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  • 5Jackie H. 1 week ago
    Easy to get to by bus or tram. Although fairly small it is packed full of stuff to see and try. Also has an eatery. Good for kids and adults. There are talks in English and this is a must as very interesting.

  • 4Phil B. 2 weeks ago
    Although this is a relatively small museum, it definitely repays an hour or two for anyone with an interest in the Vikings. While the upper floor, where you begin, has plenty of videos and interactive displays, most information is imparted by reading thoughtful, fairly lengthy ‘old school’ boards accompanying the objects and illustrations. I found this very refreshing, as they were well-written, making a good job of presenting the latest research and explaining the errors in the popular stereotypes, but it might not suit those who like everything to be touchscreens or flashy. Downstairs is a ride through an audiovisual presentation of a saga, which is very well done and engaging (although in the dark and noisy, maybe not suitable for very small children). We also had a very good lunch in the restaurant. Definitely worth a visit for fans interested in the Vikings, although perhaps best combined with a visit to the Viking exhibit at the Swedish Historical Museum to get a full picture.

  • 4Luke P. 4 weeks ago
    We visited this museum because we wanted to do something viking related. The museum itself is not too bad, but they can definitely present the information better without relying on too much text. However, the amusement ride at the end was quite a pleasant surprise to end off the visit. Place is not too big, you can cover it within 1 hour if you're efficient. If you want to have a teaser into viking history and culture, you can visit here. There's also free audio guides too if you want it.

  • 4Simon Upton (Simon G U. 1 month ago
    Good overview of life and culture of Vikings - mental health warning, not quite as depicted in popular culture, prepare for myths to be challenged. English language guided tour included in reasonable ticket price about E18 per adult. Good number of displays with clear expectations and some artifacts, but mostly descriptive/ audio visual. Relatively small for a 'museum' but would still allow 1-2 hours. Cafe with some nice sweets on-site. On 2nd floor but with elevator for disabled

  • 5Saeid D. 1 month ago
    The best museum in Stockholm! The staf have viking clothes and with an amazing story telling skills, they help you to enjoy the experience a lot! If you have any question, they would be happy to answer you in detail in a friendly manner. But wait, if you want to make it a fantastic experience, you should definitely join the story train ride in the museum. It is kind of a theater experience in most spoken languages. But don’t be late as it closes half an hour before the museum closes.

  • 5Staša Z. 1 month ago
    The museum was amazing and the guide was really nice and fun. At the end of the visit there is ride that tells you a Viking story. The ride was longer than I have expected and it really detailed.

  • 4Balkrishna S. 1 month ago
    It is located very close to Vasa and Abba museums. Compare to other two museums, it was smaller. It is based on historical facts. It telle the history of Viking age. The interactive screens were interesting. At the end there was a small ride in a buggy showing the Viking life at different times with excellent sound effects. The children may not like it. Worth seeing...

  • 4Ldn B. 2 months ago
    Nice museum lots of information on the subject, liked the video wall and the quick ride at the end following the adventure of an imaginary viking. Restaurant was nice and lots of photo ops as you move along the museum. Lots of other places to visit whilst in the area and faily easy to get to.

  • 5Silja V. 3 months ago
    Pleasing to the eye, interesting information, excellent food, good energy amongst enthusiastic personnel, and a fun idea for (children) parties actually! Highly recommended! (Don't forget to buy an ice cream once you leave the place)

  • 4Saed R. 3 months ago
    The guided tour is free and tells awesome history facts. However don't expect to see what you originally came to see. Basically there's a couple of helmets, replica swords, replica clothes and a fun short train ride to see a fictional viking story. You can finish in about 30 minutes

  • 5Kadir A. 3 months ago
    As someone who is very interested in the history of Vikings and also have the basic knowledge, I really liked the The Viking Museum. The staff was very friendly and the design of the museum was made perfectly. There is a variety in languages for the guide. I also recommend you to do the tour through the history of a Viking King and his journey to Constantinople. Five stars!

  • 5Travis T. 3 months ago
    Very cool. Small, but very well done. I'd go back. The ride is interesting and tells of a rather brutal tale from a Viking point of view. We saw it in an hour, but wish we'd had time for 1.5 to 2 hours to see it more properly.

  • 5Yiannis C. 3 months ago
    Great experience, especially if you have kids. It’s located in a great area of Stockholm. By the water, so you can also have a nice walk.

