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Tonys Coffee And Chocolate Shop image
Tonys Coffee And Chocolate Shop
👍👍 Tonys is an institution and must see. Exquisit cakes in old style relaxed atmosphere. Nice sets of China, the English way. Long list of selected teas. Beautiful view over garden and lawn, mountains visible through big trees. Just be prepared, it all has quite a price tag.
$$ $$
4.80 (169 reviews)
The Rocker's Liquor image
The Rocker's Liquor
Liquor store
👍👍 They rock i loved the variety of wines and whisky. The staff is so friendly. I recommend that you try them.
4.90 (96 reviews)
Leopard Rock Hotel image
Leopard Rock Hotel
Refined hotel offering a golf course, a game park & a casino, plus a chapel & horseriding.
4.30 (583 reviews)
Holiday Inn Mutare image
Holiday Inn Mutare
Casual hotel featuring a restaurant & 2 bars, plus an outdoor pool, a gym & a patio.
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Leopard Rock Golf Course image
Leopard Rock Golf Course
Golf course
👍 Beautiful place to be.. Nice getaway child friendly environment a great place to visit,went there with my friends their hospitality is out of this world# you pay less for more
4.40 (188 reviews)
White Horse Inn image
White Horse Inn
👍👍 Tucked away in the mountains, this little Inn has an old-fashioned charm. The pristine gardens, complete with a flowing river and sparkling blue pool provide the perfect backdrop for a serene escape. I popped in for lunch and the fish and chips were cooked to perfection. The tranquilly of the Inn ma...
4.30 (251 reviews)
GORDON'S on 125 First Street image
GORDON'S on 125 First Street
Bed & breakfast
👍 We arrived very late but the check in was quick and very welcoming .The rooms are beautiful and spacious very child friendly .The bathrooms have showers and are amazingly spacious and well fitted .The only dissapointing factor is some of the rooms had dust . Morning breakfast was great The whole env...
4.40 (137 reviews)
TM Pick N Pay Supermarket image
TM Pick N Pay Supermarket
👍👍 Great place for shopping, lot's of cheap stuff
4.00 (1.4K reviews)
Prince of Wales View image
Prince of Wales View
Scenic spot
👍 There is beauty to be found in the unknown. This was a great place for mie, it calms your mind and soul. The breeze around is always marvellous. Prince of wales view its a good place to visit
4.20 (154 reviews)
Forest Hills Resort image
Forest Hills Resort
Resort hotel
😐 A nice resort that offers conferencing and overnight accommodation (with option of self catering). Located near Vumba Botanical Gardens
4.10 (228 reviews)
Bvumba Mountains image
Bvumba Mountains
Mountain range
A staple for birdwatchers, these granite peaks & forest are dotted with hotels & coffee plantations.
4.50 (75 reviews)
OK Mutare image
OK Mutare
👍👍 A phenomenal shopping experience. Neatly arranged shelves, directional signs and extremely helpful staff. The ambience is just fantastic. Keep up the good work.
3.90 (1K reviews)
OK MART image
Department store
👍👍 A bit out of town so easier to access. Free parking too. can get a wide variety of groceries and household goods.
4.00 (305 reviews)
Nando's Mutare image
Nando's Mutare
Chicken restaurant
👍 One of my regulars. The platter with four sides does it for me at any given time, it's well made and it's affordable. Though we were disappointed at first that the mocktails were not available for individuals, we eventually enjoyed sharing. It's always a pleasant experience here.
$$ $$
3.90 (625 reviews)
SPAR Mutare image
SPAR Mutare
Grocery store
😠 Service with a smile. Recent changes have given more floor space, wider area to view and more options for the buyer. The use of ICTs is commendable in terms of managing customers in a queue. There is an amazing improvement at the Butchery and Customer service desk.
$ $$$
3.90 (559 reviews)
TM Pick N Save image
TM Pick N Save
Shopping mall
3.90 (301 reviews)
African Sun Amber Hotel Mutare image
African Sun Amber Hotel Mutare
$$ $$
4.00 (160 reviews)
Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral image
Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral
Catholic cathedral
👍👍 Was doing great at church today
4.40 (55 reviews)
Eastern Highlands Retreat image
Eastern Highlands Retreat
Bed & breakfast
👍 I love love, I repeat one more time, love the setup that is at this place. I believe that it is the first time I have come across an establishment which offers services like YouTube, Netflix, DSTv, I love the diversity. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for accommodation in M...
4.20 (73 reviews)
Fleming Rugby Field image
Fleming Rugby Field
👍👍 Excellent 👍 the best of all
4.30 (60 reviews)
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