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Piatra Secuiului image
Piatra Secuiului
Tourist attraction
👍👍 What an amazing trail! We went up the hard way (on the blue cross trail) which was indeed pretty rough, and we came back down the longer route (on the red line). Exquisite views, definitely worth the sweat to get up there! There are plenty of spots for picnics on the top and picturesque scenes for d...
4.90 (1K reviews) (~1.68 km from centre)
Cheile Vălișoarei image
Cheile Vălișoarei
Nature preserve
👍👍 A place that can't be missed if you're visiting Cluj or Alba. 1h driving or less. Definitely worth it, actually breath taking 😍
4.70 (2.1K reviews) (~8.38 km from centre)
Trascău Fortress image
Trascău Fortress
👍👍 Excellent place to visit in Rimetea/Coltesti area. You can arrive close by with car and there is approximately 1km to hike to the ruins. It is quite easy, maximum half an hour. The walls are well preserved and full of history. The view is also nice. Worth the hike. Where the cars are parked, you can...
4.70 (1.2K reviews) (~3.75 km from centre)
Cheile Borzești image
Cheile Borzești
National reserve
👍👍 This gorge trail is great for at least two reasons: 1. It is not so often hiked as other more mainstream gorges, so more peace and quiet for oneself. 2. It is in the forest, covered by trees, so lots of shade and cool air during summer, sunny days. 3. Nice, small to medium waterfalls and clean water...
4.70 (672 reviews) (~8.66 km from centre)
Rimetea image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Very nice village, whith traditional houses and a mirific view of the mountains. For people that like hiking there are mountain trails to follow. Near to the parking place are some tiny foodtrucks with traditional goodies: Langosi and Kurtos Kalacks (I am not sure I wrote correctly). There are also...
4.80 (334 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Șipote Waterfall - the bottom image
Șipote Waterfall - the bottom
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Amazing view, amazing landscape and good place to stop and eat something.
4.60 (2K reviews) (~9.85 km from centre)
Pensiunea Kiraly Vendeghaz image
Pensiunea Kiraly Vendeghaz
Guest house
👍👍 Great view, very kind staff /owner, great food (reggeli: házi zakuszká, burduft, lunch that reminds me to my one and only michelin experience in gstaad: soft porc meat,original, local food)
4.80 (311 reviews) (~0.35 km from centre)
Ethnographic Museum Rimetea image
Ethnographic Museum Rimetea
👍👍 Very beautiful museum with the unique mountain view.
4.60 (674 reviews) (~0.23 km from centre)
Cascadele de Travertin (Cascada Şipote) image
Cascadele de Travertin (Cascada Şipote)
Hiking area
👍👍 Quite an amazing and unexpected surprise on the trail that takes you to Bedeleu plateau. The falls are just a short 10 min detour from the red cross trail, starting from the first leveled clearing you meet coming out of the forest.
4.90 (178 reviews) (~9.54 km from centre)
Székelykő Mansion image
Székelykő Mansion
Bed & breakfast
Rustic & colorful rooms in a charming B&B with a restaurant, as well as a terrace.
4.50 (3.6K reviews) (~3.37 km from centre)
Pensiunea Dr. Demeter Béla Vendégház image
Pensiunea Dr. Demeter Béla Vendégház
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Great people, so the service is excellent, great dinner, fantastic atmosphere, nice rooms, kids friendly, beautiful landscape / location. We will go back for sure!!!
4.60 (444 reviews) (~0.46 km from centre)
László's Coffee House image
László's Coffee House
Coffee shop
🫤 Very disappointed with the coffee. I ordered one flat white to go and it was super hot for at least 30 minutes.. the coffee shop looks really nice, but the coffee was bad.
$$ $$
4.80 (156 reviews) (~0.22 km from centre)
Pensiunea Perla Transilvaniei image
Pensiunea Perla Transilvaniei
Guest house
😠 Really bad experience. As soon as we arrived, the first thing that we were asked was the hour at which we would be leaving the next morning. You are not allowed to bring food or beverages with you, but they did not offer dinner or breakfast. They did say that if we wanted some coffe in the morning,...
4.60 (267 reviews) (~8.68 km from centre)
Pensiunea Kelemen Irén image
Pensiunea Kelemen Irén
Guest house
4.90 (119 reviews) (~0.34 km from centre)
Könyvtár kocsma image
Könyvtár kocsma
👍👍 A place to relax
4.70 (180 reviews) (~0.24 km from centre)
Piroska Panzio image
Piroska Panzio
Bed & breakfast
4.80 (140 reviews) (~0.29 km from centre)
Restaurant-Szarvas image
👍👍 Visiting from the UK in a tour group and comparing the prices here from back home. This was very cheap. You can never get a meal for this price and quality anywhere in the UK. A meal on average cost £5. The price for something similar in quality in the UK will easily exceed £30 in London. The food w...
$$ $$
4.40 (766 reviews) (~0.34 km from centre)
Gondűző image
👍 Traditional spot in Râmetea, especially for paragliding pilots. It has a nice and relaxing vibe but don't expect luxury or wide range of products.
$ $$$
4.70 (146 reviews) (~0.17 km from centre)
Forrás Borozó image
Forrás Borozó
Wine bar
$$ $$
4.80 (117 reviews) (~0.32 km from centre)
Pensiunea Hanul Dacilor image
Pensiunea Hanul Dacilor
Bed & breakfast
🫤 We've started with high hopes. As we got near the bed&breakfast the road disappeared and it was replaced by holes next to puddles. After a long and horrible drive we arrived to it. The setup was very nice feom the outside and we thought it was worth it. However our "room" was in the common area and...
4.70 (142 reviews) (~5.72 km from centre)
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