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Discover the best places in Al Mubarraz, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 1.3K places in the city.

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Deep Fries image
Deep Fries
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 MashaaAllah very good service
$$ $$
4.80 (3.5K reviews) (~3.09 km from centre)
👍👍 The waiters were really nice and the place was very clean and tidy. We ordered the English Breakfast, which ended up tasting better than I had expected. I have gone here for breakfast three times already and they never disappoint, with both the service and the dishes.
4.70 (1.8K reviews) (~3.44 km from centre)
مطعم سرجنار image
مطعم سرجنار
👍 اجواء المطعم هادئة كان ع الساعه ٩ ليلاً و الخدمة ممتازة و استقبالهم للزبون بكل رحابة صدر .. المطعم مكون من دور واحد يوجد بارتشن للعوايل اذا حابين … نجي للأهم الأكل المشويات لذيذة طلبنا كان كباب لحم و مقبلات و تبولة و حمسة لحم جداً لذيذة و تقييمي ١٠/١٠ و طلبنا عصير رمان و برتقال فريش بس الرمان حار ال...
4.80 (563 reviews) (~3.46 km from centre)
Bharat Restaurant image
Bharat Restaurant
Indian restaurant
👍 Great experience with the indoor plants 🌱, the environment feels so fresh and clean. Food is unique and tasty just need to be little more generous with the portions.
4.70 (1.6K reviews) (~4.7 km from centre)
سابروسو كوزين | Sabroso Cuisine image
سابروسو كوزين | Sabroso Cuisine
👍👍 We went for lunch with friends. The staff were so friendly. All the food served was on point regarding the taste and the presentation. You should expect that the prices are high. If you are searching for a fine dining experience, it's worth the visit!!
4.70 (1.3K reviews) (~3.88 km from centre)
Triangle Specialty Coffee image
Triangle Specialty Coffee
Coffee shop
👍👍 The staff are really nice and the place too coffee is good
4.70 (1.1K reviews) (~3.48 km from centre)
Prophet Muhammad - (PBUH) Mosque image
Prophet Muhammad - (PBUH) Mosque
👍👍 Love it 😘😘
4.80 (426 reviews) (~4.25 km from centre)
هيلثي نوك image
هيلثي نوك
Health food restaurant
👍👍 After several experiences, food& snacks: quality, cleanliness, variety customer service: understanding client and quick to respond delivery: Speed ​​and flexible Coachmema
4.80 (367 reviews) (~2.57 km from centre)
مازه محاسن image
مازه محاسن
Chicken restaurant
👍👍 Very good broast nice service
$$ $$
4.70 (605 reviews) (~2.1 km from centre)
Tea Map image
Tea Map
Tea house
👍👍 It is amazing, the cold ginger tea is highly recommended. Sitting area is cool despite the hot weather, the cooling system is great outside. Worth the 5 stars.
4.60 (2.4K reviews) (~0.93 km from centre)
الجاريات JARI image
الجاريات JARI
Bicycle Shop
👍👍 Good helpful service and friendly staff.
4.90 (235 reviews) (~6.76 km from centre)
Al-Ahsa Dates Factory Festival image
Al-Ahsa Dates Factory Festival
👍👍 Dates festival is seasonal. You can buy dates and date products as well as enjoy the events and food court in the open air. Free admission.
4.60 (1.8K reviews) (~4.49 km from centre)
Braira Al-Ahsa Hotel image
Braira Al-Ahsa Hotel
Polished rooms in an upscale hotel offering dining, a fitness center & a spa, plus breakfast.
4.60 (1.3K reviews) (~9.64 km from centre)
Ashley Furniture Homestore image
Ashley Furniture Homestore
Furniture store
👍 Over priced furniture. The American designed furniture is very beautiful there and the options are good. I recommend you visit it during discounts where you can find some good items for a little reasonable prices. I do not recommend going during normal days unless you believe the prices are fair. So...
4.60 (1.2K reviews) (~4.74 km from centre)
كشماء image
Coffee shop
👍👍 The place is beautiful and quiet V60 Colombian 10/10 Raspberry cheesecake Above rating I will return to the place more than once,inshallah
4.80 (276 reviews) (~9.55 km from centre)
Degree Cafe دقري كوفي image
Degree Cafe دقري كوفي
👍👍 Hussain one of the best coffee makers in al hasa keep going bro
4.80 (270 reviews) (~3.64 km from centre)
Sync Store image
Sync Store
Electronics store
👍👍 I swear to God that it is a very excellent shop and the service of their workers is Five Star, especially Mahmoud, a few in their right ❤️
4.60 (836 reviews) (~6.02 km from centre)
ربوة الفطيرة الدمشقية image
ربوة الفطيرة الدمشقية
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Pizza is very good
4.60 (757 reviews) (~7.57 km from centre)
كواترو Quattro image
كواترو Quattro
Coffee shop
👍👍 I like everything from foods to ambiance,amazing!the staff are all attentive and friendly, comparing to other resto the cake are cheaper and bigger.come and try.
4.70 (357 reviews) (~0.94 km from centre)
de UVA Speciality coffee & More image
de UVA Speciality coffee & More
Coffee shop
👍👍 Nice place And great quality coffee 👍🏼👍🏼
4.70 (349 reviews) (~2.73 km from centre)
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