Heianraku image
Chinese restaurant
👍👍 Such an amazing experience - Reservation required! A cute couple that runs a small, intimate restaurant. Great hospitality, good food, fun talk! We had the shared set meal, with the pork meatballs and spicy tomato chicken. Everything was great, we really enjoyed the meal and company, the owners made...
$$ $$
4.90 (686 reviews)
EVILTEX Hamburghers & mexican food image
EVILTEX Hamburghers & mexican food
Tex-Mex restaurant
👍👍 Was recommended this place to visit. Conveniently located near the train station which was a 3 min walk from my hotel. Was greeted warmly by the lady hostess and seated then presented and talked through the options. The talk through was fun with an and included and Origami lesson. I went specificall...
$$ $$
4.70 (776 reviews)
Falò Coffee Brewers image
Falò Coffee Brewers
Coffee shop
👍👍 An amazing menu! Very quaint, with a fantastic coffee and pastry menu. The barista spoke great English and was very accommodating! Please make some time to come visit this coffee house!
4.80 (301 reviews)
Uemura (Farm to table restaurant ) image
Uemura (Farm to table restaurant )
Organic restaurant
👍👍 [Spanish original below] Reservation recommended for groups of 5-6 people, if fewer you can fit into the bar. One of the best dining experiences during our Japan trip. Without any doubts stopping at Uemura café was a complete success. 10/10, food is fully organic farm to table. The owner, which co...
$$ $$
4.90 (213 reviews)
Suzuya Restaurant image
Suzuya Restaurant
Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Searched in Google for sukiyaki near me and few appeared. I choose this place and walked In at 5:45pm . Was lucky to get a seat . The food was really delicious. Elderly sister gave me warm welcome and their service is excellent. I ordered their Hida beef sukiyaki, the beef was so good that I requ...
$$ $$
4.60 (1K reviews)
Oyado Yamakyu image
Oyado Yamakyu
Japanese inn
Unassuming inn offering free parking, a garden & a restaurant, plus a communal bathhouse.
4.70 (435 reviews)
Center4 Hamburgers image
Center4 Hamburgers
Hamburger restaurant
Homey eatery serving original burgers, beer & cocktails in a quirky, antique-filled space.
$$ $$
4.60 (1K reviews)
炒飯 花 image
炒飯 花
Chinese comfort food & origami souvenirs in an upbeat locale with many customer photos on the walls.
4.70 (420 reviews)
Hida Takayama Gyoza Sohonzan image
Hida Takayama Gyoza Sohonzan
👍👍 The tall guy with the broad shoulders is an awesome dude. Came to Takayama when it was a holiday so it was just me and him when the shop opened. Very cool friendly dude who works hard. Food was amazing. I already had a steak dinner like 20 mins before and decided to pop in here for a dish. Well I g...
$ $$$
4.70 (418 reviews)
Sushi -Dining Nob image
Sushi -Dining Nob
Sushi restaurant
👍👍 Amazing place to eat sushi and other plates. We tried the camembert tempura and it was amazing. Also the desserts deserve a try, we orderes the fondant pie and the creme brule and both were spectacular
$$ $$
4.70 (362 reviews)
Japanese sweets hiyoko-an image
Japanese sweets hiyoko-an
Japanese sweets restaurant
👍👍 Excellent service, gave us complimentary tea the moment we entered, helped us to refill, and recommended many good mochi. Strawberry one was incredible.
4.90 (183 reviews)
Hidatei Hanaougi image
Hidatei Hanaougi
Japanese inn
Serene inn offering cozy rooms & a karaoke bar, plus private dining & open-air hot-spring baths.
4.60 (687 reviews)
Ninja Cafe Takayama image
Ninja Cafe Takayama
👍👍 映えカフェ楽しみ〜❤︎❤︎❤︎と行ってみたら子供がたくさんで大人が遊ぶ場所ではないか?と少し悩みましたが入って大正解(^^) 店員さんのパフォーマンス、オーナーさんの面白さ、なかなかできない忍者体験 そして映えだけじゃない美味しいお料理。 また行きたくなるくらい楽しかったです。 気合い充分で投げた手裏剣は 地面に...
4.80 (240 reviews)
Ryokan Asunaro image
Ryokan Asunaro
Japanese inn
Traditionally furnished rooms in vintage inn with a bathhouse, a restaurant & a lounge.
4.70 (322 reviews)
Sakurajaya image
Izakaya restaurant
👍👍 If you love creative, wonderful food prepared by a chef who also loves food, knows his craft, and takes the time to make you one of the best meals you’ve had, this place is for you. Our party of four sat at the bar and enjoyed every single thing about our dinner experience. Plan to stay for the even...
$$ $$
4.70 (295 reviews)
Residence Hotel Takayama Ekimae image
Residence Hotel Takayama Ekimae
Informal units with kitchens & Wi-Fi in an unpretentious all-suite hotel offering parking.
4.70 (294 reviews)
Wat Hotel & Spa Hida Takayama image
Wat Hotel & Spa Hida Takayama
Modest quarters in a straightforward hot spring hotel featuring communal bathhouses, a gym & a bar.
4.50 (1.2K reviews)
Ryokan Tanabe image
Ryokan Tanabe
Japanese inn
Refined inn featuring hot spring soaking tubs, plus complimentary breakfast & dinner.
4.60 (434 reviews)
Bagpipe image
👍👍 A great café with delicious plates, a beautiful place, easy to find, with food, coffee and Hida milk. A place known for those who watched Hyouka. You'll find a good place to rest here.
$$ $$
4.60 (411 reviews)
Kyōya image
👍👍 Came here to try the houba miso yaki and it did not disappoint. The reviews here were great, and the locals said to try it out. The beef was so tender and delicious, and the miso was amazing. The sweet was a great deal for 2000 yen. The restaurant has a great vibe and feels like you’re stepping back...
$$ $$
4.50 (965 reviews)
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