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Narsingdi Boro Bazar image
Narsingdi Boro Bazar
👍👍 This is a place where all you can get category type market. This market is specifically known for the grocessary market and it's a wholesale market place. Every daily necessities a family needed can do there easily with a cheaper prices. Banks and other financial institutions are also available ther...
4.30 (534 reviews)
Circuit House, Narsingdi image
Circuit House, Narsingdi
Guest house
😐 Circuit house Narsingdi is public servant area. But this area isn’t really...... There are a lot of mosquitos. You can't stand 5 minuit at a time. After heavy raining water floating all area.
4.30 (298 reviews)
পুটিয়া বাজার image
পুটিয়া বাজার
Hat shop
👍 This is a Saturday, weekly bazar day here. Putia Bazar is not any shop, rather a local market. It takes place on every Wednesday and Saturday, the Saturday Market being the bigger one.
4.20 (631 reviews)
Musleh Uddin Bhuiyan Stadium image
Musleh Uddin Bhuiyan Stadium
👍 It is a district level stadium. There are district level sports held here as well as training in cricket, football and karate. Around 2000 people can enjoy the game together. Sometimes National Day ceremonies and concerts are held here.It is situated next to the district library.
4.20 (619 reviews)
Kanai Sweetmeat image
Kanai Sweetmeat
👍 This is one of the famous place in Norsingdi for having breakfasts well... They have various kind of sweets.. They are basically a sweet shop.. Now come to the food.. Hot puffed luchi was served with special dal and sobji mix... There are also rosogolla and matha... Well the food was good.. The...
$$ $$
4.20 (581 reviews)
Bachchu Hotel image
Bachchu Hotel
Bangladeshi restaurant
👍👍 Surprising Taste and service! Very Satisfied!! Recommended!!! ... Just one recommendation to the owner. Temperature inside the hotel was almost boiling hot. It happened due to adjacent kitchen to the sitting arrangement. Please do something about it.
$$ $$
4.20 (366 reviews)
N.K.M. High School and Homes image
N.K.M. High School and Homes
High school
👍 N.K.M High School and Homes( এন.কে.এম হাই স্কুল এন্ড হোমস) is one of the best school in Narsingdi District(নরসিংদী জেলা). It located near the Judge Court road(জজ কোর্ট রোড) and the Stadium( স্টেডিয়াম) of Narsingdi.Its founded by Mrs.Nasima Mollah( নাছিমা মোল্লা), wife of Kadir Mollah( কাদির মোল্লা),...
4.30 (169 reviews)
Narsingdi railway station image
Narsingdi railway station
Bus stop
😐 Very Busy Area
4.10 (450 reviews)
Index Plaza image
Index Plaza
Shopping mall
👍 Good place to mobile Accessories!
4.00 (2.5K reviews)
Brahmondi Kamini Kishor Moulik Government High School image
Brahmondi Kamini Kishor Moulik Government High School
👍👍 The most prominent and historical high school of Narsingdi district!
4.40 (116 reviews)
Shwapno Super Shop | স্বপ্ন সুপার শপ image
Shwapno Super Shop | স্বপ্ন সুপার শপ
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (211 reviews)
ফ্রাইস পার্ক image
ফ্রাইস পার্ক
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Best test in Narsingdi Town ...... environment is nice for low price food
$$ $$
4.10 (369 reviews)
Stylus Restaurant & Party Center image
Stylus Restaurant & Party Center
Bangladeshi restaurant
👍 The food was great, the service was good. The behave of the staff is great. Decoration is very creative,perfect for taking pictures. But the food price seemed to be little bit high.
$$ $$
4.00 (738 reviews)
Galaxy Restaurant image
Galaxy Restaurant
👍 Nice restudent, well you go that free time!
$$ $$
4.00 (525 reviews)
PIZZA365 Narsingdi image
PIZZA365 Narsingdi
Pizza restaurant
👍 This is a small restaurant but atmosphere was awesome. You can spend some find time and enjoy the good quality of pizza.. I just love this place
$$ $$
4.10 (231 reviews)
Sri Sri Jagannath Temple, ISKCON, Narsingdi image
Sri Sri Jagannath Temple, ISKCON, Narsingdi
Hindu temple
👍👍 Very good place
4.40 (85 reviews)
Shapla Chattor Super Market, Narsingdi image
Shapla Chattor Super Market, Narsingdi
👍👍 Landmark spot in Narsingdi.
4.00 (343 reviews)
Bangladesh Mistanno Vandar image
Bangladesh Mistanno Vandar
👍👍 Its a famous sweet shop in Narsingdi founded by Nepal Ghosh. I went there to try their matha (buttered milk), they bring out it from the fridge and even in this cold that cold matha tasted great. They also have a huge varieties of sweets such as cham cham, rashagollas, laddus, kalojams, sandesh etc...
4.20 (133 reviews)
Narsingdi image
Train station
👍 This is one of the busiest Rail Station. Everyday more then 50 trains arrive and leave the station. People use the platform for their journey. This place situated in Narsingdi district. The station looks beautiful but not so much different from other station. I've been gone the Dhaka using the stati...
4.40 (80 reviews)
Velanogor Bazar Moar image
Velanogor Bazar Moar
Traffic officer
4.10 (172 reviews)
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