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Wreck of Ydra image
Wreck of Ydra
👍👍 I had one of the best experiences ever ,the wreck of the old ydra ship ( goes back to 1983 approximately ,caused by the fire in engine room ) give this place its special touch. This place is the perfect destination for those who like diving or jumping into the sea . I was lucky having a chance to ju...
4.60 (58 reviews)
Bizerte Center image
Bizerte Center
Shopping mall
😐 😅
4.00 (302 reviews)
Magasin Général Proxi Bizerte image
Magasin Général Proxi Bizerte
😠 An architect faithfully representing human stupidity, especially where customers leave their belongings at the entrance and have to go around to pick them up. One star is more than enough.
3.50 (86 reviews)
Monoprix image
😠 J'ai mis une étoile juste pour arriver à raconter mon expérience avec une caissière qui est pas du tout aimable, zéro envie de travailler pourtant il ya à dû monde qui veulent travailler à sa place Manque de caisse dans une heure de pointe (18h) prix exorbitants Aux final jamais je retourne dans cet...
3.50 (77 reviews)
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