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Nebi Samuel National Park image
Nebi Samuel National Park
State park
Historic park with stone ruins centered around a Crusader fortress & the tomb of the prophet Samuel.
4.70 (5.2K reviews) (~8.14 km from centre)
كستليته Castalita image
كستليته Castalita
👍👍 Definitely most amazing place ever and their meat selection is the best in town . The owner really did a good job with the decor and amazing atmosphere . if you're with your family or friends this is definitely the place to be and I highly recommend you wish the best to all the staff and hope they k...
$$ $$
4.80 (657 reviews) (~7.06 km from centre)
👍👍 Its one of the best restaurants in Ramallah… huge choices of dishes … from salads to burger’s to seafood to delicious typical Palestinian dishes… prices are above average but worth it.. staff are very friendly and there is a playground for kids…
$$ $$
4.60 (1.3K reviews) (~3.46 km from centre)
Uptown Burger & Wings image
Uptown Burger & Wings
American restaurant
👍 Really liked the place, the service and the food, overall experience is highly recommended 👌
$$ $$
4.70 (418 reviews) (~1.97 km from centre)
Arafat Mausoleum image
Arafat Mausoleum
👍👍 A gorgeous museum that covers the history of the region's conflicts from a surprisingly neutral viewpoint, using historic photographs, videos, and memorabilia. All information available in English as well.
4.60 (717 reviews) (~0.95 km from centre)
Psagot Winery image
Psagot Winery
👍👍 Amazing wines! Light and perfect taste even their Merlot tastes great! We attended a wedding at Psagot, and the ceremony was perched in the edge of the mountain, framed by the ajudean Hills as the sun was about to set. The sky deepened color every second it was breathtaking. Then the wedding itself...
4.60 (651 reviews) (~7.11 km from centre)
Mizirawi Historic Hotel image
Mizirawi Historic Hotel
Understated rooms with Wi-Fi, some with balconies, in a straightforward hotel featuring parking.
4.90 (165 reviews) (~0.43 km from centre)
Zest Resturant Ramallah image
Zest Resturant Ramallah
😠 This time I'll have to change my mind. This used to be my favorite place in Ramallah. But yesterday I was disappointed to know that they have joined the "families only" trend, and was denied entry to the restaurant. So unexpected from such an upscale place. Definitely, not going back.
4.70 (296 reviews) (~0.57 km from centre)
Abdel Nasser Mosque image
Abdel Nasser Mosque
👍👍 🇮🇩🇵🇸 Indonesia always support palestine...
4.70 (290 reviews) (~0.16 km from centre)
Bahri Seafood Restaurant image
Bahri Seafood Restaurant
👍👍 Great service and food. Make sure you come hungry, food is plentiful and delicious.
$$$ $
4.50 (1.1K reviews) (~0.96 km from centre)
Tomb of Samuel image
Tomb of Samuel
Pilgrimage place
👍👍 Holy Grave of Shmuel Hanuvi, they just finished renovating there. Very well taken care of.
4.80 (191 reviews) (~8.06 km from centre)
Chef Eyad Ramallah الشيف اياد - رام الله image
Chef Eyad Ramallah الشيف اياد - رام الله
Meat dish restaurant
🫤 Not delicious & no have choices & expensive
4.70 (232 reviews) (~5.33 km from centre)
בחצר של אלי image
בחצר של אלי
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 I bought a pizza and it was excellent.
$$ $$
4.80 (174 reviews) (~7.97 km from centre)
חוות אפרים פינת החי של בית אל Havat Ephraim Bet El's Pinat Hai image
חוות אפרים פינת החי של בית אל Havat Ephraim Bet El's Pinat Hai
👍👍 Zoo in memory of Ephraim Tzur the 14th Blessed with a variety of animals and shade corners for a symbolic fee for those who do not live in the settlement 5 NIS
4.60 (290 reviews) (~4.95 km from centre)
סביח ירושלמי image
סביח ירושלמי
👍👍 יא בלולו שמבלולו הסביח הכי טעים שאכלתי! המקום מבריק מנקיון.. פשוט וואו מחכה כבר לביקור הבא
$ $$$
4.70 (199 reviews) (~6.03 km from centre)
חומוס יאלי image
חומוס יאלי
👍👍 Yali hummus If you want to indulge in an excellent falafel or a good portion of hummus, you should go for hummus yali, the excellent hummus that is in Benjamin, which is run with a smile and lots of love by Uriah Cohen. We celebrated my bread birthday there, and received hospitality like royalty....
$ $$$
4.60 (269 reviews) (~6.69 km from centre)
Mahmoud Darwish Museum image
Mahmoud Darwish Museum
👍👍 Very important Museum for the Palestinian history, Highly recommend. The place is surrounded by very nice garden and walking paths. A must visit to understand more the Palestinian modern history.
4.50 (440 reviews) (~1.96 km from centre)
Carmel Hotel Ramallah image
Carmel Hotel Ramallah
Polished accommodations with city views in an upmarket hotel offering restaurants, a bar & a spa.
4.40 (1.1K reviews) (~0.83 km from centre)
Rukab's Ice Cream image
Rukab's Ice Cream
Ice cream shop
👍👍 In 1941, the Palestinian Rukab family opened a modest ice-cream factory in the city of Ramallah (center), which later became world-renowned, tasted by political and sports figures. The family business, which started out as simple and limited to a limited number of customers, has become internationa...
$$ $$
4.40 (833 reviews) (~0.41 km from centre)
מנפיס image
👍 Had dinner withmy wife
$ $$$
4.50 (361 reviews) (~5.76 km from centre)
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