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Experience the best that Sendai has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 1.6K places in the city.

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ringram Sendai image
ringram Sendai
Jewelry store
👍👍 I made a pairing with my boyfriend! 💍 Since it is made from scratch, there are processes that require strength, which is difficult, but there is a sense of accomplishment because the two of us work together to make it. I'm glad we were able to create lasting memories together✨ Thank you for teach...
5.00 (4.4K reviews)
WEDY仙台一番町店 結婚指輪 婚約指輪 image
WEDY仙台一番町店 結婚指輪 婚約指輪
Jewelry store
👍👍 初め予約なしで伺ったのにも関わらず、とても丁寧な対応をしていただきました。二人の理想とするデザインを伝え豊富なブランドの中からいくつかピックアップしていただき、素敵な指輪と出会うことが出来ました!大満足です♡特にお世話になった担当の熊谷さんありがとうございます。他のスタッフさんも皆さんが温かく優しい...
5.00 (661 reviews)
your ring(ユアリング) image
your ring(ユアリング)
Jewelry store
👍👍 とてもおしゃれでかわいい雰囲気のお店です。 コーヒーをいただきながらゆっくり思い出作りができました。 手作りの指輪なので愛着も湧きます。 これから指輪を購入、製作を検討してる方にぜひおすすめします。
5.00 (442 reviews)
Razaru Daiyamondo Butikku Sendaiten image
Razaru Daiyamondo Butikku Sendaiten
👍👍 とても丁寧に対応していただき 気に入った指輪を購入することができました! アフターメンテナスもしっかりしているのでこれからも安心してつけられます!
5.00 (163 reviews)
トライヴ 仙台定禅寺通本店 image
トライヴ 仙台定禅寺通本店
👍👍 At first, I went to the gym for the purpose of dieting, and I succeeded in losing nearly 20 kg! Currently, I am practicing lifting heavy weights under the guidance of Mr. Yokoyama. I have a new goal and feel a different kind of fun from training to lose weight. I train once a week for 1 hour, so I'v...
5.00 (140 reviews)
トライヴ(TRYVE)仙台駅前店 image
Personal trainer
👍👍 I was looking for a personal gym in Sendai and visited TRYVE for a free consultation as it had good reviews! After actually receiving guidance from trainer Motoki, I realized the importance of personal training😂 For the next three months, I would like to entrust everything to Trainer Motoki! I will...
5.00 (111 reviews)
👍👍 東京六本木にある、カジノバーの仙台店です。 以前は、仙台にもカジノバーがあったようですが数年前に閉店してしまい、本格的なカジノバーは、無かったので、東京、大阪にまで行かないと遊べませんでした。 ここ2,3年で、カジノバーは、東京ではポーカーブームと共に増えましたが、東北では、やっと来たかと言う感じで...
5.00 (104 reviews)
Beau jeune homme image
Beau jeune homme
Hair removal service
5.00 (80 reviews)
Hair Salon Drop image
Hair Salon Drop
Hair salon
👍👍 とても落ち着くお店の雰囲気で、リラックスできました。店主さんも親しみやすく、自分に合った髪型やスタイリング剤を提案してくれるので、髪型とかで迷っている人などにもオススメです!
5.00 (75 reviews)
泉区八乙女パーソナルジム CALORIE TRADE JAPAN 仙台泉区店 image
泉区八乙女パーソナルジム CALORIE TRADE JAPAN 仙台泉区店
Personal trainer
👍👍 I have been going there twice a week for 6 months. I started to look forward to the sore muscles the day after training. I fell ill in the summer, but thanks to the guidance I received, I have been able to continue without any setbacks. I feel like my daily activities have become lighter and my way...
5.00 (75 reviews)
Tint make&hair 仙台店【ティント】 image
Tint make&hair 仙台店【ティント】
Hair salon
👍👍 The atmosphere of the shop and the hairdresser were both refreshing and nice! I am very satisfied with my hair straightening, cutting, and shampooing! !
5.00 (63 reviews)
トライフィットネス仙台本町店 image
Personal trainer
👍👍 I took a trial lesson! They actually gave me a lecture on how to use the bar and how to use their bodies, and they also watched me do squats and gave me some advice. Because of that experience, I was able to imagine the training and decided to join on the same day! There are many personal gyms out t...
5.00 (60 reviews)
プライベートジムRevive 仙台二日町本店 image
プライベートジムRevive 仙台二日町本店
👍👍 Thanks to the knowledgeable trainers, I have been able to notice various things such as my daily breathing and posture habits, and have been able to continue having fun. Whether you're tired from work or in the mood to do your best, I'm happy to be able to create a menu that suits your physical con...
5.00 (57 reviews)
女性専用パーソナルジム Koala Gym 2 byFreely image
女性専用パーソナルジム Koala Gym 2 byFreely
👍👍 A cute koala 🐨 will welcome you at the gym. 😊 Completely private, you can concentrate on your training. The trainer, Mr. Fukushima, is also kind and polite, giving detailed explanations and guidance. I feel like my muscles are sore the next day and it definitely has an effect on my body. Thank you...
5.00 (57 reviews)
パーソナルジム Freely 仙台駅前店 image
パーソナルジム Freely 仙台駅前店
👍 It's efficient and helpful because it pinpoints your training according to your goals. The number of stores is increasing every year, and it is convenient that you can choose a location according to your schedule for the day.
5.00 (57 reviews)
Yutoku / Saitoharikyu Clinic image
Yutoku / Saitoharikyu Clinic
Acupuncture clinic
👍👍 I am an athlete in track and field, and when I suffered a strain in my hamstring that was equivalent to a grade 2 strain, I received acupuncture treatment, and the tension in my hamstring was relieved in just one treatment, and it healed within 3 days. Later, the pain in my hamstring was relieved en...
5.00 (49 reviews)
Men's Hair Removal Salon YES Sendai Ekimae Store image
Men's Hair Removal Salon YES Sendai Ekimae Store
Hair removal service
5.00 (44 reviews)
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