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Experience the best that Senegal has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 26 places from Hospital category.

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Bambali Public Hospital image
Bambali Public Hospital
👍👍 Keep doing your best for your hometown, knowing how hard you worked to get here. You are a blessing, and many people all over the world appreciate what you are doing by giving back to the community. Excellent work, Sadio Mane.
5.00 (37 reviews)
Cabinet Médical Oceane: Orl, Gynécologie, Dermatologie, Ophtalmologie image
Cabinet Médical Oceane: Orl, Gynécologie, Dermatologie, Ophtalmologie
Private hospital
😠 Le cabinet et les médecins, c’est top. L’accueil et les assistantes beaucoup moins bien. Les rendez-vous ne sont que pour la forme, l’assistante de l’ophtalmologue est désagréable et n’a aucun sens de la relation clients. C’est limite similaire au traitement dans un hôpital public. Dommage.
4.30 (33 reviews)
Hospital Children De Diamniadio image
Hospital Children De Diamniadio
👍👍 Diamniadio Children's Hospital. Note that the Hospital provides care for adults with regard to ODONTOLOGY (Dent) and ophthalmology (eyes) etc.
4.10 (52 reviews)
Hospital Regional De Diourbel image
Hospital Regional De Diourbel
👍👍 Is the Elimanel Stadium where it is, it's normal, very close to the hospital when there is a match or concert, etc., the noise is in the hospital
4.00 (31 reviews)
Hopital Principal de Dakar image
Hopital Principal de Dakar
😠 Do NOT go there. The goal of the hospital is primarily to make money, its not about your health. We got NO information on the treatment. They are eager to conduct many UNNECESSARY examinations that have nothing to do with your actuel physial problem in order to make the bill bigger. The operation...
3.90 (153 reviews)
Bellevue Clinic image
Bellevue Clinic
😐 The receptionist on the first floor Christine I think is too rude. After a wait of more than 3 hours, she does not answer the questions asked and is unpleasant, speaks badly to the people present and to a contemptuous look. Frankly it's too much. I'm flabbergasted by this behavior
3.90 (67 reviews)
😐 Before the rush of the Christmas holidays, this Covid screening center had a reputation for the speed of its service. The center is not organized to manage the crowds. We must therefore prepare to wait in the street. There is also the possibility of being tested at home
3.90 (38 reviews)
Hospital Military De Ouakam image
Hospital Military De Ouakam
👍👍 We came here to get a COVID-19 PCR test for our flight which was quite easy. You just tell the guards at the entrance that you want to get a test done, then you go directly right to the cashier's counter ('Guichet'), pay for the test (25000 FCFA) and get your receipt. From there you turn around, go...
3.80 (76 reviews)
Health Center Modulaire Mamadou Diop image
Health Center Modulaire Mamadou Diop
😠 If we could rate zero stars I would do so, I'm so disappointed. I can't understand how someone can be subjected to this kind of treatment. Already from the moment someone travels to go to a hospital their case already worries them enough to make this trip, in this case they should have a minimum of...
3.80 (71 reviews)
Hopital le Dantec image
Hopital le Dantec
Non-profit organization
😠 In Senegal, especially at the Dantec hospital, more precisely in the cancer department, they do not respect the patients. And I really regret the indiscipline of some doctors who even forget their vocation and why they are in this place. I measure my words well because I know the ones I say. Yesterd...
3.70 (159 reviews)
Hospital Center University De Fann image
Hospital Center University De Fann
🫤 Dear, I would like to write to you to share my recent experience at Fann hospital, where I took my diabetic father who had a wound on his right foot. Unfortunately, I am deeply disappointed by the lack of information and welcome we encountered. The stress over my father's health was exacerbated by...
3.60 (149 reviews)
Hospital General De Grand Yoff image
Hospital General De Grand Yoff
😐 Ex CTO, the Grand Yoff General Hospital enjoys a great reputation in Senegal. Where the downside is in the management of hospital sanitation. In fact, being next to the catchment area, the hospital is infested by mosquitoes and bad odors. And let's not even mention the cracks on the hospital walls a...
3.60 (135 reviews)
Clinique de la Madeleine image
Clinique de la Madeleine
👍👍 We had an emergency which turned out to be appendicitis! Although some bad reviews on here scared us away initially, we wasted a whole day before realizing this was a fully equipped hospital with Western surgery options like a Larascopic appendectomy and transferred here to get it. (an appendix sur...
3.60 (122 reviews)
Hopital De La Paix image
Hopital De La Paix
👍👍 C'est un grand hôpital. Il est propre mais pour ce qui est du compétence des médecins, je ne connais absolument rien sur cela.
3.60 (40 reviews)
Hospital Center Regional De Saint-Louis image
Hospital Center Regional De Saint-Louis
😠 Public hospital in a pitiful state, very poor quality of service, very slow service, poorly maintained toilets, very poor hygiene, very unwelcoming staff, cockroaches and rats everywhere. May God spare everyone the torture of setting foot there, whatever the reasons.
3.60 (38 reviews)
Hospital St. John of God image
Hospital St. John of God
😠 Very bad experience. I was there from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. And yet I was supposed to be in 5th position. The doctor already starts at 10 a.m., 1 hour of time per patient for a consultation even though there were already 50 people who bought a ticket. At 3 p.m. he stops. They send us an intern at 3:30 p....
3.60 (36 reviews)
Hospital Philippe Senghor image
Hospital Philippe Senghor
😠 Leave patients in misery to the point where the patient's health deteriorates and threaten employers who wish to help patients until dismissal! Horrible!! I don't recommend this place and some "superior" people think they are above the others! Being a human being in bad faith
3.50 (73 reviews)
Centre De Santé Gaspard Kamara image
Centre De Santé Gaspard Kamara
😠 There is nothing more mediocre, very discourteous staff unless you are a relative or acquaintance, slow service and very brutal consultations, especially in the gynecology department. The gynecologist tends to minimize people's suffering just by questioning them. I do not recommend this structure to...
3.50 (54 reviews)
Hospital Center National Matlaboul Fawzeyni image
Hospital Center National Matlaboul Fawzeyni
🫤 Because this city deserves a much more modern, beautiful town hall with a lot of class
3.50 (42 reviews)
Centre Hospitalier Abass Ndao image
Centre Hospitalier Abass Ndao
😠 Je suis aller avec une amie qui avait eut une brûlure à la main , nous sommes arrivés à l'urgence à 22h05 , quand nous avions toqué à la porte l'infirmière de garde était autau et nous avait demandé de patienter , son appel à duré plus de 30 min et c'est après son appel quelle nous demande à savoir...
3.40 (80 reviews)
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