Shoppers Fair - Supermarket in Mandeville, Jamaica

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2FRQ+MMQ, Caledonia Rd, Mandeville, Jamaica


+1 876-618-1430

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4.10 (619 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Monday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Tuesday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Wednesday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Thursday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Friday: (Good Friday), 9 am to 10 pm, Hours might differ


  • Service options
    • Delivery
    • Debit cards
    • Credit cards
    • In-store shopping
    • NFC mobile payments
    • Wheelchair-accessible lift
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


Frequently mentioned in reviews: place (6) clean (6) customer (6) variety (6) located (6) service (6) items (7) shopping (7) Mandeville (8) good (8) supermarket (9) parking (11)

  • 5Sharon B. 1 year ago
    Clean atmosphere produce are neatly packaged, reasonable prices

  • 5Joel B. 3 months ago
    There's space for parking. Place is a bit dusty but that's due to the construction taking place. Vary of items to choose from. Staff is friendly & ready to assist.

  • 5Roshane C. 6 months ago
    Mandeville branch of Shoppers' Fair has a wide cross-section of items; the isles are spacious, and the shelves are neatly packed. The environment is clean and welcoming; I expected nothing less. No COVID protocols are needed for entrance anymore. Of course, they accept cash and cards, there is a wheelchair-accessible entrance, and with the current structure going to be demolished and move to another section on the same premises to welcome the new sovereign mall plaza, Mandeville, I know it will provide an even better customer parking experience, disabled parking spots, and an overall better shopping experience. There are lots of other businesses there now and more to come, including but not limited to Domino's Pizza, Wendy's, etc. I can't wait.

  • 5Junior M. 5 years ago
    Very well kept and products are displayed nicely. The staff is very efficient and professional.

  • 5Elorine M. 8 months ago
    Great place to do your grocery shopping.

  • 5Ethanie S. 1 year ago
    It's Ok. Spacious etc. Very easy to move around. U R given a Special Card with your Personal information for Shopping

  • 5belinda l. 2 years ago
    My experience was good as usual. Everyone was friendly. The cashier was pleasant as were the persons who assisted with bags. Clean environment...always sanitizing.

  • 5Nadine M. 2 years ago
    That's my first choice supermarket! Good variety and choices. Staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

  • 5Tamara C. 1 year ago
    Always a pleasure shopping here, good enough space, workers could be a little more pleasant but all in all a good place to shop

  • 5Michelle S. 2 years ago
    The giant supermarket chain, Shoppers Fair has two (2) locations in the fast growing town of Mandeville, Manchester. This is the other supermarket in the chain where I also shop. However, although both grocers stock many of the same foods, each sells products that the other does not. I find this surprising, but have become familiar with the items they stock so I know how to plan my shopping. There is ample parking space and Dominoes Pizza is located on the same premises. It is also conveniently located so people find it easy to get to.

  • 4Dr. Eric L. H. 1 year ago
    The lay out of goods is very good. The fresh products at the vegetables section was attractive. We judge that mainly by the quality lettuce we were able to get. My only problem is that for three weeks we asked if we have a card and promised that we would have one soon and it just can't materialize. I have been to other places where they sign you up and give you a card immediately. The place is fairly clean and spacious. I am convinced that they are on the right path to growth and development.

  • 4Rodaine W. 4 years ago
    Shoppers fair , located right Ayer you pass the Mandeville regional hospital and the gas station , located to the right side of the intersection coming from the direction of the MRH . If your coming from the opposite direction you will pass , Tastees and Juicey Beef patty restaurants , Mandeville Primary and Junior High School and Ruby gas station , it is located to the left of the 4 road junction . Nice supermarket , has a variety of items as well as a pay master booth located right at the entrance door , so in all fact after you get your groceries , it's quiet easy to go and pay your bills at the paymaster booth. The customer service wasn't bad , as early as the day was , the cashiers faces didn't even have a smile to let me actually feel warm and wanting to buy more . I believe that persons giving you a service should let the room feel lit with a smile . Parking space was okay as well no hassle , I've noticed that they share the parking lot with Dominos but it wasn't really a problem . Great prices $ Like, comment , share , let me know where I should visit next . #deenotelmg

  • 4Rachelle R. 11 months ago
    Spacious, clean supermarket. Affordable prices, can be found here.

  • 4Adrian F. 1 year ago
    A bit costly but clean, mediocre customer service however has a good variety.

  • 4Kevonn G. 1 year ago
    Not to crowded whenever I shop there. Very good variety of items and easy to find different categories of goods in different isles.

  • 4David B. 1 year ago
    Convenient shopping, friendly cashiers, parking is a bit tricky because of construction going on around the supermarket premises. This supermarket doesn't have as much categories and choices of goods as the other ShoppersFair at Shopping Center in Mandeville though.

  • 4Diana M. 1 year ago
    I like this supermarket, the location is ideal, there's adequate parking, the place is clean and always well stocked. Customer service is on point and you are helped before you even realize you need help.

  • 4Nicholas R. 8 months ago
    Always clean environment reasonable prices , ample parking, good customer service and something is always on special to allow for even more great savings .the place is being upgraded to a larger facility which will have lots more variety more parking along with other businesses on the same complex ....the original structure will be demolished and incorporated into the sovereign center Mandeville complex..which will be more modern and offer a more first world shopping experience . moving into a new and bigger spaces soon..

  • 4Colin R. 1 year ago
    Ok shopping Just need to have faster workers in their express lines

  • 4Andrea J. 1 year ago
    Cashiers are always courteous. Parking is becoming an issue as there is a sizeable construction project going on. When it rains, there is settling of water in some pot holes on the premises and can be a sore sight for shoppers. There needs to be more variety in meats. Chicken is steady but pork and beef products are scanty. With Christmas approaching there has to be some improvement. Roasts is generally not available and CB Pan Chicken is usually stocked out by Friday. Need to look into your ordering and min Max levels.

  • 4Walinton M. 4 months ago
    Prices are more reasonable than the other supermarkets on this category in Mandeville. Some changes have been made to the other business in the same compound so now parking is limited and currently it is not paved so there is a lot of dust when dry and mood when it rains

  • 1Paula S. 1 year ago
    The location is good but sometimes there is no parking. No customer bathroom though.

  • 1Santiago M. 11 months ago
    The ugly cashier at the customer service booth is not friendly. A few of us saw her cashing 1 or 2 items, we had that amount and after seeing us she said no line and closed the line. Less than 2 minutes after she reopened the line and was cashing other persons with more than 1 or 2 items. I ensured I called her out on her attitude. She had the nerve to start an argument, knowing better, I walked away and let her run her supermarket.

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