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The Bean Mediaș image
The Bean Mediaș
Coffee shop
👍👍 Small town coffee shop with an awesome vibe. Very tasty flat white and the baristas are friendly. They have plant based milk which is an absolute must for me. There's also a shaded terrace in the back which makes the place extra special.
$$ $$
4.80 (569 reviews)
18Gym Mediaș image
18Gym Mediaș
👍👍 Wow !!!!! Pentru prima data in Mediaș , și găsesc sala voastră ! Felicitări ! Merita ************
4.90 (224 reviews)
Art caffe image
Art caffe
👍👍 Located in one tower of the citadel this coffee shop is a "must visit". Great coffee and drink variety, also some snaks are available.
$$ $$
4.70 (479 reviews)
Saint Margaret evangelical church Mediaş image
Saint Margaret evangelical church Mediaş
Evangelical church
👍 Nice place to visit, beautiful old catholic paintings.
4.70 (376 reviews)
Sehr Schön Breakfast & Coffee image
Sehr Schön Breakfast & Coffee
Brunch restaurant
👍 Good food and cozy atmosphere. The only place from Medias where you can have a good breakfast or brunch. What I appreciate the most is the freshly baked bread that is used for delicious sandwiches.
$$ $$
4.80 (234 reviews)
Reya Event Club image
Reya Event Club
😐 The location, where the place is located, is similar to the bombed city of Kosovo, very good if you want to make a film about the end of the world or the third world war. The venue is an event room with terrace and swimming pool Nice and friendly staff, average cleanliness, food without wow factor,...
$$ $$
4.50 (832 reviews)
Cofetăria Lidia image
Cofetăria Lidia
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
4.60 (374 reviews)
Coffee CooP Specialty Coffee image
Coffee CooP Specialty Coffee
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery
$$ $$
4.90 (140 reviews)
Turnul Trompeţilor image
Turnul Trompeţilor
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Looks great, but it's so pity you can not go upstairs.
4.60 (347 reviews)
King Ferdinand I image
King Ferdinand I
👍👍 The old center of Medias was the meeting point of small producers of grain, glass, pottery, textiles who came here to sell their goods. The old center was also used as a market for the residents of Medias. Over time, this market has changed, but the park with benches and the artesian fountain has r...
4.40 (2.3K reviews)
Mercure Medias Binderbubi Hotel And Spa image
Mercure Medias Binderbubi Hotel And Spa
Simple rooms & refined suites in a casual spa hotel offering a restaurant, an indoor pool & saunas.
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
Cetatea Mediaș image
Cetatea Mediaș
4.50 (418 reviews)
Friends Wine and Coffee image
Friends Wine and Coffee
$$ $$
4.80 (143 reviews)
Hotel Edelweiss image
Hotel Edelweiss
No-nonsense rooms and suites in a modest hotel featuring complimentary parking and a restaurant.
4.40 (929 reviews)
Mediensis image
$ $$$
4.70 (170 reviews)
Passage Bistro image
Passage Bistro
👍👍 The waiter was very friendly. The place looks nice, something different. The food was tasty, good, nothing fancy. I had the cheese and meat plate as starter, and burger as main dish. Maybe, the potatoes were a bit too greasy for my taste, but that's how my grandma made. They were really good. For de...
4.60 (229 reviews)
Aparthotel Amel Rooms image
Aparthotel Amel Rooms
Indoor lodging
👍👍 My family stayed at this hotel for two weeks and I can honestly say we were so happy we chose this hotel to stay at. We had such a pleasant stay, the owners of the hotel will do anything to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The rooms are very beautiful, clean and the beds are comfortable. The...
4.90 (108 reviews)
Museum of Natural Gas image
Museum of Natural Gas
4.60 (213 reviews)
Offside Cafe image
Offside Cafe
Coffee shop
$$ $$
4.50 (288 reviews)
Han Greweln image
Han Greweln
👍👍 Compared to all other places in Romania this deserves stteong 5 for quality and variety of food served. Descent sizes, good taste. The only watchout is that ne aware its often crowded and you will have to wait 30-60 minutes for main dish hance appetizera worth considering. I recommemd pork ribs or k...
4.30 (1.3K reviews)
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