Communal benches and an open kitchen create a buzzy setting for Pan-Asian dumplings, bao and mains.

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Supernormal - Modern Australian restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

$$$ Bustling, casual spot for Pan-Asian fare

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180 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


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4.50 (2191 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 12 to 10:30PM
  • Wednesday: 12 to 10:30PM
  • Thursday: 12 to 10:30PM
  • Friday: 12 to 10:30PM
  • Saturday: 12 to 10:30PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 12 to 10:30PM


  • 5Sam s. 1 year ago
    Good food great great people

  • 5Terry S. 1 year ago
    Now this is some high quality food. Amazing, Tasty, Different. Love this place, I have had the banquet more than a few times and keep returning. THE LOBSTER ROLLS = AMAZING!!!!!

  • 5darnell m. 1 year ago
    I actually ate at their St Kilda sister restaurant, but couldn't find it on TripAdvisor. Cool setting, fairly busy. The food is split amongst smaller plates and larger share plates. Kingfish, whiting and pork belly skewers from the hibachi were very good, though the pork was a little chewy. Smoked yoghurt with fresh heirloom tomatoes was the equal of any meat dishes on offer. Best of all were the chicken and prawn dumplings with spiced chilli vinegar - just the right balance of heat and vinegar, and the dumplings were so soft and plump I felt like a bully for eating them. I also had a bowl of greens but had overordered and couldn't finish them. As a chef it really hurts to say though that the food is matched by the excellent service - attentive, friendly and efficient without ever hovering over me.

  • 5Summer C. 1 year ago
    Banquet menu1

  • 5Malcolm G. 1 year ago
    Food this by its presence form the street. Lucked it in to be able to sit at the bar waiting for a table which we declined when our turn came up. Sipping, talking, eating and seeing such an excellent team of people looking after everyone, helping each other and most all keeping that personal touch with each and everyone around us was enlightening. Food was excellent, well priced and we will be back, next time we are in Melbourne

  • 5Andrew L. 1 year ago
    Food service and setting top notch Absolute value for money

  • 5Haubert Y. 1 year ago
    Very interesting fusion style cuisines. Worth the dollar that you'll spend here. Service and food are top-notch!

  • 5Felicity R. 1 year ago
    Scrumptious! Friendly service, yummy food and really nice drinks... couldn't ask for anything more!

  • 5Sam D. 1 year ago
    Ahh amazing!

  • 5George D. 1 year ago
    Excellence ! Service fantastic ! Snapper was wow !

  • 5David van B. 1 year ago
    Like it

  • 5Simranjeet S. 1 year ago
    We had our staff lunch ,food and staff were amazing

  • 5Samual P. 1 year ago
    Love this place

  • 5Heather D. 1 year ago
    Absolutely looooved eating here! The waitress we had was amazing! Her service definitely made the restaurant so much more enjoyable to eat in as well. Group menu definitely made us full and couldn't fault anything that was bad. I recommend the lobster roll from here! Yummm ?

  • 5A B. 1 year ago
    No it is not is well above should be super delicious. The price is a bit salty for my taste.... but that ensure they will always have a place for you to eat great japas (japanese tapas).

  • 5Marco C. 1 year ago
    Pan Asian food experience. Loved it, booking really recommended.

  • 5Nelson F. 1 year ago
    Good place with good food - a tad expensive but overall a really good place for dinner modern fusion Japanese food.

  • 5Mo A. 1 year ago
    Very good food. Very good staff

  • 5Dale O. 1 year ago
    Food was delicious, service was good and a great atmosphere

  • 5jimmy g. 11 months ago
    So freaking good! The host was super accommodating and nice. We booked through our hotel and there was a discrepancy in time of the booking and he was great about correcting. The food was excellent. Yummy dumplings (veggie and the chicken / prawn). The red snapper and wagyu both superb. Sautéed greens side a must. The waiter was also really friendly.

  • 5Lei D. 1 year ago
    Walk in with no reservation on Saturday before 5. Lucky to sit facing the bar station. The food were really well served. Pan-asia fusion style. Definitely recommend the lobster roll. So good and fresh.

  • 5L. 11 months ago
    A must visit if you go to Melbourne! The combination of distinct Japanese flavours along with Hong Kong and Shanghai cooking is what makes this restaurant exceptional ⁣? ⁣ The flavours, cooking styles and ingredients are well in tuned to create a special experience. In fact, I found this to be my new inspiration for my future cooking ?.⁣ ⁣ I've been here twice and everything was so spectacular that you would definitely go back for the same dish

  • 5M C. 1 year ago
    Enjoyed a long lunch with friends. Excellent food - especially recommend the cold noodle salad. Delicious. Service was really good and the lady gave great advice on what to order. Fun venue that really shows off what Melbourne is great at - fun food and bars.

  • 5Chris S. 1 year ago
    Best food I've had in Melbourne. Is quiet pricey, however is well worth it. My girlfriend says this is a must try.

