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Discover the best places in Jerusalem, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 1.3K places in the city.

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Al-Aqsa Mosque image
Al-Aqsa Mosque
Domed, Islamic place of worship linked to Muhammad & rebuilt over the 8th to 11th centuries.
4.80 (18.2K reviews)
Yad Vashem image
Yad Vashem
Memorial complex to Holocaust victims with guided tours of a museum displaying historical exhibits.
4.80 (15.3K reviews)
Gethsemane image
Historical place
This olive garden, now adjacent to a Franciscan church, figures prominently into Christian texts.
4.80 (14.3K reviews)
The Garden Tomb Jerusalem image
The Garden Tomb Jerusalem
Ancient tomb & surrounding gardens believed by some to be site of resurrection of Jesus Christ.
4.80 (6K reviews)
Dome of the Rock image
Dome of the Rock
Iconic gold-topped Islamic shrine built around 690AD with huge relevance to both Christians & Jews.
4.80 (4.5K reviews)
National Hall For Israel's Fallen - Mount Herzl image
National Hall For Israel's Fallen - Mount Herzl
Memorial park
👍👍 A modern art building to remember the fallen ones.
4.80 (1.5K reviews)
Hasabichiya image
Sandwich shop
👍👍 The best Sabich in Israel.Yigal the friendly owner takes great pains to make sure that you'll have a great culinary experience and that you won't leave hungry
$ $$$
4.90 (551 reviews)
Pizza Flora image
Pizza Flora
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Fantastic little pizzeria with an out of this world vegan option. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere, especially on a warm day with the windows open, is lovely.
$$ $$
4.80 (1.3K reviews)
Model of Jerusalem in 2nd Temple Period image
Model of Jerusalem in 2nd Temple Period
History museum
Historic, expansive model replicating how Jerusalem looked during the time of Jesus.
4.80 (1.2K reviews)
Belz Great Synagogue image
Belz Great Synagogue
👍 14-story religious community center that has schools, synagogues (shuls), a dormitory/hostels, ritual baths (mikva) by the dozens, 70 Torah scrolls, dining halls, wedding halls, and a fancy Ultra-Orthodox synagogue that can fit 12,000 but that doesn't need a sound system.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
המציאון רשת חנויות אופנה יד שנייה סניף הדוידקה image
המציאון רשת חנויות אופנה יד שנייה סניף הדוידקה
Second hand store
👍 Very organized, clothes by size and color, the place was calm. I just didn't find a darn thing that I wanted. Which says a lot, because I am the queen of thrift.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Family image
Custom t-shirt store
👍👍 There is nothing about Yossi's service, wholeheartedly, I made an order over the phone and felt like I was in the store feeling you get and the treatment is worth everything, and this is not the first time I order from there FAMILY Thank you
4.90 (428 reviews)
Church of the Holy Sepulchre image
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Basilica dating to the 4th century that is marked by some Christians as the site of Jesus's tomb.
4.70 (24.2K reviews)
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem image
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Art museum
Art & archaeology museum with prehistoric to modern collections, including the Dead Sea Scrolls.
4.70 (15.6K reviews)
Western Wall image
Western Wall
Remnant of the ancient wall of the Temple courtyard, a sacred site of Jewish prayer & pilgrimage.
4.70 (9.4K reviews)
Zion Gate image
Zion Gate
Historical place
One of the Old City's 8, this famous medieval gate was built in 1540 & leads toward Mount Zion.
4.70 (9.2K reviews)
Damascus Gate image
Damascus Gate
Tourist attraction
Built in 1537, this stone structure is one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem.
4.70 (7.5K reviews)
Dan Panorama Jerusalem image
Dan Panorama Jerusalem
Elegant rooms & suites in an upmarket hotel offering a contemporary restaurant & 2 bars, plus a gym.
4.70 (4K reviews)
Rabbit Hole image
Rabbit Hole
Cocktail bar
👍👍 Great Guy, very knowledgeable in craft cocktails and craft products.
4.90 (352 reviews)
Sybaris Specialty Coffee סיבריס image
Sybaris Specialty Coffee סיבריס
👍👍 Best place for espresso drinks in Jerusalem. I highly recommend it!
4.90 (346 reviews)
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