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TM Pick n Pay Kwekwe image
TM Pick n Pay Kwekwe
😐 It has a wide variety of convenience products but the queues to pay at the tills are usually very long and slow. The fruit and veg section is usually understocked and don't always stock fresh 'fresh' produce.
4.00 (777 reviews)
Golden Acres Guest Lodge image
Golden Acres Guest Lodge
👍 Would have given them a 5 if they were proactive on serving food, but they really aren't into that, and the wifi isn't great. Rooms are spacious, the bathrooms are Really nice, the staff is friendly and responsive. Quiet location and the beds are so comfy guaranteeing a great night's sleep.
4.10 (170 reviews)
Nando's Kwekwe image
Nando's Kwekwe
Chicken restaurant
👍👍 I had a great experience as I stopped at the nandos on my way to Harare. The service was excellent at if one was seating at a proper sitting down restaurant. The food was great, fanatic flavor as always when you are at Nandos. Keep it up!!
$$ $$
3.90 (778 reviews)
Kwe Kwe image
Kwe Kwe
👍 One of the most clean cities that lies at the centre of Bulawayo and Harare. There is no airport and it's about 218km from Harare and 224 km to bulawayo
4.00 (222 reviews)
Palm Leaf Gardens-Guest House image
Palm Leaf Gardens-Guest House
Guest house
4.20 (106 reviews)
Kwekwe High School image
Kwekwe High School
High school
👍👍 Simply the best years of my life at this school... My building block came from KKHS
4.40 (68 reviews)
ok mart image
ok mart
Grocery store
👍 This is an upmarket hyper-mart with almost all convenience goods, luxury goods, sporting equipment, confectionery, delicatessen as well farming equipment. The staff are very friendly and well knowledgeable. The downside is the location, which is an industrial area. The accessed road is also a dusty...
4.10 (135 reviews)
Alstruc Engineering image
Alstruc Engineering
Sports club
😐 Nice club, with lovely sports facilities, and well stocked bar. If you staying the night, definitely worth a visit.
4.10 (131 reviews)
Chicken Hut KweKwe image
Chicken Hut KweKwe
Chicken restaurant
🫤 Service delivery is below standard. The packaging can make you lose appetite.
$$ $$
4.10 (116 reviews)
OK Supermarket Kwekwe image
OK Supermarket Kwekwe
Grocery store
😠 Extremely bad service. The tills were just too slow loading and loading and taking a couple of seconds just to print a slip. I think they are overloaded by zeros oof the useless currency. Those things can't function quick when a load of bread is punced on $5000 etc. The country should just move on t...
3.80 (1.1K reviews)
kwekwe image
Shopping mall
😐 All is well with buses going to Harare, Bulawayo and far afield as Gaborone, Botswana.
4.00 (152 reviews)
Khayalethu Garden Lodges image
Khayalethu Garden Lodges
👍👍 Beautiful gardens and the service is upstate
4.00 (125 reviews)
Msasa Lodges and Apartments image
Msasa Lodges and Apartments
Bed & breakfast
👍 Recently discovered this oasis in kwekwe. A great place. Good food and awesome smart Chefs. Had a wonderful time. Ideal conferencing facilities for small groups.
4.20 (73 reviews)
Kwekwe Polytechnic image
Kwekwe Polytechnic
😠 These people are slow and they don't care about people
3.90 (168 reviews)
Steers image
Hamburger restaurant
Long-running counter-serve chain known for flame-grilled beef burgers & thick, handmade chips.
$$ $$
3.90 (152 reviews)
Beverly Hills Guest House and Lodges Kwekwe image
Beverly Hills Guest House and Lodges Kwekwe
😐 The Place is Clean and we'll kept, it's along the highway and for those who love quietness it might be a bit offish but it's worth a Visit.
4.20 (63 reviews)
Ripper's Plaza image
Ripper's Plaza
👍👍 This is a beautiful serene place to enjoy a hot Kwekwe afternoon. This place offers a restaurant that serves really good food. Its my go to place for a delicious meal in Kwekwe. Ripper's also has a bar and a grocery section. Not many restaurants or places have this modern setup of a bar and a restau...
$$ $$
3.90 (133 reviews)
King Solomon Hotel - Golden Mile Kwekwe image
King Solomon Hotel - Golden Mile Kwekwe
😐 Rooms where nice and clean, the solar powered geyser took forever to extrude hot water from whatever reservoirs it came from. Conference facilities need improvement, it pretty much looks like a place where discos used to be held and was never upgraded, the conference restrooms had moulds on the ceil...
3.70 (573 reviews)
Zimasco Kwekwe image
Zimasco Kwekwe
Steel fabricator
😐 As a resident of Kwekwe am concerned about the amount of pollution caused by the chrome giant. However it has provided livelihoods for a sizeable number of families. A balance is needed though as health issues are important.
3.90 (120 reviews)
Sebakwe river image
Sebakwe river
😠 Sebakwer river is flowing water 💦 throu out the year
4.20 (54 reviews)
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