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ร้านบ้านเบ้ววว Slope Coffee image
ร้านบ้านเบ้ววว Slope Coffee
👍👍 Love it! 🥰 Nice Old Decor. Lots of scene for shoot photos. Cool place to visit and relax. 😉
$ $$$
4.60 (456 reviews)
Khum Chao Luang image
Khum Chao Luang
Grand 19th-century residence of the Phrae rulers, with period furnishings & engraved wooden doors.
4.50 (1.2K reviews)
Saturday Night Market image
Saturday Night Market
Night market
👍👍 What a wonderful night market. We had the best time. We tried new food strolling through the market on Christmas Eve. Great selection of food and great selection of goods for sale. So far - this is the best night market we have been to in Thailand. This market only happens on Saturday evenings. The...
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Charlotte Hut Coffee & Tea Bar image
Charlotte Hut Coffee & Tea Bar
👍👍 You can easily fall in love with this place. Various choices of cakes and mini bites with good taste👍🏻 Lots of seats, Nice coffee with fair price, Well-trained staff. I’m so happy spending time here. And yes, you shouldn’t miss this cafe once you come to Phrae :)
$$ $$
4.50 (527 reviews)
ฮอม Hom image
ฮอม Hom
👍 Very traditional and limited menu. I loved the papaya salad with cracking pig skin.
4.60 (286 reviews)
Need A Nap Hostel Phrae (นีด-อะ-แนป) image
Need A Nap Hostel Phrae (นีด-อะ-แนป)
Indoor lodging
👍👍 Great value for money .. Very well designed .. clean and all necessary facilities .. friendly service .. we stayed in duplex room for 4 - perfect for family and the kids love it (we love this too!) Highly recommended
4.70 (193 reviews)
เลอกองเก่า cafe' de phraeris image
เลอกองเก่า cafe' de phraeris
👍👍 Very yummy cake with good coffee, cozy place.
$$ $$
4.60 (245 reviews)
Balance cup Espresso & Slow bar image
Balance cup Espresso & Slow bar
👍👍 WOW! What an unexpected find in Phrae. Great coffee. Super nice space with air con and some outside space too. Sweet people. They do coffee well here and I bought a couple of lattes and some beans to take away. Can't recommend enough. This is complete surprise and shows the excellent coffee culture...
4.70 (178 reviews)
Khum Vongburi Museum: The Pink Mansion, Phrae Town image
Khum Vongburi Museum: The Pink Mansion, Phrae Town
👍👍 It is a nice, old house, well preserved. Very interesting history of the house and its owner. I am glad that they shared their story and allowed the tourists to visit.
4.40 (749 reviews)
เฌอบาร์แพร่ คาเฟ่ : Je Bar Phrae Coffee & Pastry Cafe image
เฌอบาร์แพร่ คาเฟ่ : Je Bar Phrae Coffee & Pastry Cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 Really great coffee and a big selection of cakes! I had the banoffie pie and it changed my life.
4.70 (166 reviews)
Wat Phra Bat Ming Mueang Worawihan image
Wat Phra Bat Ming Mueang Worawihan
Buddhist temple
👍 วัดดหลวงประจำจังหวัดแพร่มีความเก่าแก่และเป็นศูนย์กลางของพิธีกรรมทางศาสนาสำคัญของจังหวัด ด้านในมีพุทธรูปศักดิ์สิทธิ์หอพระพุทธบาทหอบูรพาจารย์พระเจดีย์และหอพระเจ้าทันใจซึ่งเป็นพิพิธภัณฑ์เก็บของเก่าอีกด้วย ไปมาสะดวกวัดสะอาดและที่จอดรถกว้างขวาง
4.50 (330 reviews)
Ho: Bake & Craft Café image
Ho: Bake & Craft Café
👍👍 This lemon cake is really yummy. I very like americano so rich
$$ $$
4.50 (326 reviews)
Wat Phong Sunan, Phrae Town: Temple of the Tortoise image
Wat Phong Sunan, Phrae Town: Temple of the Tortoise
Buddhist temple
👍👍 A delightful clean and interesting Temple complex. A highlight of a visit to Phrae.
4.50 (294 reviews)
ประตูชัย แพร่ image
ประตูชัย แพร่
Fresh food market
4.30 (965 reviews)
Sugar Bites Café & Homemade Bakery image
Sugar Bites Café & Homemade Bakery
Coffee shop
👍👍 GREAT COFFEE. Smooth with good flavor. They were also able to make me a flat white which was a nice surprise. Nice find. Happy to be sitting here in a good shop with some air con. Nice staff. Very local crowd. I'm the only foreigner in here. More crowded than other spots around town, but deservedly...
4.50 (213 reviews)
Huern Kan Thong Hotel image
Huern Kan Thong Hotel
👍👍 Amazing bed and pillows- soft and fluffy! The best bed I have had in Thailand! The hotel is amazing! Very pretty and clean. Great location to be in the heart of the city. The pool is beautiful and the breakfast was so good! I would highly recommend-
4.60 (156 reviews)
ข้าวซอยเจ้เล็กประตูชัย แพร่ image
ข้าวซอยเจ้เล็กประตูชัย แพร่
👍 Super delicious Khao Soi in Phrae
$ $$$
4.40 (302 reviews)
Wee Wee' - วีวี่ Wee Wee' - วีวี่ image
Wee Wee' - วีวี่ Wee Wee' - วีวี่
👍👍 Good place. I tried the double cheeseburger and it was quite decent. I will definitely return to try the pizza.
$$ $$
4.60 (129 reviews)
Wat Phra Non, Phrae Town image
Wat Phra Non, Phrae Town
Buddhist temple
👍👍 Another classical, gold and red Buddhist temple in the city of Phrae. There is a 9-meter long reclining Buddha statue hidden in the shrine in the back of main building. Next to stupa, there are some ancient bells. You can also find some beautiful paintings on the walls to the left, just after crossi...
4.40 (212 reviews)
Hug Inn Phrae Hotel ฮัก อินน์ แพร่ image
Hug Inn Phrae Hotel ฮัก อินน์ แพร่
Streamlined rooms in a relaxed, modern hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.
4.40 (212 reviews)
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