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👍👍 Really beautiful, the place is very clean, good welcome, the service is very fast and the pizzas really delicious! I ordered four cheeses
4.80 (78 reviews)
Restaurant haroun image
Restaurant haroun
😠 The restaurant it self was ok even though my stomach hurt afterwards. One waiter was super nice. the taxi guy in front who was from the restaurant and all the taxi drivers after hearing our hotel name which is like 15 minutes away refused to take us and didn't talk to us anymore and the restaurant r...
4.00 (545 reviews)
المصري The Egyptian image
المصري The Egyptian
😠 Were with a group of 4. Waited 45 minutes before the first person got his meal, then after he finished the second one got her meal and guess what... After she finished the third one got her meal.... We then gave up. No family meal, eating in turns... The owner got angry when we said we didnt appreci...
4.40 (85 reviews)
Restaurant Pappagallo image
Restaurant Pappagallo
👍👍 Very nice restaurant, good value, friendly staff, lovely service!
4.00 (252 reviews)
Dar El Houta image
Dar El Houta
👍 Good place to have a meal. The staff is very friendly and the decor very local. The value for money is very reasonable given the location of the restaurant. I recommend. **** Good place in order to take a lunch. Kind staff and restaurant is nicely located. The rate quality/price is very well. I rec...
4.20 (88 reviews)
La Paillote De Pirate image
La Paillote De Pirate
4.40 (36 reviews)
Max's Pizza image
Max's Pizza
Pizza restaurant
😠 The meals were good except the service Which was catastrofic. We've been served a spoiled drink and when we told the Manager He started yelling at us as if he doesn't care. Service Nul 🚫 À ne pas recommander ⛔
3.90 (53 reviews)
Esskifa - السقيفه image
Esskifa - السقيفه
Tea house
3.50 (90 reviews)
La vague restaurant image
La vague restaurant
😠 The watchword is flee!! After 2 hours of waiting we managed to have 2 cold dishes and a raw chicken out of 6. It was just outrageous. Obviously no one wanted to serve us. We were not considered customers. Moreover we asked to pay only a part but they believed that we did not want to pay at all. In...
3.10 (183 reviews)
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