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Sonmiani Beach image
Sonmiani Beach
Resort hotel
👍👍 What a lovely and adorable beach, right at the beginning of Baluchistan coastal belt of Makran. Water is way cleaner than that of Karachi while sand is also largely free from plastic debris. You can find lot of sea shells and small crustaceans scattered here and there. Army huts are nearby and ther...
4.70 (1.2K reviews)
Moraco Pizza image
Moraco Pizza
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 I wanted to give 4.5 but ended up with 5 stars. Small menu but quality of flavours in pizza variety.
4.80 (351 reviews)
Quaid-i-Azam Residency, Ziarat image
Quaid-i-Azam Residency, Ziarat
Historical place
👍👍 Ziarat Residency, is located in Ziarat, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is where Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent the last two months and ten days of his life, nursed by A. S. Nathaniel. It is the most famous landmark of the city, constructed in 1892 during the British Raj. The building is a wooden structure, or...
4.60 (2.9K reviews)
Princess of Hope image
Princess of Hope
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Travelling ahead from kund malir beach towards top is a very good experience. You ll find natural textures of muddy mountains in platted shapes, the egyption pyramids, mud castles and princess of hope. A peaceful drive will lead to eye pleasing experience. Highly recommended for nature explorers and...
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Gadani Beach image
Gadani Beach
👍👍 Love to visit again
4.60 (979 reviews)
Kund malir Beach image
Kund malir Beach
👍👍 One of the best beach in Pakistan. Clean, less crowded. Now many people r visiting. It takes around 4 to 5 hours drive , track or roads are very good . It's better to take your food otherwise u may get it from local hotel..
4.60 (783 reviews)
Zero point image
Zero point
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This place was one of my favorite at Quetta. Really wish, government take necessary steps to keep it more well maintained. It's one of the beautiful place, I've ever visited. Ideal location for filmography and stuff. May Allah pak bless my homeland, ameen
4.60 (631 reviews)
Shaktipeeth Shri Hinglaj Mata Mandir image
Shaktipeeth Shri Hinglaj Mata Mandir
Hindu temple
Riverside Hindu pilgrimage temple in a cave within a deep gorge, with a mud altar & sacred stone.
4.50 (2.3K reviews)
Hingol Balochistan National Park image
Hingol Balochistan National Park
National park
Vast national park with a lunar landscape, home to a mud volcano & unique imposing rock formations.
4.50 (1.7K reviews)
Gwadar Sea Port image
Gwadar Sea Port
👍👍 Excited to see view of gwadar amazing
4.60 (500 reviews)
Gwadar Cricket Stadium image
Gwadar Cricket Stadium
👍 It's so beautiful ground. Although this cricket ground is made in a small area. There's not enough sitting place for audience. But within limited space, green grass with hilly background is amazing.
4.60 (457 reviews)
Gorakh Hill Station image
Gorakh Hill Station
Mountain peak
Mountain plateau reachable by 4x4 excursions, with a small rest hut & views of the Kirthar range.
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
A One City Library Quetta image
A One City Library Quetta
👍👍 It's a golden and fabulous opportunity for students to join A one city library because the environment of one city is very clean . Comfortable environment with good chairs and ups system is available. I visited in many libraries but I couldn't find a good library but before 3 months I joined this...
4.90 (153 reviews)
Pir Ghaib , Balochistan image
Pir Ghaib , Balochistan
Tourist attraction
😐 Pir Ghaib Waterfalls Quetta is a beautiful cascade, located in Bolan Valley, about to far 70 km from Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan. It has a combination of many Ponds and Streams to become a fascinating clean blue Pir Ghaib Waterfalls made for the nature lover visitors. It is very beautiful spot for...
4.50 (927 reviews)
Gorakh Hill Station image
Gorakh Hill Station
Hill station
👍 Around 7 hours drive from Karachi, It’s a nice place, recommended for sunrise, sunset and star gazing, rest house is available in nominal price but restaurant is expensive, you can even buy chicken from the village before going upwards or plan a bbq properly. If you’re nature loving and wants some p...
4.50 (881 reviews)
Jan Luxury Hotel image
Jan Luxury Hotel
👍👍 Had a wonderful stay at Jan Luxury ! Right from the aesthetically designed rooms to the warm hospitality .Special thanks to Ismail- the manager, who made sure that we were comfortable at all times! Would highly recommend this place. Thanks a ton to the team for making our stay a memorable one.
4.50 (650 reviews)
Serena Hotel Quetta image
Serena Hotel Quetta
High-end hotel offering an outdoor pool, a steam room & a garden, plus 3 restaurants & a tearoom.
4.40 (5K reviews)
Hafth Talar Beach Resort Ormara image
Hafth Talar Beach Resort Ormara
Resort hotel
👍 Best place if you are looking for tranquility and placidity. Quick getaway for weekend, away from the city choas. Situated at almost 5 hours and 30 minutes drives on the Makran Coastal belt at Ormara this resort is all you need for your surreal and sound weekend. Rooms are clean, modern, simple ye...
4.50 (608 reviews)
Pishin Rest House - پشین ریسٹ ہاؤس image
Pishin Rest House - پشین ریسٹ ہاؤس
Guest house
👍 Pishin rest house is located approximately in start of pishin bazar where beautiful weather and foods are available for enjoyment and nice grac for play and walk
4.60 (321 reviews)
Bab e Ziarat image
Bab e Ziarat
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This city is truly belong to Baba-e-Qoum Mr. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah ❤️ Quaid-e-Azam Residency is located in Ziarat. O Point is another famous location of this city. I just love to travel there. When i was there, a very little snowfall occurred. But we are in hurry so we left this place. In...
4.50 (545 reviews)
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