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Woosh - AlQassim image
Woosh - AlQassim
Amusement center
👍👍 The place is so amazing we had so much fun there
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
كانتو للقهوة المختصة | CANTO image
كانتو للقهوة المختصة | CANTO
👍👍 Nice coffe and great service! The staff are so helpful and kind, and this one of the great staff there!
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
AylCafe image
Coffee shop
👍👍 اليوم ٢ ذي الحجة شريت :- ٢ سبانش لاتيه ١٠/١٠ طعم لذيذ + حجم كبير + جودة . المحل:- واسع ماشاء الله ولا يغركم المدخل :) جلساته كثيرة ومتنوعة في الشكل وفي الاطلالات وفي انواع الكنبات وهناك قسمين داخلي وخارجي ودورات مياه نظيفة ومرتبة ، يصلح للجلوس المستمر (خاصة انه يطل على شبه حديقتين وشارعين عامة) ويوج...
4.80 (667 reviews)
مشاوي هم image
مشاوي هم
👍👍 Burhan , the friendly Cashier and good in suggestions on food items , This place is Heaven for the Kebab Lovers . Must Try …. Thank You Wonderful Service .
$$ $$
4.70 (1.4K reviews)
CANTO image
👍 من الاماكن المفضله للقهوه شكرا للموظف حبيب لاخلاقه وتعامله الراقي
4.80 (472 reviews)
Deep Fries image
Deep Fries
Fast food restaurant
4.80 (462 reviews)
Awan Cafe image
Awan Cafe
Coffee shop
👍👍 Flat white perfect 👌
4.80 (385 reviews)
Almayar Restaurant image
Almayar Restaurant
Modern Indian restaurant
👍👍 Courteous staff and tasty fusion food. You get the Vibes of "FARZI CAFE": a popular outlet in India here in Al Qassim. Mohammad Ismail took out the time to talk to us and explained the concept of having this type of restaurant. The place has the fusion of fine dining meets ✨️ Cool Vibes 😎 👌🏻. L...
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
مطاعم تميز التاج image
مطاعم تميز التاج
👍👍 👍
4.80 (310 reviews)
Aloqilat Museum image
Aloqilat Museum
👍👍 Nice place to visit! If you happen to go to Qassim in Buraidah this is a must place to go ;)
4.60 (1K reviews)
نادي مسار الأبطال Masters Way Sports Center image
نادي مسار الأبطال Masters Way Sports Center
Sports complex
👍👍 After three months in this gym, i can say it’s one of the beat gym in Buraidah City. The gym have a good trainers specially captain Ahmed Adel and captain Hesham they try to give you everything to improve your self. I really recommending this gym.
4.60 (1K reviews)
أدهم قهوة مختصة | ADHM image
أدهم قهوة مختصة | ADHM
Coffee shop
👍👍 It's a quiet and cozy place, has a nice view specially before the sunset the rays coming through the glass and looking great. About the coffee: The coffee is good my favorites are iced drip and salted caramel
4.70 (365 reviews)
Hamburger restaurant
😠 I had ToYou order but this guy didn't give me an order and he argued with me and he said they don't want to give you an order because we eat already
$$ $$
4.50 (2.2K reviews)
كافي 3 اكتوبر cafe 3 Oct image
كافي 3 اكتوبر cafe 3 Oct
Coffee shop
👍👍 صرااااحة كافي جمييييييل مره والمكان هادي وجميل والموظفين تعاملهم ونفوسهم طيبه تبارك الرحمن … وقهوتهم V60 رهيييبة و اخذت من عندهم " كيكة عسل " شي مو طبيعي "خييااااال" ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
4.90 (166 reviews)
Coffee shop
👍👍 My full review of the place: First of all, the place is small, I don't know why I was getting an idea of ​​it. It was big. It was possible that there were no pictures to show, but the place is beautiful, elegant and very calm, and its decor is beautiful and its sitting is comfortable. It is suitab...
4.60 (394 reviews)
Al Muhsain Veterinarian image
Al Muhsain Veterinarian
👍👍 The best veterinarian for cats with a mail that treats it sweet once, feeds and castrates them for an apricot cat
4.50 (831 reviews)
شرفة للحيوانات الأليفة image
شرفة للحيوانات الأليفة
Pet store
👍👍 حلقت قطتي عندهم قبل شوي وكنت متخوفة لأن قطتي من النوع المتوتر والخواف .. لكن ارتحت جدًا أول ماشفت تعاملهم معها قبل الحلاقة واثناء ، حنونين جدًا وتعاملهم ممتاز بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة ولن يكون آخر تعامل معهم بإذن الله
4.70 (239 reviews)
Albaik image
Fast food restaurant
👍 The food is amazingly priced, and tastes so good! There is a dining upstairs too for eating. It's usually crowded so the servicing is not fast. Amazing food and place. Tip: Keep your eye on the person who takes your receipt of food.
$ $$$
4.40 (14.3K reviews)
اليازيه للأفراح والمناسبات image
اليازيه للأفراح والمناسبات
Banquet hall
👍👍 A very special experience for the trust. They used to have very excellent accounts, but now I think that has changed.
4.50 (647 reviews)
DC cafe image
DC cafe
👍👍 Excellent and unique experience... Attractive place to have a cup of coffee.. The general atmosphere is nice, clean and comfortable furniture suitable for a long sitting.. Try their v60 Colombian excellent.. It is one of the cafes that I will return to if it continues in its beautiful condition...
4.70 (214 reviews)
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