  • 5Alexander Z. 4 months ago
    Very interesting to visit. It's not big but the installations are interesting and the whole atmosphere in a spirit of the museum theme. The lection was interesting and well performed and "the ride" gives a visit additional value :) There is a new restaurant inside the museum and the food was pretty tasty and not expensive.

  • 5Jordan G. 4 months ago
    Worthy of a stop if you are in the area. If you are staying in old Stockholm you can take the ferry for $4 which is worth it to get access to skansen and the other museums. Tons of relics from that age that are well preserved and some props that you can play/pose with. Downstairs there’s a 5-10 minute ride that gives an interesting story with figures. Perfect for kids. Also, comes in several languages like spanish, Italian, english, polish and a couple others that I can’t remember.

  • 5Eliane C. 4 months ago
    The Viking Museum is pretty small but interesting for whoever knows nothing about the viking culture (around 1:30 of visit). Viking lifestyle and traditions are displayed on the upper floor, very interesting but I found there was a bit too much emphasis on the Gods/goddess parts in the end. On the ground floor there is a pretty much unusual activity for a museum, a 10” ride about a story of a common viking family (nice for children).

  • 5Lady H. 1 year ago
    Great museum! 😍Easy to find, easy to get to by public transport, close to others museums. It was very interesting for me, guided tours are conducted by the staff themselves, an interactive tour in several languages, which makes the museum more attractive. The reception staff, 2 guys, are very polite, positive and it's impossible not to fall in love. 😍😍😍 By the way, it was free for Ukrainians, which made us very happy and cheered up, we were not allowed to go to other museums. I put 5 stars! I wish the guys at the reception health and a lot of money, and prosperity to the museum! You are great!!!🥰👍👏

  • 5Isabell D. 1 year ago
    Best experience we had on this trip. You can see so many Viking stuff and history buuuut at the end you get in a tiny slow carousel which shows you the best Viking story with handmade little Scenes. It is so lovely. We both were so amazed from the Museum that we had a beer at their restaurant and even spend both some money in the shop to support them a little more. The entrance fee is around 15€ but it's worth even the double of the price.

  • 5Joel P. 1 year ago
    We stopped by the Viking Museum as it was on our Go City pass (highly recommend getting one by the way!) and thought we would have a look whilst we were there. It’s very easy to find on the waterfront just along from the Vasa Museum. The museum is well laid out, with a great selection of set pieces and information. There are a fair few interactive features you can explore as well. They find a good balance between myths and the history of the Vikings, as well as how they lived their daily lives. The museum also features a 10 or so minute ride, which is both interesting and fun, and is well worth experiencing too. All the staff we came into contact with were friendly and helpful too. I would highly recommend if you’re interested in the history of Vikings and you’re looking for something to do for a couple of hours.

  • 3Jerry R. 1 year ago
    If you are in the area it is worth a visit. However, I would go to the Vasa Museum and other museums first before heading here. Museum is focused solely on Vikings of course and has English translations throughout. Inside there is a 5-8 minute ride that takes you on an epic Viking adventure (definitely no Disney). Also, a few months ago I was in Montreal, Canada and saw an amazing Viking exhibit so was underwhelmed here.

  • 5Alper Y. 1 year ago
    It was amazing experience. I really enjoyed the saga as well. I also bought some memories from shop, even though they were pricey - I think it worth. Also, there are many stuff to see and possibility of making good photos. I would love to visit more Viking museums 😻

  • 4Paul S. 1 year ago
    Decent little museum that showcases an Era that originally made the Nords famous. Price was a bit high for the overall displays featured, and quite a few more modern pieces were used rather than actual artifacts from the 800-900s. Neat interactive ride (which plays in multiple languages) tells a story which helps to immerse the audience in the world they lived in. Great gift shop at the end.

  • 5kerry h. 1 year ago
    The Viking Museum is excellent! The hologram displays were amazing. Each hologram gave a clear description of the Viking life. Even better was the Viking survival story, on a "Disney" style ride. The museum gives visitors a chance to interact with props and engage with Viking activities. The docents were informative on the Viking way. Recommend the Viking Museum for all ages.

  • 4Jens H. S. 1 year ago
    Definitely worth a visit with the whole family. Kids should not be too young or the most interesting thing is the fire place towards the stairs down to the train ride. The ride starts a bit depressing but rest assured, there will be a happy end. Bring time, there are lot of things to read - some are actually a bit too long for my preference.

