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Discover the best places in Daska, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 110 places in the city.

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Bally Bally Dahi Bhally & GolGappy image
Bally Bally Dahi Bhally & GolGappy
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 We are students and always enjoy with friends at Bally Bally Dahi Bhally & Gool Gappy.
4.80 (259 reviews)
Fitness Fort Gym image
Fitness Fort Gym
👍👍 World class Life Fitness machinery. The trainers here are quite professionals and highly motivated. Air conditioning environment
4.90 (143 reviews)
One World Marquee image
One World Marquee
Event venue
👍 Great decor and best experience.
4.40 (561 reviews)
Peshawari chappal kabab & kabuli pulao image
Peshawari chappal kabab & kabuli pulao
👍👍 Best Chapli kabab I ever had to eat. I'll go there again when I visit Daska. Sitting is good but the taste is. They should expand the seating system. I recommend to others to see the difference between other chapli kababs.
$$ $$
4.40 (559 reviews)
Bally Bally Biryani Daska | بلےبلے بریانی ڈسکہ image
Bally Bally Biryani Daska | بلےبلے بریانی ڈسکہ
Biryani restaurant
👍👍 If you want to enjoy best home made chicken biryani in Daska , So Strongly recommended. Must be Try . Specially Raita is also Supper .
4.70 (149 reviews)
Markazi Jamia Masjid Noor image
Markazi Jamia Masjid Noor
👍👍 This is very beautiful and lovely masjid in Daska , i hope this is best masjid for muslims and other religions who want to learn lessons, knowledge of islam
4.70 (125 reviews)
Bally Bally Chai Daska | بَلے بَلے چائے ڈسکہ image
Bally Bally Chai Daska | بَلے بَلے چائے ڈسکہ
Coffee shop
👍👍 If anybody wants to enjoy the full of Energy Chai in Daska , So Strongly recommended Bally Bally Chai , Different More Than others. Best Tea / Chai in Daska only at Bally Bally .
4.90 (84 reviews)
Royal Dream Fort Marquee ,Restaurant & Hotel image
Royal Dream Fort Marquee ,Restaurant & Hotel
Banquet hall
👍👍 The perfect place for your dream wedding ceremony.
4.20 (690 reviews)
Frenchy's Cafe image
Frenchy's Cafe
👍👍 Good variety of fast food Very delicious and professionally served. The chicken steak with loaded fries and chicken burger platter was a perfect dinner meal. Loved it.
$$$ $
4.20 (617 reviews)
Owais cafe | Grill | Fast Food | image
Owais cafe | Grill | Fast Food |
👍👍 Taste 10/10 This Guy makes some Authentic Grilled Beef Burgers. His Wraps are also Worth Trying Such a Great Taste👌🏻 at underrated place
5.00 (58 reviews)
Shahnawaz Dojo image
Shahnawaz Dojo
Karate school
👍👍 We all like to look good, be physically and mentally healthy , have Self defense skills and yesss a "Black Belt" in front of our name is not a bad idea either :) That's exactly the service Dojo Chief Sir Shahnawaz is offering to us all. Our daughters and sons deserve this opportunity. Dojo Chief's...
5.00 (55 reviews)
Qasr-e-Shireen Sweets image
Qasr-e-Shireen Sweets
Sweets and dessert buffet
👍 Best halwa pori nashta in town. Sweets are good in variety and taste. Barfi, dhodha and halwajaat are awesome
4.30 (197 reviews)
Sabzi And Fruit Mandi Daska image
Sabzi And Fruit Mandi Daska
👍👍 This is where history meets knowledge. An old city of knowledge. A small government library in heart of Sialkot city. Good place for students/people who want to read some good books without buying them. The library provide memberships and serving the community for decades now. It is neglected by the...
4.10 (609 reviews)
Daska Ghanta Ghar image
Daska Ghanta Ghar
Historical landmark
👍👍 Nice and clean place for visitor who are planning to visit sialkot/daska.
4.20 (248 reviews)
Shopping mall
👍 Best options for Daska and Surroundings peoples you can shop here Grocery and much more there are best brands of clothes for women like khadi and others this Mini Mall has newly renovated from Barack hospital, good idea now here very rushe because good location due to top of brands.
4.20 (239 reviews)
Main Bazar daska image
Main Bazar daska
👍👍 Singh ji Indian cosmetics tatyala bazar Daska
4.30 (159 reviews)
Daska Canal Bridge image
Daska Canal Bridge
😐 Beautiful entrance from other cities toward Daska, Sialkot. Mostly rush here due to non availability of traffic Police in the field
4.20 (228 reviews)
Nawab Sweets image
Nawab Sweets
Japanese cheap sweets shop
😐 Normal sweet taste but rates are lower than other sweet shops in Daska city.
4.30 (153 reviews)
Vegetable Market sabzi mandi image
Vegetable Market sabzi mandi
Produce market
👍👍 Very good experience here, This is the best market for vegetables and fruits in and around Daska. , We can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices here all week for retail and wholesale,
4.10 (319 reviews)
New Broadway Sweets & Bakers image
New Broadway Sweets & Bakers
👍 Broadway bakers has almost all best quality bakery products. And high cast too.
$$ $$
4.00 (785 reviews)
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