  • 5M. J. 10 months ago
    Fantastic dining experience; really impressive food and lovely attentive staff

  • 5Kristina W. 1 year ago
    A great welcome back to Melbourne with another super dining experience. Lively restaurant in a funky setting. Many seating options to suit all - singles to groups. Sharing plates with many options for all dietary requirements with 2020 price ranges. Wait staff were informative & interactive during table service. Walking distance to public transport. All round our group had a memorable dinner. Thanks :-)

  • 5John L. 1 year ago
    The level of service here is exceptional considering it is a more of a casual dining eatery. We had a flight to catch after dinner and the staff was excellent in expediting our orders! The Asian inspired food was beautifully crafted and absolutely delectable. Highly recommend if you're in Melbourne.

  • 5Krishnah C. 1 year ago
    Been meaning to go forever here as loved by so many friends but always found it hard to get in and now I can see why. Went for lunch with some friends and this is a great thing do as few couples given the layout of the menu with idea of sharing. Everything was both tasty and original. Loved the variety and different portion sizes; the main size was enough for 4 of us to share. The service was friendly and the wine list interesting and balanced. All in all a fantastic experience and can't wait to go back.

  • 5Deswaqr K. 8 months ago
    We walked in and had a drinlk while we waited for our table - there are no reservations. Lovely service and greeting and a very efficent system for getting a drink and then taken to our table. Service was outstanding - make syou smile! We were also recommened to try various dishes which were fantastic.

  • 5Ravomocv F. 11 months ago
    amazing food and service and friedly staff

  • 5Mateo D. 11 months ago
    Not sure of their names but maitre d and waitress with blond short hair were awesome great attentive service food was good but service was something else defiantly coming back

  • 5Jennifer M. 11 months ago
    What a perfect ending to our two weeks down under. Supernormal was right near our hotel in CBD. We came by earlier in the day to put a name for later. When we arrived we were seated right away. The space is modern and fun, with vending machines delivering Pocky snacks. The open kitchen is a nice touch. Food is meant for sharing though so good you won't want to.

  • 5Ernesto P. 11 months ago
    New England Lobster Roll... Enough Said...

  • 5Jake M. 11 months ago
    A must visit if you go to Melbourne! The combination of distinct Japanese flavours along with Hong Kong and Shanghai cooking is what makes this restaurant exceptional ⁣? ⁣The flavours, cooking styles and ingredients are well in tuned to create a special experience. In fact, I found this to be my new inspiration for my future cooking ?.⁣ ⁣I've been here twice and everything was so spectacular that you would definitely go back for the same dish

  • 5Josh K. 11 months ago
    Outstanding. Everything was great and can't wait to spend an evening here again.

  • 4Anastasya H. 10 months ago
    Love the cold salad noodles and lobster rolls! Fav! One is its kind experience for sure and we had the drumstick deep fried duck that looks like chocolate! :) good ambience and staff is great. Taken care of well. Thank you

  • 4Alex W. 1 year ago
    Perfect outing with the two of us !

  • 4Chris P. 11 months ago
    Good food, service is great as well.

  • 4Vanessa C. 11 months ago
    Staff are amazing, food is excellent, and the ambience is incredible here. Famous for its lobster rolls

  • 4Lester W. 1 year ago
    Food was great at a decent price, some photos of the lobster roll, snapper and dessert

  • 4da b. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) pretty good (Original) 挺好的

  • 3Nick S. 1 year ago
    I feel like the banquet is a bit overpriced for what you get. Plenty of food, but not wowed by it. Service was ruthlessly efficient. My water got topped up so often it felt like every sip was an invitation for a team member to dash forward and carefully keep it at high tide. Food came out at a roaring clip. Too fast initially - then it slowed riiiiight down. I wouldn’t recommend the banquet really. Order from the menu and get what you really want. ?

  • 3Alexander U. 1 year ago
    Have only tried a limited amount of the menu- not horrible but not good enough to return Started with veg dumplings and duck bao - better half of the meal. Duck leg a touch dry and Plum sauce was lacking punch. Wife liked the dumplings Then had Szechuan lamb and noodles. Both of these dishes were suprisingly bland Normally would try dessert but very underwhelmed so did not bother

  • 2Katerina M. 1 year ago
    Not impressed. at over 90 dollars a person (we did not have wine or alcohol), this falls way below expectations. The good: table service is great. Attentive and pleasant. The bad: The food, sort of asian fusion tapas, is just OK. While some items were quite good, the dishes, meant for sharing, do not flow. well Overall, the feel is "buffet quality" not "a la carte quality". Especially the chicken pork dumplings were a disappointment. A friend wanted a dessert, but based on performance decided against it. Coffee was also just OK.

  • 1Charlie M. 11 months ago
    Slow service, bad communication from the waitress who served us. Food is pretentious and overpriced. There are BETTER restaurants along Flinders Lane

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