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Studio 2M L'Aouina image
Studio 2M L'Aouina
Portrait studio
👍👍 I recommend with much love
5.00 (254 reviews) (~6.21 km from centre)
Baths of Antoninus image
Baths of Antoninus
Historical landmark
Built in the 2nd century, this large Roman Thermae complex is now part of an archaeological park.
4.60 (3.4K reviews) (~4.04 km from centre)
Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis image
Mövenpick Hotel Du Lac Tunis
Modern quarters, some with lake views, in an upscale hotel offering restaurants, a spa & a pool.
4.60 (2.2K reviews) (~8.87 km from centre)
Dar El Annabi image
Dar El Annabi
Heritage museum
👍👍 Nice place to visit if you are in Sidi Bou Said. Entry fees is TD5. Doesn’t look big from outside but quite large inside. Very nicely decorated and gives you glimpse of how rich people lived in the area. They even give you free tea. You can also climb up to the rooftop for beautiful panoramic views.
4.70 (533 reviews) (~3.01 km from centre)
Byrsa Hill image
Byrsa Hill
Archaeological site
Archaeological remains of an ancient Carthaginian city later redeveloped during the Roman Empire.
4.60 (1.1K reviews) (~4.1 km from centre)
The Residence Tunis image
The Residence Tunis
Posh hotel with direct beach access, a spa & 5 restaurants, plus an outdoor pool & a golf course.
4.60 (938 reviews) (~5.9 km from centre)
bleue! image
👍👍 My first time giving a review on bleu, although I went several times there. This time, I want to applaud the professionalism, integrity and the politeness of all staff there (Racem, Mohamed and the beautiful waitress). My order was missed up and took a long time to get it, the deli was busy and it’s...
4.80 (263 reviews) (~2.95 km from centre)
Sidi Bou Said image
Sidi Bou Said
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The idyllic, thriving metropolis town of Sidi Bou Said is located atop a steep cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Twenty kilometers or so from the capital city Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is a favored getaway destination for locals and tourists alike. Stroll along cobblestone streets lined with small...
4.60 (822 reviews) (~3.26 km from centre)
Novotel Tunis Lac image
Novotel Tunis Lac
Warm, modern rooms in an upmarket hotel offering an outdoor pool, 3 restaurants & a bar.
4.70 (368 reviews) (~6.1 km from centre)
Les Ruines de Carthage image
Les Ruines de Carthage
Historical landmark
👍👍 Very impressive, must see if you pass by
4.70 (304 reviews) (~3.98 km from centre)
Four Seasons Hotel Tunis image
Four Seasons Hotel Tunis
Refined quarters in an upscale beachfront hotel with dining & a spa, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
4.50 (1.2K reviews) (~4.28 km from centre)
Restaurant Shawarma Abou El Joud image
Restaurant Shawarma Abou El Joud
👍👍 Visiting from Canada and had a craving for Shawarma...this is the best! Family platter was served with delicious hummus! Service for friendly and welcoming!
4.60 (450 reviews) (~7.05 km from centre)
Wachem Tattoo-shop image
Wachem Tattoo-shop
Tattoo shop
😠 Horrible service. Was about to have a tattoo, spent my time and money to come to the saloon, explained what I wanted in details, even sent everything via WhatsApp. I was told I'll be contacted once the artist is done with a sketch, but that never happened 🤦🏻‍♀️
4.80 (200 reviews) (~0.61 km from centre)
Mosque Malik ibn Anas Carthage image
Mosque Malik ibn Anas Carthage
👍 Awesome building but do your own research: there are no french/English explanations for foreign visitors. Free to enter near prayer time
4.70 (257 reviews) (~3.36 km from centre)
Harbor Sidi Bou Said image
Harbor Sidi Bou Said
👍👍 A magnificent view of Sidi Bou Said, white and blue dominate
4.50 (507 reviews) (~3.59 km from centre)
Ennejma Ezzahra Palace image
Ennejma Ezzahra Palace
Historical landmark
👍 A musical instrument museum with a large variations of instrument and A historical luxury palace with many rooms and decorations. From the outside you can see the sea and the marina down the hill. There are amenities on site and the entrance is 5 D. We saw chairs set up for a music performance on th...
4.60 (277 reviews) (~3.17 km from centre)
Les Indécis image
Les Indécis
👍 The place is nice and cute with all the art exhibit in the place. Also the staff in general is really friendly and cool, just one issue is the french language is kinda the core here 😬
4.90 (122 reviews) (~4.47 km from centre)
K-ZIP image
Korean restaurant
👍👍 We had lunch here, it’s a nice, clean and cozy place. We had Seafood Ramen, Chicken Salad, Strawberry milk. All items were delicious. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. Enjoyed the food & I recommend this place.
4.70 (182 reviews) (~6.41 km from centre)
The couscous Tree image
The couscous Tree
👍👍 Excellent place with an extremely kind and patient staff. We were able to sample all sorts of different couscous and sauces before making a final choice. I’d highly recommend the couscous à osbane kadid.
4.70 (181 reviews) (~1.13 km from centre)
Chez Weld Moufida image
Chez Weld Moufida
👍👍 Our absolute favourite place to go when we're back home with my Italian husband 🤗 I eat there as much as/ or maybe more times than I eat at my parents house. Authentic Tunisian dishes (as they were made by my grandmother), top quality ingredients, the owner is so welcoming. We'll be back soon !!
4.70 (175 reviews) (~2.37 km from centre)
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