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Nakasange-terrace image
👍👍 Nakasange Terrace Okayama store It's exciting to work together! The future Okayama beer garden is here! ■ Order details B course [120 minutes all-you-can-drink included] 2B course No. 1 popular Ahijo BBQ course 4,500 yen (4,950 yen including tax) (2 hours all-you-can-drink + American skirt steak...
4.90 (1K reviews)
Yakinikuhidaya Honmachiten image
Yakinikuhidaya Honmachiten
Yakiniku restaurant
👍👍 They are all delicious. Especially the thick cut beef tongue. Because it is popular, it is better to make a reservation. The customer service is also very nice. After that, it's plain like a collection of washroom quotes It's a nice bite for drunks. Thank you for the meal, it was delicious. I wi...
$$ $$
4.80 (788 reviews)
焼肉ひだや 大供店 image
焼肉ひだや 大供店
Yakiniku restaurant
👍👍 Yakiniku Hidaya, a very popular yakiniku restaurant in Okayama. While it is said that restaurants are tough in Corona, there were many customers even on weekdays! It is also a feature of Mr. Hidaya that the sticking out comes out ✨ It was omasum on this day! delicious! I ordered this day ・ Leek...
$$ $$
4.70 (970 reviews)
Kushikatsu Tanaka image
Kushikatsu Tanaka
Kushiage and kushikatsu restaurant
$ $$$
4.60 (623 reviews)
Hidaya Yanagimachi image
Hidaya Yanagimachi
Yakiniku restaurant
👍👍 The meat is excellent❗ and delicious😋
$$ $$
4.60 (585 reviews)
Ali Baba image
Ali Baba
👍👍 Nice and beautiful restaurant with a great customer service. It was my first time trying turkish cuisine and I loved the experience, the food is delicious, prepared very carefully. The owner is very friendly, sat with us and we talked for a long time. I recommend this restaurant. We will be back fo...
$$ $$
4.70 (237 reviews)
Okayama Korakuen image
Okayama Korakuen
Restored 18th-century gardens once used by Edo period rulers, with ponds, temples & resident cranes.
4.40 (13.7K reviews)
Inujima Seirensho Art Museum image
Inujima Seirensho Art Museum
Modern art museum
Contemporary art gallery in a converted copper refinery focusing on sustainable practices.
4.60 (330 reviews)
Kibitsu Jinja (Sanbi Ichinomiya) image
Kibitsu Jinja (Sanbi Ichinomiya)
Shinto shrine
Big Shinto shrine, known as a National Treasure & a pristine example of kibitsu-zukuri architecture.
4.40 (5.6K reviews)
レシオボディデザイン津高店 image
👍👍 RETIOBODY DESIGN, a popular sports gym in Okayama, has finally opened its fifth, newly built store🎉 It has become a store full of attention to detail, packed with the know-how cultivated at the previous four stores 🤩👍 This may be the complete branding that can be seen as a ratio from the appearan...
4.80 (159 reviews)
empire coffee stand image
empire coffee stand
Coffee shop
👍👍 豆と入れ方にこだわっていてコーヒーのレベルがほんと高いです。 価格は味と比べると値段帯低めで提供してくれるのでコスパレベルもかなり高め。 中でゆったり頂くこともできますが、外の小窓からもテイクアウトできるので、美味しいコーヒーを気軽に楽しむことができます。 コーヒー以外のドリンクも美味しいので寄ってみ...
4.80 (151 reviews)
KAKKY's BAR 岡山駅西口店 image
KAKKY's BAR 岡山駅西口店
👍👍 噂になってる「癒しのジントニック」を頂きに来ました!今まで飲んだジントニックの中で、1番美味しかったです。燻製も美味しい♬僕のイチオシは「うずらの卵」と「鹿肉ジャーキー」です。 お客さん同士でフレンドリーに飲めるのが最高に楽しかったです!通いたくなるバーです♬ KAKKY’s BARで皆さんに会える日を楽しみにし...
4.90 (122 reviews)
Megu Shabu-shabu & Sukiyaki image
Megu Shabu-shabu & Sukiyaki
Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu restaurant
👍👍 It’s the only halal shabu-shabu in Okayama! So if you are moslem in Okayama, ought to visit this place for it’s high quality meat. You can come here with family and friends. It’s quite chep for student including the dessert! Just come anyway!
$$ $$
4.60 (239 reviews)
Nicoichi image
Ramen restaurant
Ramen & dumpling specialties served in a functional, compact hideaway with bar seating.
$ $$$
4.40 (605 reviews)
Mori image
Okonomiyaki restaurant
Unassuming wood-paneled operation fixing up a variety of savory pancakes, plus cocktails & beer.
$$ $$
4.40 (584 reviews)
Kibitsuhiko Shrine image
Kibitsuhiko Shrine
Shinto shrine
Shinto structure with an inner shrine rebuilt in 1697, with the remainder reconstructed in 1936.
4.30 (2.6K reviews)
Cafe Moyau image
Cafe Moyau
Cozy cafe in a historic house with river views, serving homey dishes like omelet rice.
$$ $$
4.50 (283 reviews)
Dormy Inn Okayama Natural Hot Spring Kibi no Yu image
Dormy Inn Okayama Natural Hot Spring Kibi no Yu
Japanese-style business hotel
😐 2022年8月openだけあり、とてもキレイでした。が、スタッフの方は、🔰がついている人が多く慣れていない。。あと、海外のスタッフの方も多い。電話で問い合わせしても対応が良くなかったのが残念。 お部屋は、とても静かで満足でした。入り口に扉があるのはすごく良いと思った。 1つ気になるのは、テレビが画面の明るさ調...
4.50 (268 reviews)
Kitchen Horiguchi image
Kitchen Horiguchi
Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant
Light fare is offered in this bright, narrow cafeteria with an understated vibe.
$$ $$
4.40 (461 reviews)
tostinocoffee image
👍👍 備前国総社宮のすぐそばにある焙煎珈琲店 駐車場が近くにあり30台前後停められます 豆の販売と用品の販売、店内での飲食が可能です 店の外に仮設の販売店?っぽいものもありますがそちらは寒くて寄らずに帰ったのでよく分かりません 店内は明るく清潔的で左手にカフェスペース、右手に用品や豆等を置いてあります 受付箇所...
$$ $$
4.60 (182 reviews)
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