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Ticket office Scorusu waterfall image
Ticket office Scorusu waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Look for the sign at the end of the bridge and follow the trail up, past the villa to an area where you can park near where the wood is cut. Now you follow the stream up hill, criss crossing the stream as you make your way, there are little red dots on the rocks and trees to guide you. About half wa...
4.90 (821 reviews) (~9.46 km from centre)
Bistro Terasa cu bunatati image
Bistro Terasa cu bunatati
👍👍 Hidden gem in the forrest, good food, coffee is not the best but not the worst. A nice place to stop and have something to eat or a drink before heading to cascada Scorus.
$$ $$
4.70 (598 reviews) (~9.23 km from centre)
Pensiunea Roberto image
Pensiunea Roberto
Bed & breakfast
4.70 (288 reviews) (~5.27 km from centre)
Casa Bucureasa image
Casa Bucureasa
Bed & breakfast
4.80 (184 reviews) (~8.08 km from centre)
Valea pârâului Scoruș image
Valea pârâului Scoruș
Nature preserve
4.80 (173 reviews) (~9.58 km from centre)
Casa Vox Montis image
Casa Vox Montis
4.80 (157 reviews) (~1.24 km from centre)
Casa Mario image
Casa Mario
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 The owners are really nice. They took care of all our needs. Really clean and cosy place.
5.00 (106 reviews) (~7.11 km from centre)
Lazăr, Pensiune Agroturistică image
Lazăr, Pensiune Agroturistică
Guest house
👍👍 Come here once a year for the food. Top three in Romania, easily.
4.60 (273 reviews) (~5.05 km from centre)
Pensiunea Luminița image
Pensiunea Luminița
Guest house
👍👍 Owners are very kind, extraordinary location (in the top of the mountain) extremley isolated, ideal for a perfect get away (for a romantic couple). Some rooms have fireplace. I would definately reccomend it.
4.70 (177 reviews) (~4.12 km from centre)
Pensiunea Fântâniţa Haiducului image
Pensiunea Fântâniţa Haiducului
Indoor lodging
👍👍 Wonderful view and more wonderful hosts.
4.60 (234 reviews) (~4.06 km from centre)
Vila Giulia Voineasa image
Vila Giulia Voineasa
4.50 (247 reviews) (~0.6 km from centre)
Vila Ursul image
Vila Ursul
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Perfect place for a quiet, cozy getaway from everyday’s madness. The hosts (owners) are very kind, the villa itself has a unique charm, very clean and perfect interior climate. Whispering creek running through the property makes the atmosphere complete, hammocks and garden beds offer comfort to the...
4.50 (231 reviews) (~3.3 km from centre)
Cascada Scorușu image
Cascada Scorușu
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Una dintre cele mai frumoase si mari cascade din Romania situata la iesirea din Malaia spre Ciunget. Traseul este de dificultate medie, durata este de aproximativ 45 minute, este necesar echipament de munte. La finele traseului efortul va fi rasplatit de frumusetea pe care o dezvaluie peisajul creat...
5.00 (76 reviews) (~9.94 km from centre)
Casa Altfel image
Casa Altfel
👍👍 A great experience.Very friendly hosts, a very clean house and good price
4.70 (114 reviews) (~9.68 km from centre)
Bella Venere image
Bella Venere
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Great place to stay close to the trekking paths, nature, next to the small river. Friendly and helpful staff, good food, kitchen available as well as common area. We were visiting in winter which was nice, but the place have also great location and facilities for summer trips - grill, terasa on the...
4.60 (128 reviews) (~1.08 km from centre)
Casa Tibi image
Casa Tibi
Indoor lodging
👍👍 If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing place, well you have found it. Awesome price - quality balance. Recommended!
4.70 (97 reviews) (~1.25 km from centre)
pensiunea cazare masa - Ciobanelu image
pensiunea cazare masa - Ciobanelu
Bed & breakfast
4.30 (311 reviews) (~5.24 km from centre)
Magazin Diana image
Magazin Diana
👍👍 Jó üzlet.
4.50 (133 reviews) (~9.48 km from centre)
Hotel Zan image
Hotel Zan
Warm, traditional rooms with scenic balconies, plus a wine cellar lounge & a spa with a hammam.
4.10 (956 reviews) (~1.05 km from centre)
Hostel Voineasa image
Hostel Voineasa
Indoor lodging
4.20 (271 reviews) (~0.19 km from centre)
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