  • 4L S. 1 year ago
    This was a fun stop. Lots of centers that walk you through the history and the facts. Great staff that are nice storytellers. There is also a fun ride downstairs that tells a story of a Viking family. This was a good museum to add to the list while in Stockholm. Their gift shop was nice too!

  • 5Lane K. 1 year ago
    This museum had a lot of kids when we visited and they were having a ton of fun with Viking costume gear and play spaces. They had lots of great Viking artifacts and history. We also really enjoyed the ride they had with figurines, animations and a fun story line offered in multiple languages.

  • 5p. 1 year ago
    I really didn’t know what to expect, however, since the way people were received at the entrance by girl and gentlemen dressed as Vikings, I instantly knew it would be a great experience. And so it was. All the artifacts and explanations, videos and the self-audio guide immediately captured my attention. In addition that there were staff around the exhibition to answer all your questions. And I meaning it… ALL of them!!! But the best still waiting for me. Suddenly the hall took you downstairs, beautiful music on the background and when are trying to guess what’s next, this 6”+ guy dressed as a Viking with a strong, deep voice gives me the instructions for the amazing ride to coming. Beautiful, insightful, informative and very clear story. Absolutely amazing and 100% recommended!!!!

  • 5Hugo Aguilar S. 1 year ago
    Ancient history well documented. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The tour, gift shop and again, the staff breath taking

  • 5Alex M. 1 year ago
    Great Museum! Very friendly staff. Loved the tour through the "Viking Adventure".

  • 5Jeevashi P. 1 year ago
    Wonderful experience. Never expected to see a real ancestor of vikings and the history behind. Loved it,i definitely recommend for vikings lovers and so as not to spoil, there is an activity at the end that I found really great.

  • 5William C. 1 year ago
    Everyone who is interested in history should visit the museum. Lots of really good points. And the guides were excellent.

  • 4Kenn A. 1 year ago
    Nice museum with very modern tech in the exhibits. The ride at the end was fun, if a bit of a gimmick... We enjoyed the visit, and should have gone there with a bit more time to spend...

  • 4Maximiliano V. 1 year ago
    Nice museum mostly targeted at kids and tourist. The tour guides are friendly and dressed as vikings to create a thematic atmosphere which is quite fun. There’s a short ride which takes you through a story in the viking period as to make you empathise with the struggles of the people.

  • 5Thomas B. 2 years ago
    A nice place. Inside you can download an app for the museum in different languages. Good to have earphones.

  • 5Gianfranco F. 2 years ago
    Special shutout for Alex, the Viking from the English tour. Always in character!

  • 5iro t. 2 years ago
    Very fun and interesting museum where you can learn a lot at every age! The staff was super kind and there was an excellent selection of souvenirs at the gift shop! Often the more 'child friendly' places are the most informative!

  • 5Lars M. 2 years ago
    Really interesting museum where you really can learn a lot. Separates from other museums by some specials you should experience yourself. Even more interesting if you are in to vikings, Game of Thrones or Avengers/Thor. The Nordic Mythology is explained accurate.

  • 5ilan l. 2 years ago
    Extremely well organized small museum. An hour and a half of a walk through and you get the majority of the important points and angles about the vikings. Lots of interactive exhibits and lots of exhibits the kids can touch or climb on. Great intro into vikings!

  • 5Hristo S. 2 years ago
    Alex was the guide with English. He made an amazing introduction and explanation really liked it. 10/10 would recommend if he is the tour guide again

  • 5Gavin R. 2 years ago
    Wow! Completely impressed and happy with my visit to The Viking Museum! It's located on a very beautiful part of Stockholm and takes you back centuries. An easy 1-2hr activity which will entertain children too (can take more time if you enjoy some of the delicious coffee and cakes there). Best part of the museum is the "Story Ride" and learning about 'Ol Harold. Great fun to be had!

  • 5Matthew T. 2 years ago
    I was shocked at how much information they have about Vikings. You could spend hours here reading every placard they have at each display, but of course you don’t have to. The tours are excellent and staff are super friendly. Ask them anything about Vikings! They’re experts! Interestingly enough, there is also a RIDE at the end of the exhibit. It basically tells the story of one Viking and the perils of his journey. It’s not a huge museum, so you could spend 15 min here simply looking at the displays or 5 hours reading every little detail given. Please let it be known that horns on the sides of a Viking’s helmet is inaccurate. They were added as an embellishment in one of Wagoner’s operas.

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