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Roatan Adventure Park, Coxen Hole 34101, Honduras



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4.80 (170 reviews)

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  • 5Jennifer B. 1 year ago
    Absolutely one of the best excursions so far! My daughters and I had a blast. Our guides were SO friendly even when we got stuck in the mud and they pushed us out and they ended up covered in mud…lol. They really went above and beyond to make our day special.

  • 5Susan H. 11 months ago
    Great guys, fun time! We all loved it! Team One was absolutely the best. Would definitely go again! Esmeralda was our tour guide and we highly recommend her!

  • 5Ashley Y. 8 months ago
    We had a great time here as one of our shore excursions on our most recent cruise. It's a lot of fun and the people were great. You will get dirty! We were covered head to toe in dirt by the end of our buggy ride. They give you goggles but I recommend bringing a mask, I ate so much dirt by the end 😆

  • 5Paula D. 1 year ago
    Thank you for an amazing experience. Staff including Big Honey & Lil Honey + others were amazing a memory that’ll last a lifetime. We were very muddy when we finished so don’t wear your best clothes & shoes

  • 5Christina C. 9 months ago
    Our tour guide Esmeralda was awesome!! She was very funny, outgoing, took care of us and definitely new her history. We will be sure to book with her, please request her if you do the dune buggy excursion. We had a great time driving the cars the men were very attentive and took very good care of all of us

  • 5Chelle H. 4 years ago
    This was such a fun excursion. We booked the ATV jungle excursion through Carnival Cruise and the trip out to the location went smoothly and was quick. No long bus ride necessary. The staff was great and had fun and our safety as our number one priority. There were staff all along the course to guide us and help if there was an issue with the ATV. My husband is an experienced rider and had a blast. I'm more of a novice and was a lot slower but none of the hills (up or down) were too intimidating for a beginner. The lookout sightseeing point is lovely. The staff was available for questions at all times. Team One keep up the great work!

  • 5Jonathan S. 9 months ago
    OMG! Me and the wife just pulled in there one day unannounced and they took us on basically a private trip and we had so much fun completely covered in mud afterwards with a permanent grin ear to ear. This is a must do when at Roatan!

  • 5Steven M. 1 year ago
    We had a blast here with Team 4. Also, I dropped my phone while riding a buggy and they were actually able to find it in the mud and puddles. Thank you for a great time, Big Honey and Little Honey!

  • 5Amy E. 5 months ago
    Couldn't stop smiling the whole time! We went as part of a NCL excursion and this stop was a huge hit! We did get very muddy so be prepared with sneakers and adventure clothes. Bathrooms are *minimal* and there are causal outdoor showers to wipe off the mud if you need. You will go the fastest if you're right behind the staff leader, the rest of the speed is up to the group. The trail is not as much jungle as it is a well built ATV course in Roatan, but still beautiful, fun, and full of hills and turns. If you're someone that will stress out if you don't get super clear instructions, this is not for you. The safety video was brief and quiet, but the staff that show you your vehicle are helpful and clear. Plus, there's plenty of staff along the route if you have any vehicle issues or need help along the way.

  • 5carrie b. 4 months ago
    We had a great time. I understand why but we were hoping to go through the jungle but it was a "track". Tour guides were awesome

  • 5Skylar B. 5 months ago
    I came here for a shore excursion through my cruise line. The staff was very sweet and very much enjoy their job. I personally rode a buggy and had a great experience. I got covered in mud, but it was part of the fun! The park itself is not that big, but its not that noticeable during the ride. The guide loops through the paths in different ways so you come in from another side in an area you've already been. I would definitely check this place out of you are in the region.

  • 5Ashley S. 5 months ago
    Team 2 was awesome so glad to have met them! Was hell of a good time we got super muddy but the faster you go the muddier you get🥳

  • 5Sage 3. 2 months ago
    It was a lifetime experience so amazing here for a shore excursion. The staff was very cooperative and guided me well. I rode a buggy for the first time and it was full of fun and adventure on muddy track in the jungle. Cool ocean winds and beaches were great. I'd love to come here again.

  • 4melysa m. 8 months ago
    Visited as a cruise excursion, it was fun! We went first thing in the morning, if you go later in the day, be aware that there may be multiple groups on the course at the same time. This isn't a ride through the countryside, it is on the organizers property, you'll ride through the same area over and over. Fun if you've never done this!

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