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Experience the best that Stockholm has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 146 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Viking Walking Tour image
Viking Walking Tour
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Hi everybody! You've made the best choice because Alex is special. He is not only giving you a lot of information. He is performing - the voice, the look - the clothes, the shield, the horn and all the other subjects he is carrying for us to show them and make us imagine how the Vikings used to be.....
5.00 (100 reviews)
Vasa Museum image
Vasa Museum
Museum for well-preserved, 17th-century warship, Vasa, that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628.
4.80 (53.4K reviews)
The Millennium Tour image
The Millennium Tour
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very exciting tour through the Millennium Trilogy in Södermalm. Also highly recommended for people who haven't read the books, as you visit beautiful places in Södermalm. Absolute highlights are the Monteliusvägen viewpoint and the end at Mosebacke. Our city guide Eva picked us up on time and was ab...
4.80 (31 reviews)
Skinnarviksberget image
Scenic spot
Overlooking the river, this rocky hilltop destination offers scenic city & sunset views.
4.70 (3.3K reviews)
Stockholm City Hall image
Stockholm City Hall
City Hall
Waterside government offices completed in 1923 & made from red brick with a lantern-topped tower.
4.70 (2.9K reviews)
Mariaberget image
Observation deck
Waterside observation area offering sweeping city views & a small green space.
4.70 (2.6K reviews)
Stockholm Central Mosque image
Stockholm Central Mosque
Spacious, contemporary mosque dating from 2000, attracting around 2,000 devotees for Friday prayers.
4.70 (1.4K reviews)
Katolska domkyrkan i Stockholm image
Katolska domkyrkan i Stockholm
Catholic cathedral
👍👍 Great Catholic Church, not crowded, most masses in Swedish. Google does not have mass times, I enclosed picture for Sunday winter schedule. Great neighborhood to walk around.
4.70 (596 reviews)
St. Eugenia's Church image
St. Eugenia's Church
Catholic church
👍👍 Very welcoming church for a visitor. Website translates well into English and lists the numerous Mass times. There's even a Sunday evening English Mass with a well spoken priest. Very cozy and inviting church. Look at the picture of the church on Google before you head out since the building doesn't...
4.70 (517 reviews)
Skogskyrkogården image
UNESCO-listed cemetery with architecturally acclaimed chapels & wooded landscaped grounds.
4.70 (485 reviews)
Stockholm Ghost Walk AB image
Stockholm Ghost Walk AB
👍👍 A great tour and experience. The English tour on 8/10/2021 at 7 p.m. was great (unfortunately I don't have the name of the great guide anymore). Was it Cullum? It wasn't Louis! There was no way it was Louis. The language was especially great, everything was very clear and very well articulated...
4.70 (327 reviews)
Edvard Andersons greenhouse image
Edvard Andersons greenhouse
Botanical garden
👍👍 Perfect place to go in winter. The ticket was only 80 kronas which was pretty good for what you get. And what you get is walk across the world,well not really, but that's how it feels. Plus there's an outdoor Japanese pool which was frozen,cause you know WINTER! but that didn't stop us from going.
4.70 (187 reviews)
Hillsong Stockholm City image
Hillsong Stockholm City
Pentecostal church
😠 If you are coming in as an expat and want to make it your home church, Think again seriously! This is not a place for the international community.. I have seen many people from the international community trying to fit in by volunteering. When you peel the layers there is no acceptance for an intern...
4.70 (152 reviews)
Victoriahuset image
Botanical garden
👍👍 A beautiful water world like I haven't seen in a long time. Be sure to visit if you are passing by.
4.70 (99 reviews)
Upplands runinskrifter 53 image
Upplands runinskrifter 53
Historical landmark
👍👍 Very pretty runestone next in the middle of Gamla Stan right next to Stortorget. Supposedly ancient and from thousands of years ago however very hard to prove I guess
4.70 (56 reviews)
Royal Swedish Opera image
Royal Swedish Opera
Opera house
National stage for opera & ballet productions in a 19th-century theater with a lavish interior.
4.60 (5K reviews)
Army Museum image
Army Museum
Army museum
Army museum exhibiting Swedish military uniforms & weapons from the 16th century to the present day.
4.60 (4.3K reviews)
The Royal Armoury image
The Royal Armoury
Royal museum with 500 years of weaponry & armor, plus lavish royal carriages & fashion displays.
4.60 (3.3K reviews)
Bergianska trädgården image
Bergianska trädgården
Botanical garden
Botanical garden with tropical & Mediterranean plants in 2 glasshouses, plus shrub & herb species.
4.60 (2.5K reviews)
Bodyflight Stockholm image
Bodyflight Stockholm
Amusement center
👍👍 Nice staff and it was fun. There are many kids doing it so anyone can do it (assuming that you don’t have any medical conditions which prevent you from doing so). This doesn’t feel like a rollercoaster as you won’t get that free fall feeling at all. So if you are afraid of rollercoasters, this wi...
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
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