bunbastic burger بنباستيك برجر image
bunbastic burger بنباستيك برجر
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 The best burger i ever had😍
4.90 (1.1K reviews)
Coffee shop
👍👍 A cool place to have a great coffee I got a Flat while and it was so good. They have different kind of bakeries and desserts, I tried their Paris Brest and cookies they were delicious. I love the atmosphere of the place and the staff were so friendly.
$$ $$
4.80 (1.5K reviews)
قهوة المشربية image
قهوة المشربية
Coffee shop
👍👍 المكان جميل جدا. المشرويات جدا لذيذة. أم علي نفس ما تلاقيها في المطاعم الثانية. المكان فيه شيشة و90% من الزوار يشيشوا والمكان مغلق. الخدمة رائعة.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
مطعم مراقيش image
مطعم مراقيش
Breakfast restaurant
👍👍 A very beautiful restaurant, the food is delicious and the service is wonderful. The reception is awesome. May God grant them success and sustenance❤️ I tried their lahsa, liver, and salty mutabbaq, all of which were frankly delicious
4.90 (315 reviews)
Novotel Jazan image
Novotel Jazan
Sleek, contemporary rooms in a modern property offering restaurants, an outdoor pool & sea views.
4.60 (9.7K reviews)
مقهى لفن تريك |LVNTREEK Specialty Coffee and bakery image
مقهى لفن تريك |LVNTREEK Specialty Coffee and bakery
Espresso bar
👍 كل شي جميل قهوة حلا استقبال ما عدا الكراسي غير مريحة
4.70 (726 reviews)
صبيحة image
Breakfast restaurant
👍👍 Nice restaurant.. beautiful.. the food is delicious.. the service is fast.. and its smell opens the soul.. my first experience with them was excellent and I wish them to continue at the same level..
$$ $$
4.60 (2.5K reviews)
Prince Sultan Cultural Center image
Prince Sultan Cultural Center
National museum
👍 I have just got my first dose of Pfizer BioNTech COVID19 vaccination.
4.60 (2.4K reviews)
مطعم فلق image
مطعم فلق
Brunch restaurant
$$ $$
4.70 (572 reviews)
BE BUN - بي بن image
BE BUN - بي بن
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 متحمس للمنتج الجبار اللي راح يطلع من المطعم هذا 😍.. متأكد ان ال5 نجوم بتبقى مثل ماهي 🤩
4.80 (325 reviews)
لذائذ هائل image
لذائذ هائل
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Something special, with an authentic taste, and worth a visit. My favorite place when I'm hungry, and it can't disappoint me. The quantity is large, the sauces are distinctive, and the menu is varied Thank you so much
4.90 (229 reviews)
Space fun image
Space fun
Children's amusement center
👍👍 بصراحة مكان رائع ويلبي كافة احتياج الطفل والأسرة بالتوفيق
4.90 (188 reviews)
Northern Sea Front image
Northern Sea Front
👍👍 A scenic beach, lush scenery, palm trees, and green gardens
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Deer Specialty Coffee دير قهوة مختصة image
Deer Specialty Coffee دير قهوة مختصة
Coffee shop
👍 Very good coffee, small place but very nice
$$ $$
4.50 (1K reviews)
KOYA image
Coffee shop
4.60 (318 reviews)
COVE Specialty Coffee | مقهى كوف للقهوة المختصة image
COVE Specialty Coffee | مقهى كوف للقهوة المختصة
Coffee shop
👍👍 Best coffee in Jizan, I'm not exaggerating. I used to go there 2 times a week with my friends. Even if the drinks or desserts are bad, which they are not bad. The customer service is amazing. They make you feel like you are there brother truly. They always smile and laugh. Truly gives positive energ...
$$ $$
4.40 (2.6K reviews)
ممر داخل البحر image
ممر داخل البحر
Tourist attraction
👍👍 المكان جميل صراحه بس حالياً مغلق للتطوير 👌🏽😍 ان شاء الله نرجع له لما يفتحوه بعد التطوير. شكراً لكل العاملين على تطويره 🙏🏽
4.50 (510 reviews)
Poca drip قطرة بوكا image
Poca drip قطرة بوكا
4.80 (157 reviews)
Happy Hospitality Oriental Food image
Happy Hospitality Oriental Food
👍👍 Superb and tasty food, very nice decoration. Despite waiter didn't speak English we managed to order a spectacular mixed grill. Is a must to visit and enjoy with family and/or friends.
$$$ $
4.40 (1.9K reviews)
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