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Imam Sarahsi Bishkek Central Mosque image
Imam Sarahsi Bishkek Central Mosque
👍👍 Our brother Country Turkey is famous for building Masajids in almost all countries across the globe It is the biggest Masjid in Kyrgyzstan It is a Masterpiece of Art, Architecture. It has wide Hall and open Ground for Namazi About One Lac People can offer Prayer here. Parking facility is also availa...
4.90 (1.2K reviews)
"Altyn Kumara" image
"Altyn Kumara"
👍👍 The hospitality of the staff at this restaurant is special. They will do their best to explain to us foreigners in English. I'm Japanese, they tell me what they know about Japan and try to understand us. The inside of the restaurant is clean and fashionable. The time to serve food is a little lat...
$$ $$
4.80 (4.2K reviews)
KEDDO Asia Mall image
KEDDO Asia Mall
Shoe store
👍👍 Замечательный магазин) Большой ассортимент и очень приятные консультанты👍 выполняют свою работу на отлично🤌) Обувь бесподобная, ношу чуть больше полугода, почти каждый день) к другим теперь не могу привыкнуть🙂
5.00 (318 reviews)
Fairytale canyon "Skazka" image
Fairytale canyon "Skazka"
Tourist attraction
👍👍 We were not planning to visit Skazka but while we were driving I saw the sign and followed it. I can say it is one of the best places I saw in Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬, the view is stunning and the rocks are gorgeous. It was a little bit warm but we enjoyed it. Please make sure to have a good car such as 4*4 t...
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Dome of Manas image
Dome of Manas
Historical landmark
4.80 (753 reviews)
Dastorkon (Дасторкон) image
Dastorkon (Дасторкон)
👍👍 Wonderfully local food with an authentic interior. I came here 4 times and the staff knew exactly what to do so you get your food super fast!
$$ $$
4.70 (4.3K reviews)
Central Mosque image
Central Mosque
Place of worship with many domes, soaring minarets & ornate interiors, plus nighttime illuminations.
4.70 (3.5K reviews)
Holy Resurrection Cathedral image
Holy Resurrection Cathedral
Russian Orthodox church
👍👍 A stunning display of the beauty of the Russian Orthodox Church in the heart of Bishkek. They were doing some restoration construction while we were there, but it didn't stop or hinder us from exploring the depths of the church. One of the must-see places for pilgrims on religious history treks.
4.80 (632 reviews)
Issyk Kul image
Issyk Kul
Expansive alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks known for its scenic shoreline & trails.
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
Raritet image
Book store
👍👍 I have been buying all new books here. Prices are high, however Raritet is the fabulous book store in Kyrgyzstan with a rich range of different book collections
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
Ala Archa National Park image
Ala Archa National Park
National park
Established in 1976, this 194-sq.-km. national park offers mountains, waterfalls, glaciers & forest.
4.70 (2.1K reviews)
"Karakol" Ski Base image
"Karakol" Ski Base
Ski resort
👍👍 One of the BEST & CHEAPEST place in the world for skiing. We rented out the ski gears and accessories in Karakul. I guess it is expensive here. If you pay 900 Som you can Ski the entire day and access the cable car as well.. Timings is from 9am to 4pm. It was our first experience skiing in real snow...
4.70 (1.8K reviews)
Clothing store
👍👍 Excellent shop. And reasonable prices. Also great service
4.90 (326 reviews)
Opera and Ballet Theater image
Opera and Ballet Theater
Opera house
👍👍 Went to a quarter show just behind the opera. Lasted about an hour and a half and had a lovely time. Music was beautiful as was the decor. Highly recommend!
4.70 (1.5K reviews)
Walnut Grove image
Walnut Grove
👍👍 This is a very charming and lovely place. There is something magical here. You can seat on a bench between the trees and read a book or let yourself get carried away while listening to the music. So fat from all the parks this one grabbed my heart the most. It’s not that big but definitely has the b...
4.70 (1.4K reviews)
Ata Beyit Memorial image
Ata Beyit Memorial
Memorial park
😐 It's graveyard for a famous Kyrgyzstan writer
4.80 (493 reviews)
Vavilon Restaurant image
Vavilon Restaurant
👍👍 Отличное обслуживание вкусно чисто и уютно.
$$ $$
4.70 (1K reviews)
Sulaiman Mountain Museum image
Sulaiman Mountain Museum
👍 A museum with a surprisingly large number of exhibits. A museum in Sreyman Toe. Exhibits such as earthenware and rock paintings from around the 6th century AD, which are thought to have been excavated from Osh Exhibits of dolls that show the state of life at that time are lined up in the rocky mou...
4.70 (934 reviews)
Orion Hotel Bishkek image
Orion Hotel Bishkek
Luxurious rooms in an upscale hotel offering a restaurant & a terrace bar, plus a spa.
4.70 (922 reviews)
Altyn-Arashan image
Nature preserve
Picturesque wildlife reserve known for its hot spring, alpine meadows & forested mountain slopes.
4.80 (396 reviews)
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