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👍👍 Its one of the best restaurants in Ramallah… huge choices of dishes … from salads to burger’s to seafood to delicious typical Palestinian dishes… prices are above average but worth it.. staff are very friendly and there is a playground for kids…
$$ $$
4.60 (1.3K reviews)
Mizirawi Historic Hotel image
Mizirawi Historic Hotel
Understated rooms with Wi-Fi, some with balconies, in a straightforward hotel featuring parking.
4.90 (165 reviews)
Zest Resturant Ramallah image
Zest Resturant Ramallah
😠 This time I'll have to change my mind. This used to be my favorite place in Ramallah. But yesterday I was disappointed to know that they have joined the "families only" trend, and was denied entry to the restaurant. So unexpected from such an upscale place. Definitely, not going back.
4.70 (296 reviews)
Bahri Seafood Restaurant image
Bahri Seafood Restaurant
👍👍 Great service and food. Make sure you come hungry, food is plentiful and delicious.
$$$ $
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Mahmoud Darwish Museum image
Mahmoud Darwish Museum
👍👍 Very important Museum for the Palestinian history, Highly recommend. The place is surrounded by very nice garden and walking paths. A must visit to understand more the Palestinian modern history.
4.50 (440 reviews)
Carmel Hotel Ramallah image
Carmel Hotel Ramallah
Polished accommodations with city views in an upmarket hotel offering restaurants, a bar & a spa.
4.40 (1.1K reviews)
Rukab's Ice Cream image
Rukab's Ice Cream
Ice cream shop
👍👍 In 1941, the Palestinian Rukab family opened a modest ice-cream factory in the city of Ramallah (center), which later became world-renowned, tasted by political and sports figures. The family business, which started out as simple and limited to a limited number of customers, has become internationa...
$$ $$
4.40 (833 reviews)
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center image
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Cultural center
4.60 (209 reviews)
حلويات العكر image
حلويات العكر
Sweets and dessert buffet
🫤 I give them two stars just because there Terlichi tastes good. However, we got another type of sweets that tasted weeks old, and a lotus cake that had no taste of lotus. Asked them to replace it for something else and the service was very disappointing. They didn’t care that the sweets tasted old. T...
4.40 (547 reviews)
Falafel Abu Khalil - مطعم فلافل أبو خليل image
Falafel Abu Khalil - مطعم فلافل أبو خليل
👍 Falafel and fried restaurant
4.50 (282 reviews)
Snowbar image
👍👍 One of the best places in Ramallah for a casual meal and drinks with friends. The setting is lovely, the food is yummy and the service is excellent. They have a nice offering of casual food like burguers, wings, tacos, nachos and also steak. Try the tacos, they are yummy! Also they have a good sele...
$$ $$
4.40 (502 reviews)
Crepello Palestine كربيلو فلسطين image
Crepello Palestine كربيلو فلسطين
Coffee store
😐 The place has really nice interior, and it’s family friendly as they have a place for children to play. The food was not the best, and the portions and quality did not match the prices. The desserts though are really good. The coffee is also well done and if high quality. It’s a good place if you ar...
4.50 (261 reviews)
ADEL FAIR TRADE Market Center مركز عدل التسويقي image
ADEL FAIR TRADE Market Center مركز عدل التسويقي
Organic food store
👍 Great people and very friendly.fair prices.the produce from the farmers to the shop.. locally maid cheese and other dairy products..very tasty and highly recommended
4.40 (422 reviews)
Ramallah Cultural Palace image
Ramallah Cultural Palace
Cultural center
👍👍 Well organised, clean and a good place to do activities. Went to a graduation event here and the place did not dissapoint.
4.30 (536 reviews)
La Vie - Ramallah image
La Vie - Ramallah
👍👍 First time in this restaurant. The waiters were very nice and ordered as exactly as I wanted. When the food came I was surprised on how the food tasted. Food tasted very fresh and good. I highly recommend this restaurant.
$$ $$
4.50 (179 reviews)
Baladna Ice-cream image
Baladna Ice-cream
Ice cream shop
4.60 (137 reviews)
NYC Pizza image
NYC Pizza
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Very delicious Pizza, a lot of flavours. Fresh & clean I do recommend the onion rings, chicken wings, widgets, buffalo Pizza and vegetable Pizza. Cozy place, fair prices near to city center and parking available 1 min from restaurant. Its good place to invite your friends and family.
$$ $$
4.40 (233 reviews)
بوظة بلدنا 2 image
بوظة بلدنا 2
Ice cream shop
4.60 (125 reviews)
Osama's Pizza image
Osama's Pizza
👍👍 Best pizza in the country, there's no one else that comes close
$$ $$
4.40 (222 reviews)
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