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Dakkhindihi Rabindra Complex image
Dakkhindihi Rabindra Complex
History museum
👍👍 Rabindra Memorial Complex built in memory of the Great Poet Rabindranath Tagore. It was the house of Rabindranath Tagore’s in-laws, which was converted into a memorial complex after renovation. Now the two storied building has been decorated and renovated after receiving a government fund and was t...
4.40 (739 reviews)
Muslim Hotel image
Muslim Hotel
$ $$$
4.40 (156 reviews)
Original Muslim Hotel image
Original Muslim Hotel
Bangladeshi restaurant
Dine-in · Drive-through · Delivery
$$ $$
4.30 (116 reviews)
Muslim hotel image
Muslim hotel
👍 The food is great overall. The service is a little slow. It's an outdoor atmosphere by the main road so It's a lottle noisy. It's quite famous for vat(white rice) and chuijhal(beef curry). The food was not too spicy either. They offer a cartain vorta at the beginning and the dal is free. The service...
$$ $$
4.20 (137 reviews)
Joytun Shopping Plaza image
Joytun Shopping Plaza
Shopping mall
👍👍 I'm very glad to share my experience that its a very enjoyable and interesting place. I love this place very much.
4.20 (90 reviews)
Shek Tea Stall image
Shek Tea Stall
👍👍 High quality service...😎
$ $$$
4.00 (156 reviews)
Phultala Bajar Genocide Spot, Khulna image
Phultala Bajar Genocide Spot, Khulna
Historical landmark
👍👍 Nice place you can buy your daily needed things. Those people who are the owner of this place they are pretty awesome. They really care about you and your questions. They smartly handled every situation. I have to say this is such a nice place.
4.10 (89 reviews)
Ad-Doha Food Corner - আদ-দোহা ফুড কর্ণার image
Ad-Doha Food Corner - আদ-দোহা ফুড কর্ণার
👍👍 Great quality food with reasonable price.
4.30 (48 reviews)
Gonoshahajjo Sangstha image
Gonoshahajjo Sangstha
Resort hotel
😐 Wow! it's like Oasis
4.30 (36 reviews)
Phultala Railway Station image
Phultala Railway Station
Train station
😠 This place name is "Bejerdanga Railway Station" but unfortunately that Station nemed Phultala Railway Station by Google Map authority. They namer an unidentified place as "Begerdanga Railway Station" in reality there isn't/ wasn't any Railway Station ever and There is a Railway Station named "Phulta...
3.80 (51 reviews)
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