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Humor Monastery image
Humor Monastery
Small 1500s monastery known for its colorful interior & bright exterior frescoes.
4.70 (7K reviews) (~6.91 km from centre)
Adventure Park image
Adventure Park
Sports complex
😐 I was there in 2014. Off course children will like it, even adult also. I got enough fun from Escalada Park like a kid. But it was little bit costly for me. And another observation is, kids and children are expert from the abults any kind of ride.😜😜😜
4.70 (1.6K reviews) (~2.38 km from centre)
La Roată image
La Roată
Bed & breakfast
Laid-back hotel offering free breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus a restaurant, a terrace & a garden.
4.80 (444 reviews) (~2.7 km from centre)
Pizza Yalu image
Pizza Yalu
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Best pizza in the area! Just like in Italy! You can’t compare it to anything else! Great service. Good variety in the menu, awesome sweets. Lovely location. They have vegan options as well. They have a special chilli pepper oil if you like it spicy. The place is opened by a local guy who worked in...
$$ $$
4.70 (792 reviews) (~9.96 km from centre)
Voronet Monastery image
Voronet Monastery
Monastery founded in the 15th century by Stephen the Great, celebrated for its painted walls.
4.60 (16.2K reviews) (~1.66 km from centre)
Boculet image
👍👍 We celebrated 25 years of marriage and rented the location for a weekend. Everything was organized remotely due to the involvement of Mrs. Valerica, the owner of this wonderful place. I spent three days with family and friends in exceptional conditions. I highly recommend this place where guests fe...
4.90 (236 reviews) (~2.89 km from centre)
Casa Humor image
Casa Humor
Bed & breakfast
Chalet-style B&B offering modest rooms & suites with mountain/town views, plus a pool & a sauna.
4.60 (1.6K reviews) (~2.17 km from centre)
Sim House image
Sim House
👍👍 "Only" five stars because you can't give more. Given that most of the operators in Horeca are as they are, at Sim House you find Western conditions and behavior. Above all expectations. Cleanliness, seriousness, large accommodation, great breakfast. It may be worth another location, much further up...
4.90 (222 reviews) (~2.93 km from centre)
Varvara de Bucovina image
Varvara de Bucovina
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Location, ambience, hospitality, services, kindness, professionalism, good taste, food (the pork is ... divine, if you can say something about a pig and dead on top!), Serving, attention, discretion, Bucovina spirit and much, much, much soul! From 1 to 100 years old, everyone finds here a corner fo...
4.80 (294 reviews) (~1.88 km from centre)
Popasul Domnesc Resort & Spa Voronet Vue image
Popasul Domnesc Resort & Spa Voronet Vue
Polished quarters in a stylish hotel offering a restaurant, a terrace & a spa, plus free parking.
4.60 (1.1K reviews) (~1.55 km from centre)
Partie ski image
Partie ski
Ski resort
👍👍 Nice place many. Activities, sports utilities. Some of the services are a little expensive but they are fine . One last thing very clean
4.70 (445 reviews) (~1.3 km from centre)
Hotel & Restaurant & Pub Buchenland image
Hotel & Restaurant & Pub Buchenland
😠 Horrible experience! I've order mineral water they brought normal water but on the fiscal note it was written mineral water so they knew about it but didn't care. The waiter was discontinued from reality just being there no real service. The breakfast it's very very weak compared to the the price of...
4.60 (915 reviews) (~3.12 km from centre)
Vila Boem image
Vila Boem
Refined village guesthouse offering country-style rooms with kitchens & free Wi-Fi.
4.90 (194 reviews) (~3.35 km from centre)
Conacul Domnitei image
Conacul Domnitei
Bed & breakfast
Simple rooms in a cozy guesthouse featuring a terrace, a garden and a playground, plus dining.
4.70 (365 reviews) (~0.9 km from centre)
Muzeul obiceiurilor populare din bucovina image
Muzeul obiceiurilor populare din bucovina
Heritage museum
👍 I was there in 2014. Very Interesting place.
4.60 (674 reviews) (~3.29 km from centre)
Acasă în Bucovina image
Acasă în Bucovina
👍 Very beautiful and green place. There are pony, donkeys, horses, rabbits. Kids can ride on pony. Big territory. Tasty domestic food, but fried potatoes are overcooked and dry. Trout with mushroom sauce is delicious ! Desserts yummy 😋
4.50 (2.4K reviews) (~6.69 km from centre)
Complex Agrement Ariniș image
Complex Agrement Ariniș
Amusement park
🫤 Extraordinary place with great potential. However, horrible management without vision whatsoever and no customer service in mind. No washrooms for miles, inaccessible to most persons with physical disabilities, horrible eateries with spoiled food, and bad servers/ customer service. To top it all, ev...
4.50 (2.3K reviews) (~2.26 km from centre)
Inima Bucovinei image
Inima Bucovinei
Bed & breakfast
Simple rooms & suites in an informal hotel featuring a rustic restaurant, a bar & BBQ facilities.
4.70 (317 reviews) (~5.93 km from centre)
Codrii Bucovinei image
Codrii Bucovinei
Traditional restaurant
4.50 (2K reviews) (~7.34 km from centre)
Sura Getilor image
Sura Getilor
😠 Too bad the area and all the construction which is gorgeous. My experience was not a happy one from the beginning of the road to this by calling to inform us that in fact they only have one free room and not two as I had booked. Later we were called to let us know that it was resolved. Said and don...
4.60 (528 reviews) (~1.05 km from centre)
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