide explained clearly about the do and don'ts. And also about the cost. Guide has excellent knowledge and clearly explained everything about tajmahal
4.90 (257 reviews)
सांई मंदिर बालूगंज आगरा image
सांई मंदिर बालूगंज आगरा
Hindu temple
👍👍 Every temple has its own peace and satisfaction, I very much believe in SAI BABA so for me this temple most satisfactory place for me. 😇😇
4.80 (154 reviews)
Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal image
Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal
Sprawling center of Sikh worship with historic artifacts, ornate architecture & gardens.
4.70 (12.9K reviews)
Shri Mankameshwar Temple, Agra image
Shri Mankameshwar Temple, Agra
Hindu temple
Ancient Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva, housing a statue & idols of the deity.
4.70 (5.8K reviews)
Taj Mahal image
Taj Mahal
17th-century, Mughal-style, marble mausoleum with minarets, a mosque & famously symmetrical gardens.
4.60 (227.6K reviews)
Anguri Bagh image
Anguri Bagh
Tourist attraction
Sprawling historical courtyard in front of the Khas Mahal, with a formal charbagh-style garden.
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Balkeshwar Mahadev Mandir image
Balkeshwar Mahadev Mandir
Hindu temple
Serene riverfront Hindu temple with colorful decorations & annual cultural events.
4.60 (1.1K reviews)
Red Fort of Agra image
Red Fort of Agra
Tourist attraction
👍 This is a Nice Fort in Agra You Can Visit Here's its near Taj Mahal and if you visit Here's in winter's it would be really good for you this Red Fort is Very Big and different Different Garden in this for and many other kind of places you also can check about this fort in History Connection If you v...
4.60 (1K reviews)
Jahangir Palace image
Jahangir Palace
Historical place
👍👍 Grand historical palace, very interesting to visit
4.60 (351 reviews)
Diwan-I-Am image
Historical landmark
Audience hall of the 17th-century Red Fort, built in red sandstone with intricate arched colonnades.
4.60 (260 reviews)
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial image
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial
👍👍 This statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj makes we maharashtrians very proud. This statue is inspiration for many people. It looks like The Fort Of Agra bows down in front of this great warrior's statue. I have captured this photo.👇
4.60 (214 reviews)
Moti Masjid image
Moti Masjid
Private 17th-century mosque built of white marble with 3 domes, on the grounds of Agra Fort.
4.60 (147 reviews)
Shah Jahani Mahal image
Shah Jahani Mahal
Historical place museum
👍👍 Approach is from the common courtyard adjoining Jehangiri mahal. It is situated between the white marble Khas Mahal and the red stone Jahangiri Mahal. It is the earliest attempt of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to convert an existing redstone building in accordance with his taste. It is his earliest...
4.60 (52 reviews)
Agra Fort image
Agra Fort
Richly decorated semi-circular red sandstone fort complex with double ramparts & monuments.
4.50 (133.9K reviews)
Amar Singh Gate image
Amar Singh Gate
Historical landmark
Monumental, pink-sandstone gate covered in intricate tiling, the entrance to a 17th-century fort.
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Taj Yamuna View Point image
Taj Yamuna View Point
Observation deck
👍👍 From whatever place you see the magnificent Tajmahal, it’s just sooooo beautiful, exquisite and amazing, amazing amazing. You will never tire watching the splendour and exquisiteness of this grand majestic Mughal mausoleum of emperor Shahjahan. It’s everlasting beauty is just breathtaking and mesmer...
4.50 (548 reviews)
Rawli Temple Agra image
Rawli Temple Agra
Hindu temple
👍 It is an amazing temple... I found it so peaceful... but if you ever go to the Rawli temple you should strictly prevent going on Mondays as there is so much crowd on mondays.... although the temple is very nice♥️
4.50 (420 reviews)
Mughal Garden image
Mughal Garden
Tourist attraction
👍 The Mughal Garden in the Taj Mahal complex in Agra, India is a beautiful and peaceful oasis amidst the bustling city. The garden is characterized by its well-manicured lawns, fragrant flowers, and serene fountains. One of the highlights of the garden is the stunning view of the Taj Mahal from a dis...
4.50 (333 reviews)
The Warehouse of Gifts & Souvenirs image
The Warehouse of Gifts & Souvenirs
Souvenir store
Fixed-price retail shop offering a wide range of local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing & gifts.
4.50 (58 reviews)
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