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Tiso-Samshitovaya Roshcha image
Tiso-Samshitovaya Roshcha
Lush, ancient 741-acre boxwood forest on a river abundant in tree & shrub species & birdlife.
4.80 (5.3K reviews)
Khram Svyatogo Ravnoapostol'nogo Knyazya Vladimira image
Khram Svyatogo Ravnoapostol'nogo Knyazya Vladimira
👍👍 A very very very beautiful temple that is worth seeing simply for its beauty. It is located far from the center, in the area of ​​sanatoriums and holiday homes, on the street. Grape. The inside is huge, everything is beautiful, every icon is signed, polite workers, nice people. To buy candles, go...
4.80 (1.7K reviews)
Caucasian State Nature Reserve named Shaposhnikov image
Caucasian State Nature Reserve named Shaposhnikov
Nature preserve
Large, mainly forested nature reserve set in mountains, spanning temperate & sub-tropical areas.
4.80 (1.2K reviews)
Memorial Vov Zavokzal'nyy Rayon image
Memorial Vov Zavokzal'nyy Rayon
Memorial park
👍 Понравилось, что есть и мемориал. Есть и зелёный сквер.
4.90 (417 reviews)
Morskaya Naberezhnaya Tsentral'noy Chasti Sochi image
Morskaya Naberezhnaya Tsentral'noy Chasti Sochi
Tourist attraction
Broad promenade lined with bars, seafood spots & souvenir shops, alongside a marina & pebble beach.
4.70 (10.8K reviews)
Khram Zhivonachal'noy Troitsy image
Khram Zhivonachal'noy Troitsy
Turquoise & white Orthodox church with mosaics, a gilded altarpiece & frescoes of the saints.
4.80 (720 reviews)
Zimniy Teatr image
Zimniy Teatr
Performing arts theater
👍👍 Very good theater
4.70 (4.8K reviews)
Adlerskiy Del'finariy image
Adlerskiy Del'finariy
Aquarium with dolphin, beluga whale & seal performances, plus swimming with dolphins & a cafe.
4.70 (4.3K reviews)
Agurskiye Vodopady image
Agurskiye Vodopady
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Were 22.04 We started the route from the top, from the eagle rocks. We reached them by taxi through Matsesta. This is all a national park, entrance is 200 rubles. Once you pass the eagle rocks and go down, turn right at the river and walk along it. The main advice is that even from top to bottom the...
4.80 (702 reviews)
Koleso Obozreniya - Samoye Bol'shoye V Rossii I Luchshiye Razvlecheniya Sochi image
Koleso Obozreniya - Samoye Bol'shoye V Rossii I Luchshiye Razvlecheniya Sochi
Amusement park ride
👍👍 I liked it) I took a closed booth because I was afraid of dropping my phone. At the height I realized that I was afraid not only for my phone))) But in general it was great. And the views from above and the adrenaline and the view of the wheel itself, it’s such a huge thing) I’ll try to go again by...
4.70 (3.9K reviews)
Park Im. Frunze image
Park Im. Frunze
👍👍 Beautiful park
4.70 (3.9K reviews)
Pamyatnik Arkhangelu Mikhailu image
Pamyatnik Arkhangelu Mikhailu
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Этот памятник - монументальная колонна со скульптурой Архангела Михаила, главы Небесного воинства, покровителя города Сочи. Расположен на эспланаде Курортного проспекта в Центральном районе города Сочи. Архангел Михаил является покровителем города Сочи. Так как престол главного собора города — Собор...
4.80 (690 reviews)
Ploshchad' Flaga image
Ploshchad' Flaga
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A nice place to walk and enjoy the city. Many shops, restaurants and coffee shops around.
4.70 (3.7K reviews)
Pamyatnik Voinam Adlertsam Pogibshim V Gody Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyny image
Pamyatnik Voinam Adlertsam Pogibshim V Gody Velikoy Otechestvennoy Voyny
Memorial park
👍👍 Очень хороший парк. Есть прокат маленьких машинок для детей, самокатов. В центре- памятник воинам. Рядом детская площадка, киоск с книгами, мини кафе и торговый центр c Перекрестком.
4.80 (654 reviews)
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael image
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
👍 Храм строился рядом с Навагинским фортом. Архитектором стал московский специалисты А. Каминский. Уже 26 мая 1874 года был заложен первый камень, а дата стала считаться днем основания храма. Однако строительство завершилось только в 1890 году. Торжественное открытие произошло 24 сентября 1891 года. П...
4.90 (349 reviews)
Fettuccine Trattoria image
Fettuccine Trattoria
Italian restaurant
Cozy eatery with a patio providing classic Italian fare & wood-fired pizza, plus a breakfast menu.
$$ $$
4.70 (2K reviews)
Pivoteka "Pinta" image
Pivoteka "Pinta"
👍👍 First of the ambiance of this place is awesome if you are foreigner you should come and visit this place super cool and the staff is more cooler best pub in sochi not expensive not cheap 👍👍
4.80 (566 reviews)
Orlinyye Skaly image
Orlinyye Skaly
Tourist attraction
Limestone rocks associated with the Greek myth of Prometheus, with a statue & a small nearby cafe.
4.70 (1.7K reviews)
Swissôtel Resort Sochi Kamelia image
Swissôtel Resort Sochi Kamelia
High-end hotel opposite the beach offering dining, plus an outdoor pool, a spa & a gym.
4.70 (1.5K reviews)
Agurskoye Ushchel'ye image
Agurskoye Ushchel'ye
Nature preserve
👍👍 Очень красивое место, но пройти можно только заплатив 200р, честно говоря даже не понятно за что. За эти деньги ни буклетика, ни экскурсовода, ничего, просто открывают проход на территорию тропы проходящей через ущелье.
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
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