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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology image
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Public university
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
Ratargul Swamp Forest image
Ratargul Swamp Forest
National forest
Unique freshwater swamp forest for tranquil boat rides amid submerged trees during monsoon season.
4.50 (6.2K reviews)
Sylhet International Cricket Stadium image
Sylhet International Cricket Stadium
👍👍 First of all, I would like to thank the Bangladesh government for building such a beautiful national cricket stadium in Sylhet district. The stadium looks very beautiful. Mora is blessed to have such a stadium in Sylhet.
4.50 (3.3K reviews)
Lakkatura Tea Garden image
Lakkatura Tea Garden
👍👍 Tea garden inside Sylhet sadar and best place for enjoying tea garden.It's a beautiful place for refreshment and enjoy. But you have to enough strength for walking couple of hours. Some monkeys roam the tea garden, beware of them.
4.50 (2K reviews)
Sylhet Agricultural University image
Sylhet Agricultural University
Public university
4.50 (602 reviews)
Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort image
Grand Sylhet Hotel & Resort
👍 Probably the largest hotel inside Sylhet city. Firstly, the interior is amazing. Simple yet gorgeous however the garden in the entrance is a bit under-decorated. We went to the cafe S'PRESSO DELI ground floor. Comfortable place to sit with family but the food taste is not up to the mark. We ordered...
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
Malnicherra Tea Estate image
Malnicherra Tea Estate
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I visit this place,, it awesome 😎
4.50 (324 reviews)
লাক্কাতুরা টি এস্টেট image
লাক্কাতুরা টি এস্টেট
Tea manufacturer
👍👍 Lakkatura Tea Garden is one of the largest tea garden in the country, covering a total of 3,200 acres. This estate was officially established in 1875, by the British East India Company. This Tea Garden is beautiful and huge visitors used to come here everyday. From the Amberkhana point of Sylhet, 1....
4.50 (291 reviews)
Osmani International Airport, Sylhet image
Osmani International Airport, Sylhet
International airport
4.30 (2K reviews)
Aminvilla image
🫤 We were with 14 adults and 3 children, the home was advertised to accommodate 16 people but only provided 10 single sized blankets. My family members had to sleep without blankets during the winter season. Had we been informed of this prior to our departure, we could have taken our own blankets.
4.60 (161 reviews)
Sylhet Ladies Fitness & Relaxation Center image
Sylhet Ladies Fitness & Relaxation Center
👍👍 My first experience with (Sylhet ladies fitness & relaxation center) and have not been disappointed😍! The trainer is really awesome and helpful,,,she makes me feel really comfortable 😘.... i love this place and i highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get in shape ❤️💚
4.70 (121 reviews)
TreeTop Adventure Farm image
Ratargul Swam Forest Turning Dhopagul Point image
Ratargul Swam Forest Turning Dhopagul Point
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful place...only swamp forest of Bangladesh I guess... The roads to ratargul have developed now.. Nouka nite ekhn 1100 tk lage..fixed..+ per person ticket 57 tk..
4.30 (510 reviews)
Watch Tower Ratargul - ওয়াচ টাওয়ার image
Watch Tower Ratargul - ওয়াচ টাওয়ার
National forest
👍 A good view from Ratargul Swamp Forest... But it is now under-construction.. Because the condition of this tower is poor.. And people only can climb upto two steps.. So the forest Department should pay a heed to this watch tower.. Cz it enhances the beauty of This swamp forest..
4.50 (175 reviews)
Shuktara Nature Retreat image
Shuktara Nature Retreat
Resort hotel
Rustic rooms with hill & forest views in an ecofriendly resort offering an outdoor pool & dining.
4.20 (1.6K reviews)
Sylhet Club Limited image
Sylhet Club Limited
Recreation center
👍 Need to be a member.members can take guest. Pool, Snooker, Bars, meeting room, and occasional live music entertainment. Not bad. Got lots of future programme lined up.
4.40 (244 reviews)
Nazimgarh Garden Resort image
Nazimgarh Garden Resort
Resort hotel
Casual resort with midcentury quarters & 2 casual restaurants, plus a pool & a sauna.
4.20 (1K reviews)
Khadim Palm Forest image
Khadim Palm Forest
National forest
👍👍 Khadim Palm Garden in Sylhet. I went to the song shooting of Kids Creation TV. Drone shooting gives the exact flavor of Arabian palm groves. Palm trees as far as the eye can see. A wonderful place ideal for shooting, picnic or sightseeing. You can come around as you like. If you have visited S...
4.30 (255 reviews)
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