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Parachinar Sports Complex image
Parachinar Sports Complex
Sports complex
👍 It’s the first sports ⚽️ complex in Parachinar. It has almost every sports category playgrounds which includes Cricket 🏏 soccer ⚽️ hockey 🏒 basketball 🏀. SRSP constructed newly indoor gymnasium which give the facility to the youngsters to play indoor games including badminton 🏸 volleyball 🏐 a...
4.50 (81 reviews)
Jinnah Stadium parachinar Pakistan image
Jinnah Stadium parachinar Pakistan
👍👍 very good ground for football and cricket with a lot of space for the players and audience.....
4.50 (69 reviews)
Edhi Park image
Edhi Park
👍👍 good nd beauitiful park
4.00 (73 reviews)
Kurram Darbar Hotel image
Kurram Darbar Hotel
👍👍 Good hotel provide very good food
4.10 (36 reviews)
Shah Palace Hotel. image
Shah Palace Hotel.
😐 Shah Palace is good place for night stay in Parachinar
3.60 (81 reviews)
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