AlUla Old Town image
AlUla Old Town
Heritage preservation
👍👍 You will feel like traveling in time, all theme were decorated as old. You will find international restaurants, stores and coffee shops. Nice place highly recommended to visit. The staff who organized the traffic were helpful also they provided free transportation from parking to the old town
4.60 (3.2K reviews) (~9.81 km from centre)
طهاة البرجر - Burger C image
طهاة البرجر - Burger C
👍👍 One of the best Burgers in Ula area, i tried the new york burger. Highly recommended. U can see how delicate the The chef and the crew in serving you. Well recommended
4.60 (374 reviews) (~7.32 km from centre)
Entrecôte Café de Paris image
Entrecôte Café de Paris
Fine dining restaurant
👍👍 I absolutely loved our dinner here!! With the salad we received warm little buns with the choice of brown or white, served with a little ramekin of olive tapenade and butter in it, and the salad perfectly well dressed. If you finish your bun before the true dinner has arrived, they sneak up with som...
4.60 (316 reviews) (~9.94 km from centre)
WACAFE ِAlUla | وكف العلا image
WACAFE ِAlUla | وكف العلا
👍👍 Fantastic coffee, super friendly service and the best date and pecan nut cookie ever. I simply love AlUla ❤️
4.60 (235 reviews) (~9.86 km from centre)
Richy Pizza image
Richy Pizza
Pizza restaurant
4.60 (185 reviews) (~3.43 km from centre)
Osturi أسطوري image
Osturi أسطوري
👍 Tried this new place in AlUla. The place is really nice and matches the vibe of the area here. Big variety on the menu, mainly focused on Lebanese and Middle Eastern food. Loved most of the appetizers (Kebbe and Hummus Beiruti were our favs) and our favorite dish was the meat ras asfour pot. The Sha...
4.70 (132 reviews) (~3.32 km from centre)
شاي مديني image
شاي مديني
Cocktail bar
👍👍 محل جديد بالعلا متخصص بانواع الشاي ذات الطابع المديني يستقبلك حمادة بابتسامه و طيب نفس موجود عنده 4 جلسات داخلية ميزة عندهم ان جميع الطلبات تخرج بكاسات قزاز سواء محلي او سفري جربت عندهم نوعين شاهي شاهي مديني مكس دوش مع نعناع مع ورد 10/8 و شاهي حبق 10/8 شخصيا احب الشاهي ما يكون فيه مرارة الناس ال...
4.80 (107 reviews) (~1.39 km from centre)
Bin Eid Bakeries image
Bin Eid Bakeries
$ $$$
4.30 (496 reviews) (~8.31 km from centre)
ACME image
👍 The staff are friendly and nice, I had chicken strips which I didnt like that much, I also had quinoa salad and it was so delicious. The place is in the old town and their seatings are nice
4.30 (414 reviews) (~9.89 km from centre)
AlUla Tantura image
AlUla Tantura
Historical landmark
👍👍 So beautiful historical place ❤️ Highly recommend 😍
4.20 (886 reviews) (~9.72 km from centre)
مطعم يور برجر | Your burger image
مطعم يور برجر | Your burger
American restaurant
👍 Great food in a Marvelous atmosphere ❤️😘
4.50 (128 reviews) (~6.76 km from centre)
د. كيف الاكابر image
د. كيف الاكابر
Coffee shop
👍👍 Lovely atmosphere, delicious food easy parking Me and my Husband had our breakfast in this lovely café at 8.00am during national day holidays (fantastic!) The place has 2 entrances, one for families and one for individuals, giving you more peace and privacy. The sitting options go from regular ta...
4.20 (394 reviews) (~1.08 km from centre)
Al Jebal Resort image
Al Jebal Resort
👍👍 we had a good experienced on this resort during our stay in AlUla,the owner itself is very responsive during our stay thru whattsapp(not meet him in-person) will get close to nature if you stay there,the room was big and can accomodate up to 10 people,the care taker Rashid is very accomodating...
4.20 (392 reviews) (~6.49 km from centre)
AlUla Suites image
AlUla Suites
👍👍 Very nice
4.60 (98 reviews) (~2.01 km from centre)
فتنس كير fitness care image
فتنس كير fitness care
Health food restaurant
👍👍 فكرت المطعم اكل صحي اشتركت وجبه وحدة باليوم مع السناك للامانه كتبت تجربتي بعد عشر ايام لاحظة نزول كيلو نرجع للاكل: صحي لذيذ خفيف السعر جيد الشغالين بالمطعم مضيفين على اعلى مستوى بشوشين اكثر وجبتين حبيتهم اليباني والمكرونه حقيقي مميزه ولا قصور باقي الاكل حاجات اتمناها زياده الفروع والمحلي يكون اكب...
4.70 (82 reviews) (~1.73 km from centre)
Daimumah Eastern Hub image
Daimumah Eastern Hub
Tourist attraction
👍👍 It’s a lovely place to visit while in Alula ❤️❤️ The ambiance is amazing over there with palm trees around.
4.60 (97 reviews) (~9.78 km from centre)
العلا , image
العلا ,
Tourist attraction
👍👍 كل شي في العلا رائع مشكلتها الارتفاع في الأسعار في كل شي حتى المواد الغذائيه يوجد استغلال مو طبيعي ارفع على السائح ولاكن لا ترفع على المواطن .
4.60 (92 reviews) (~7.45 km from centre)
مركز الاطلال image
مركز الاطلال
Shopping mall
😐 Excellent shop but prices are high before they please review prices in some products For shopping shop, widespread and quinen staff
4.20 (315 reviews) (~8.06 km from centre)
Pink Camel Pastry Boutique image
Pink Camel Pastry Boutique
👍 One of very few breakfast/brunch places in Al’Ula. Big variety with their speciality sourdough and brioche bread. Everything tasted fresh and it has a nice location. I would recommend the salmon and poached egg toast, and the spicy labneh eggs. Some items are a little overpriced, but again this is a...
4.10 (637 reviews) (~9.49 km from centre)
AlUla Old Town Village image
AlUla Old Town Village
Tourist attraction
👍👍 من أجمل المناطق السياحية و التراثية و التاريخية في المملكة العربية السعودية تقع شمال غرب المملكة أنصح و بشدة زيارتها . (ويكيبيديا) العلا إحدى  مدن المملكة العربية السعودية ، تقع شمال غرب الجزيرة العربية ، وتتبع إدارياً لمنطقة المدينة المنورة ، وتبعد عنها تقريباً 300 كيلو متر شمالاً. ذكرها ياقوت ال...
4.50 (105 reviews) (~9.88 km from centre)
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