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Muzeul Comunismului Hunedoara image
Muzeul Comunismului Hunedoara
👍👍 An interesting museum for those who would like to know more about Communism and Romania's socialist history. Important note: while this place can bring out the nostalgia from those who lived the era's, it's not a place to cherish the dictator or the struggle's of the nation. Also, not a place to sh...
5.00 (1.9K reviews)
6AM Ceremony Brașov image
6AM Ceremony Brașov
Men's clothing store
👍👍 I recently had the pleasure of visiting 6AM Ceremony and I must say, it was an exceptional experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by their friendly and knowledgeable colleague, Robert Rogoz. His expertise and attention to detail truly made my visit memorable. Robert took the time to...
5.00 (1.4K reviews)
Cartofisserie image
Fast food restaurant
5.00 (1K reviews)
Italynetic - Restaurant Italian Autentic image
Italynetic - Restaurant Italian Autentic
👍👍 We had a very good experience yesterday when we had an early dinner at Italynetic. Not only the food is very tasty, and fairly priced. The service was also great, for which we like to thank Dacian :). It is conveniently located next to Hotel Cristal. So if you are staying there anyway, you don't hav...
5.00 (1K reviews)
Send Coffee Shop image
Send Coffee Shop
Coffee shop
👍👍 Amazing, friendly and professional personal, boosting coffee, chill and relaxing atmosphere, slice of heaven, affordable prices, would hear colors again after 2 grandes. I've been drinking my coffe here over 1 year and still can't get enough. Overall 20/10
$$ $$
5.00 (935 reviews)
Bârsana Monastery image
Bârsana Monastery
This 18th-century church with baroque murals is one of the famous wooden churches of Maramureș.
4.90 (19.2K reviews)
Vasile Alecsandri National Theater image
Vasile Alecsandri National Theater
Theater company
👍👍 I have had the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent show, Les pêcheurs de perles, in a venue which pictures can't really depict. The performance and orchestra really manage to get you in the story. You should absolutely buy tickets and see any show here, really! One tip I'd have is do NOT buy tickets...
4.90 (4.5K reviews)
KENDRA beauty cosmetics image
KENDRA beauty cosmetics
Cosmetics store
5.00 (759 reviews)
"Țiriac Collection" Auto Gallery image
"Țiriac Collection" Auto Gallery
👍 let's start with the good aspects: a lot of interesting cars, starting from 1890, if I remember correctly. good lighting, clean. Quiet, not crowded. The not so good (or let's say , question marks): I did not see where can you buy water or a soda. I did not see a public toilet. no resting place, even...
4.90 (3.5K reviews)
Painted Eggs Museum Lucia Condrea image
Painted Eggs Museum Lucia Condrea
👍👍 It was very nice, many eggs there. I don't now how much omlet can you make with those :D
4.90 (3.4K reviews)
Petru Vodă Monastery image
Petru Vodă Monastery
🫤 we went to visit the place Father Iustin Pârvu lived and lo' and behold, they made a bazaar there, even in his bed, truly disgusting. I wonder if Jesus would have went Temple Ep. 2 here.
4.90 (3.3K reviews)
Restaurant Moldavian Burger image
Restaurant Moldavian Burger
👍👍 The perfect place for slow cooked foods. Tasty and generous portions all around. Recommended if you want a burger or some pork ribs. The staff is very friendly. The toilets are clean and there's even a kids play room, the place looks classy without being extra expensive
$$ $$
4.90 (3.1K reviews)
Heroes' Cross on Caraiman Peak image
Heroes' Cross on Caraiman Peak
Tourist attraction
Metal cross memorial on Mount Caraiman in the Bucegi Mountains, commemorating WWI dead.
4.90 (2.3K reviews)
Lemnul Verde image
Lemnul Verde
Dessert shop
👍👍 Banoffee is soooo damn good!!! Totally recommend
4.90 (2.2K reviews)
KENDRA beauty cosmetics image
KENDRA beauty cosmetics
Cosmetics store
5.00 (657 reviews)
Cofeels image
👍👍 Only got a to go Latte this time, but I will want to stay inside eventually. It's really nicely decorated and the cupa are so nice The coffee itself was light and the milk was creamy. Really enjoyed it myself, but if you want it stronger, ask for another shot or a V60. The staff were very nice and...
5.00 (652 reviews)
Pietrele Doamnei image
Pietrele Doamnei
Tourist attraction
Protected mountain region named for its looming limestone outcrops, plus forest trails & rare birds.
4.90 (2.1K reviews)
Muzeul Trenulețelor Valentin Banciu image
Muzeul Trenulețelor Valentin Banciu
👍👍 Amazing place to visit with kids or not. The persons taking care of the place are very dedicated and have a lot of stories about Valentin. Amazing details. Keep it up. I hope you find a larger place
4.90 (2K reviews)
STAGE - Nice Dining image
STAGE - Nice Dining
👍👍 the view is nice and the staff is very helpful. The food is really good, it's definitely worth a try if u are in Galati.
4.90 (1.7K reviews)
Restaurant Colibita Vatra image
Restaurant Colibita Vatra
😠 2 hour waiting time for food. We came at 2 pm. There were at any time while we were there a maximum of 12 tables occupied. (Not a rush hour, not at capacity). There were 3 waiters, 2 bartenders, 1 barista and I can only assume 1 cook because our food took 2 hours. We got so hungry we could see how o...
$$ $$
4.90 (1.5K reviews)
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