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Cafe "Gusto" image
Cafe "Gusto"
😐 Everything is very, very long. I waited about 40 minutes and they brought the whole order at once. The bill took about 15 minutes, and this is when there are 3 tables sitting in the cafe. The prices here are the same as in a good Moscow cafe, and this is in Lebedyan. Service -0, I give it a three fo...
$$ $$
4.40 (343 reviews)
Stadion image
4.50 (153 reviews)
Pyaterochka image
👍👍 The store is great, the staff is great, it's always clean. very tasty baked goods and always fresh products
4.40 (166 reviews)
Gorsad image
🫤 There is lighting, the public toilet is full... back to the past, they are cleaning the area. Some are USSR attractions, some are new. A carousel on chains, children's airplanes with belts, in the summer boat rides in the pool for 2 people, electric cars of the USSR, a train with railway cars, a spo...
4.30 (240 reviews)
Tts Ooo "Torgovyy Dom" image
Tts Ooo "Torgovyy Dom"
Shopping mall
👍👍 Great TD. You will find everything at a great price. Especially the Oscar department and the toy store. You are the best✌️
4.30 (216 reviews)
Gorodskoy Dom Kul'tury image
Gorodskoy Dom Kul'tury
Community center
👍👍 This place has gotten a lot better. There are places to take a walk.
4.40 (153 reviews)
Nash Mini-Otel' Lebedyan image
Nash Mini-Otel' Lebedyan
👍 Номера чистые, более менее современно обставлены. Вежливость персонала на высоте! Расположен вроде как в центре города, но не приметно и вид с улицы и на улицу завораживает какой-то убогий магазин строительных товаров с забором из профлиста из оцинковки. Но, есть существенные замечания по номерам: 1...
4.50 (112 reviews)
Pyaterochka image
👍 The store is good but there are some mistakes))) There are bad products)))) but the next day they are gone! When many people open enough cash registers, it’s nice that you don’t have to wait long! There are prices everywhere, if you don’t find them or don’t see them, they set up special equipment to...
4.20 (279 reviews)
Pyaterochka image
Grocery store
😠 Was there today. Everything is as usual. I took one tarragon and struck two. And this is not the first time. The check is written in small print. How special. You can't check it at the cash register. Many people complain
4.20 (235 reviews)
Pyaterochka image
Grocery store
👍 Convenient, close to home, within walking distance. The goods are always fresh, the assortment is varied, the service is not bad... what I don’t like is that often only one cash register is open, although there are three of them. Because of this, there are sometimes queues of 5-8 people. A bottle of...
4.20 (222 reviews)
Pyaterochka image
4.30 (145 reviews)
Russkiy Appetit image
Russkiy Appetit
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Very tasty products, everything is made with high quality, short wait for the order, inexpensive, open 24 hours
$$ $$
4.20 (185 reviews)
ТД Лавруша image
ТД Лавруша
Shopping mall
👍👍 Large shopping center opened in 2017. There are many different retail outlets inside. In the shopping center building you can find food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. There is also a plumbing hardware store, a Dobrovskaya furniture factory store, a Euroset salon, and a jewelry store.
4.30 (109 reviews)
Magazin Troyekurovskiy image
Magazin Troyekurovskiy
👍👍 Brand store. Always fresh and tasty apples. Self-produced juices, jams, applesauce... Everything is of excellent quality. I recommend!
4.60 (61 reviews)
Magnit image
Grocery store
😐 There is no parking, the selection is so-so, cleanliness is not their main strong point, prices are average.
4.10 (171 reviews)
Ooo Pepsiko Kholdings image
Ooo Pepsiko Kholdings
Catering food and drink supplier
👍👍 Адрес для клиентов и поставщиков нужно указать, я в том смысле что не каждая фура на Матросова 7 проедет. Инфа для коллег, заезд на завод с ул. К. Маркса район домов 61—67. Вся регистрация проходит на " Рощинских складах ". Поворот с трассы Липецк-Данков в 100 метрах от АЗС ( не на посту ). После п...
4.20 (110 reviews)
Stroydvor image
Do-it-yourself shop
🫤 I needed wood varnish and stain, there was no choice. There has been no replenishment of the assortment for six months now.
4.20 (104 reviews)
Kafe-Konditerskaya Ochag image
Kafe-Konditerskaya Ochag
👍 Good cuisine, but the problem is that several feasts can be held at the same time: two different tables with a wake next to each other, an anniversary and a children's program. There is no way to differentiate between events. And orders, apparently, are accepted without refusing anyone.
$$ $$
4.30 (82 reviews)
Shintorg image
Wheel store
👍 Всегда здесь переобуваюсь. Скорость работы оставляет желать лучшего.
4.20 (101 reviews)
Bar "Standart" image
Bar "Standart"
4.60 (48 reviews)
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