Ogasawara National Park image
Ogasawara National Park
National park
👍 The Nippon Maru seen from the Ogasawara Marine Center is beautiful. The baby turtles born this year are healthy and cute!
4.70 (112 reviews)
Nakayama Pass Lookout image
Nakayama Pass Lookout
Observation deck
👍👍 This is my favorite viewpoint here in Chichijima. It has a panoramic view of the north and south part of the island accessible by a public trail starting from Kominato Beach. You can also see the view of Buta Beach from the top. It is also the way going to John's Beach. I love having my picnic here...
4.70 (75 reviews)
Nippana Shinzan image
Nippana Shinzan
Tourist attraction
👍👍 If you enter from the side of the road and go through the forest, you will see the sea and Mikura Island beautifully. As you climb to the top of the hill, a spectacular view opens up. Please be careful not to fall as the footing is poor.
4.70 (62 reviews)
Akasaki Promenade image
Akasaki Promenade
Tourist attraction
Wood-bridge walkway around & across Nagumi Bay's clear waters, a popular sightseeing destination.
4.60 (379 reviews)
Habushiura Coast image
Habushiura Coast
Tourist attraction
Swimming beach along half of island's east coast with clear water, horizon view & Moai-like statue.
4.60 (233 reviews)
Ura Sabaku image
Ura Sabaku
Scenic spot
👍👍 However, I don't think photos can convey the emotion. After walking for about 20 minutes through a tunnel of plants from the parking lot, the scenery opens up and you can't believe you are in Japan. The back desert continued as far as the eye could see, and it was a breathtaking sight. The feel of s...
4.60 (158 reviews)
Miharashi-no-Yu Hot Spring image
Miharashi-no-Yu Hot Spring
Day spa
👍👍 The hot spring which represents the island. As it is common in Japan this hot spring divides men and women for their baths and it changes daily who can enter the "beautiful" side of the hot spring. However, I have been to the both sides and I'd argue that both are equally beautiful. You can enjoy th...
4.50 (933 reviews)
Miyanohama Beach image
Miyanohama Beach
👍👍 This is a very nice beach located at the back view of Chichijima Island. Though it is rocky, still it is a good site for snorkeling. It has super clear waters amd coral reefs. There is a nice hut on the beach and shed on the sea shore which is quite good for taking pictures.
4.50 (175 reviews)
Nagasaki Observatory image
Nagasaki Observatory
Observation deck
👍👍 The distance to the observatory is short and you can get there in no time. At other observation decks, even if you follow a path with many ups and downs, you are often disappointed due to bad weather, but this one is nearby and if the weather is good, you can enjoy a beautiful view.
4.50 (137 reviews)
Mikazukiyama Observation Platform image
Mikazukiyama Observation Platform
Observation deck
👍 From the weather station, we will walk while killing green anoles. Is there a cave at the foot of a big rock? There is also something that looks like a trench, probably dug. If you climb above it, you will be taken to an observation deck with an even better view. You can clearly see Futami Port. You...
4.50 (43 reviews)
Hossawa Falls image
Hossawa Falls
Tourist attraction
A brief walk from a parking lot leads to this picturesque, 62-meter cascade in a natural setting.
4.40 (1.5K reviews)
Kanoto Rock image
Kanoto Rock
Scenic spot
Steep limestone rock walls edging a ravine, with a narrow, rocky path following the river course.
4.40 (617 reviews)
Nambara Senjojiki image
Nambara Senjojiki
Scenic spot
👍👍 Wild and quiet during the day, with stunning sunset at dusk.
4.40 (393 reviews)
Osaka Tunnel Observation Deck image
Osaka Tunnel Observation Deck
Observation deck
👍 This is a scenic spot on Hachijojima. Unfortunately, visibility was poor due to rain and fog 😅
4.40 (261 reviews)
Uramigataki Onsen image
Uramigataki Onsen
Spa garden
👍👍 ~Uramigataki Onsen~ It's free ♨️. Wear a swimsuit as it is a mixed bath!! ️ This place seemed to be popular with local islanders and tourists and was crowded. With my Olympic friends ♨️ Please be careful of the changing room without a key ⚠️.
4.40 (221 reviews)
Hikawa Gorge image
Hikawa Gorge
Scenic spot
😐 Crowded, noisy, public camp for free not bad.
4.40 (182 reviews)
Ogasawara Marine Center image
Ogasawara Marine Center
Bayside center featuring island history & a biology gallery, plus sea turtle conservation & classes.
4.40 (142 reviews)
Ohmura Beach image
Ohmura Beach
Tourist attraction
👍 Near the ship. It doesn't have hot springs or pool facilities like the Izu Seven Islands, but there aren't many places this close to the ship where you can swim. We also recommend buying a boxed lunch for lunch during the season when the restaurants are crowded. There are also toilets, shower rooms,...
4.40 (139 reviews)
Okataura Park image
Okataura Park
👍👍 It's the perfect place to eat lunch or have lunch while looking out at the ocean. In addition to facilities such as parking and toilets, you can also have a barbecue if you apply.
4.40 (98 reviews)
Important Cultural Properties : Kobayashi Family Residence image
Important Cultural Properties : Kobayashi Family Residence
Tourist attraction
😐 2022年8月3日追記 前回のスタッフの不手際をネット上の檜原村村長への手紙として送信したところ、檜原村企画財政課より丁寧なお詫びと、今後の運営についてのご説明を頂き、当方も理解し了承しました。 よって★3個に評価を変更します。 以下は前回の口コミ 古民家は素晴らしく、先人たちの努力が忍ばれ、また維持管理し...
4.40 (91 reviews)
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