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Discover the best places in Hammam Sousse, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 367 places in the city.

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Iberostar Selection Diar El Andalous image
Iberostar Selection Diar El Andalous
Polished quarters, some with gulf views, in a chic beach hotel with upscale dining, a spa & 2 pools.
4.80 (6.7K reviews) (~1.84 km from centre)
Iberostar Selection Kantaoui Bay image
Iberostar Selection Kantaoui Bay
Grand resort on a private beach offering dining, a spa & water sports, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
4.80 (4K reviews) (~3.04 km from centre)
Inferno Sousse image
Inferno Sousse
👍👍 Inferno is the best💪💪 It's not just about's a about relation..good work..professional..teams and friendship❤️ Just they let you love and addict sport
5.00 (202 reviews) (~4.55 km from centre)
Hôtel Sentido Bellevue Park image
Hôtel Sentido Bellevue Park
Refined rooms in an elegant all-inclusive beachfront resort offering outdoor & indoor pools.
4.60 (3K reviews) (~3.21 km from centre)
Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa Port El Kantaoui image
Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa Port El Kantaoui
Resort hotel
High-end resort offering 7 restaurants & bars, plus 6 pools, 17 tennis courts & a spa with a hammam.
4.60 (2.2K reviews) (~1.67 km from centre)
Sousse Archaeological Museum image
Sousse Archaeological Museum
Archaeological museum
Small museum in a historic casbah showcasing mosaic art, relics & ancient crafts.
4.60 (803 reviews) (~8.08 km from centre)
Schéhérazade image
Refined, adults-only resort with a private beach, an open-air cinema & multiple restaurants.
4.60 (777 reviews) (~4.02 km from centre)
Espace Wahiba Sousse image
Espace Wahiba Sousse
Shopping mall
👍👍 Espace Wahiba Sousse ena 3rousetkom ta3 3 juin merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme libnet lkol ihablou maissa 3amlitli les soins To9tellllll mchlhhhhhhh 3liha bochra sab4itli w te3bet barchaaaaaaa bech tal3etli lcouleur samar l3asla 3amliti cil cil 9a3douli 3 semaine intacte w amouna fi les...
4.90 (159 reviews) (~2.15 km from centre)
Grande Mosquée de Sousse image
Grande Mosquée de Sousse
👍👍 Located at the entrance to the medina, it was erected by the Aghlabid ruler Aboul Abbas I, nearly thirty years after the construction of the ribat of Sousse. This mosque is emblematic of a city which, a few years after the reign of Ziadet-Allah I, became the second city of Ifriqiya and the Sahel....
4.50 (704 reviews) (~7.91 km from centre)
Port El Kantaoui image
Port El Kantaoui
👍 Beautiful port Usually used to go on the catamaran (boats) to sea They'll cost around 60 Dinar for 2 ppl, best to book by going to the port itself, rather than through the hotel reps. And is roughly an hour long ride
4.40 (4.3K reviews) (~1.03 km from centre)
Ribat of Sousse image
Ribat of Sousse
Historical landmark
This small fort first built in the 8th century & expanded in 821 features a tower for scenic views.
4.40 (3.2K reviews) (~7.8 km from centre)
Mall of Sousse image
Mall of Sousse
Shopping mall
Smart, modern shopping mall with a cinema, food court, kids' play zone, supermarket & free Wi-Fi.
4.40 (2.5K reviews) (~4.71 km from centre)
Marhaba Salem image
Marhaba Salem
Beachfront lodging featuring indoor & outdoor pools, plus 4 dining options, 3 bars & a spa.
4.40 (1.6K reviews) (~3.75 km from centre)
Club Hotel Bellevue Park image
Club Hotel Bellevue Park
Polished rooms with balconies in a posh all-inclusive beachside resort, plus a pool, dining & a spa.
4.40 (934 reviews) (~3.23 km from centre)
Shopping Center Ali Baba image
Shopping Center Ali Baba
Shopping mall
👍👍 After reading some of the reviews which said that the staff don't interact with the customers, I knew I had to go. It was amazing going into a shop and not being bothered by staff, which meant I could wander around and browse in peace, and ended up buying more than I would have done had they pestere...
4.40 (761 reviews) (~2.72 km from centre)
CAVIAR image
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 Greatest Burger house in SOUSSE!! This please always remind me in the FIVE GUYS in US and UK the quality of the the meat is great the salad fresh and the sauce is fantastic and last don’t forget the assume Bun, highly recommended specially for the burger lovers! Last I love to say Keep the great wo...
5.00 (93 reviews) (~4.76 km from centre)
Restaurant Le Mediterranee image
Restaurant Le Mediterranee
🫤 We made reservations in advance and showed up on time, the receptionist decided all window side tables were reserved and wouldn’t seat us somewhere we liked, ended up choosing our table for us. By the end of our meal the restaurant was so empty you can hear a pin drop, so I guess those tables weren’...
4.40 (552 reviews) (~0.96 km from centre)
Mövenpick Sousse image
Mövenpick Sousse
Elegant rooms & suites in an upmarket resort on a beach, plus a luxe spa, pools & 5 restaurants.
4.30 (3.8K reviews) (~5.84 km from centre)
Hotel Marhaba Royal Salem image
Hotel Marhaba Royal Salem
Airy quarters in a laid-back beachside resort offering dining, plus pools, a kids' club & a spa.
4.30 (2.1K reviews) (~3.79 km from centre)
Hard Rock Cafe image
Hard Rock Cafe
American restaurant
Rock ’n’ roll-themed chain with a high-energy vibe serving burgers & American classics.
4.30 (2.1K reviews) (~2.49 km from centre)
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