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Experience the best that Nagoya has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 2.8K places in the city.

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ringram image
Jewelry store
👍👍 二人で指輪を作り合いました。不器用で上手に作れるか不安でしたが、 店員さんが私のペースに合わせて作業を進めてくれたり、たくさん話しかけてくれて楽しい時間を作ってくださったので、 落ち着いてきれいな指輪を作ることができました。 少しずつ指輪の形になっていったり、磨いてきれいになっていくのがとても楽しく、...
5.00 (2.5K reviews)
Studio Futuro image
Studio Futuro
Hair salon
👍👍 I went there several times! The results are natural and I am very satisfied every time. If you want to wear pull extensions, this is the place to go! I want to go again.
5.00 (1.2K reviews)
Ginza Diamond Shiraishi Nagoya Unimall image
Ginza Diamond Shiraishi Nagoya Unimall
😠 購入から約2年が経ちましたが、今でも結婚指輪を購入した時のことを思い出すたびに嫌な気持ちになるので投稿することにしました。 ダイヤモンド自体はとても綺麗でコスパも良く、アフターサービスも充実していたので購入を決めたのですが、ここまで嫌な気持ちを引きずるとは思っていませんでした。何が何でも押し切って断れ...
5.00 (1K reviews)
Brilliance+ Nagoya Showroom image
Brilliance+ Nagoya Showroom
Jewelry store
👍👍 \Recommended anyway/ I finally bought an engagement ring at the 8th store! Decide on three! ①Price and quality ②Customer service ③ Store atmosphere There were three. ①The price and quality are the same as a certain diamond wholesale company! Engagement rings are, of course, diamonds. Therefore,...
5.00 (603 reviews)
Angelique Fossette Nagoya image
Angelique Fossette Nagoya
Jewelry store
👍👍 結婚指輪を買いました。 低予算でしたが、良いものを選んでいただけました。 店員さんの対応も良く気持ち良き買い物ができました。
5.00 (490 reviews)
G.festa image
Jewelry store
👍👍 I made a ring by hand for the first time. I was really confused because of all the different shapes and types, but she explained each one carefully! We had fun talking while making it ♩ I've created something that I'm satisfied with!
5.00 (272 reviews)
ロレインブロウ名古屋栄店 image
Eyebrow bar
👍👍 I was nervous as it was my first time having my eyebrows removed, but the careful treatment and discussion made me feel at ease. It was very beautiful and I was very satisfied! I still want to use it!
5.00 (262 reviews)
Massage therapist
👍👍 The whole experience was so wonderful. I’ve had many massages in the past but none that including the element of electricity. The massage therapist draws electricity up from panels on the ground, through her feet and into her hands and passes it along to you. It is extremely relaxing and unique. Aft...
5.00 (257 reviews)
TANZO.名古屋栄店 image
Jewelry store
👍👍 1年以上時間をかけて婚約指輪と結婚指輪を製作していただきました。 デザイン等一つ一つ相談しながら進める事が出来て、大満足の仕上がりです。 可愛くてすごく好きです! 友達にも紹介したいと思います。
5.00 (252 reviews)
BRIDGE Sugar+Brow Studio image
BRIDGE Sugar+Brow Studio
Hair removal service
👍👍 I went here recently for waxing. Yuriya was so kind and did an excellent job! It was quite easy to find the shop, which is near the Yabachō station. Also if you don’t speak Japanese (maybe mostly English like me), it is not too difficult to use the website to arrange an appointment!
5.00 (171 reviews)
Detox Salon Lani Blue デトックスサロンラニブルー image
Detox Salon Lani Blue デトックスサロンラニブルー
Beauty salon
👍👍 初めてのフェイスワックス。 最初にしっかりカウンセリングしてもらってから、施術開始。 産毛と言えど、脱毛だから激痛かなぁと心配していましたが、余裕で耐えられる感じです! 仕上がりは、もぉ想像以上。わたしのおでこがこんなにツルツルになるなんて~と感激しています。 顔のどこ触ってもお肌が柔らかくなっていて...
5.00 (148 reviews)
栄パーソナルジムメルメイク image
Personal trainer
👍👍 コロナ禍(というのは言い訳にすぎませんが)でテレワークが続き外出をしなくなり、食べて飲んでは変わらずにしてたらそりゃ肥えていくよね……と気付いたら70kgオーバー( ゚Д゚) 家族からもボテボテの腹と言われる始末。 でもここまで来たら自力でどうにかできるわけがない、お金を払って誰かに見てもらって後戻りできないと自分...
5.00 (142 reviews)
Sainas image
👍👍 I was able to lose -9kg in 3 months after I started going to personal training. I was able to continue training that I couldn't easily continue with the help of the trainer. I am very grateful to women because I can go there with peace of mind in a completely private room. Summer is approaching, so...
5.00 (140 reviews)
HEAT24吹上店 image
👍👍 I just started this month, but I'm enjoying kickboxing and animal flow. Animal Flow does wonders like stretching like yoga This movement often confuses my head (laughs) Kickboxing adapts to the number of people and the level of the participants, so I enjoy doing it every time whether there are a...
5.00 (133 reviews)
E.V.O Personal Training Gym 名古屋泉店 image
E.V.O Personal Training Gym 名古屋泉店
Personal trainer
👍👍 お洒落なカフェと併設されているお洒落なパーソナルgymです。カフェメニューもトレーニーだけではなく女性に好まれそうなヘルシーメニュー。 トレーナーさんも気さくでとてもわかりやすく指導してくれます。
5.00 (115 reviews)
un giorno felice image
un giorno felice
Beauty salon
👍👍 It was my first visit and my first time in Corgi. As I entered my 40s, I started to notice the swelling and sagging of my face. Facial aesthetics can improve the symptoms at the time, but I thought it wouldn't provide any fundamental improvement or lasting effects, so I became interested in Corgi, r...
5.00 (88 reviews)
メルメイク伏見店 image
Personal trainer
👍👍 I decided to go to a private gym by taking the plunge because I had the maximum weight in my life while waiting at Corona's home. As a result of various studies, we decided on Melmake, which is cheap and has a good location. This choice is the correct answer! I learned so much that counseling didn'...
5.00 (82 reviews)
Bee Bare Studio image
Bee Bare Studio
Hair removal service
5.00 (73 reviews)
メルメイク名駅店 image
Personal trainer
👍👍 名古屋駅から徒歩5分で行けるパーソナルジムです。 ダイエットメインの方が多いみたいですが、一部の人はボディーメイクやボディービルを目指して身体を大きくするために鍛える方もいるみたいです。 トレーニングの内容は、その人の要望に合わせて内容決めていただけるので、駅近も相まってとても通いやすいかと思います。...
5.00 (68 reviews)
ブランパ 名古屋デンタルクリニック image
ブランパ 名古屋デンタルクリニック
Dental clinic
👍👍 I always had a strange taste from my silver tooth in the back, which made me feel uncomfortable, but I didn't like the fact that I had to go to the dentist often and the next appointment was two weeks later, which took a long time. I had my silver teeth turned white in one day. There is a wait time,...
5.00 (63 reviews)
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