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Discover the best places in Dar Fadhal, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 15 places in the city.

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Parc de Loisirs TRAMPOLIA image
Parc de Loisirs TRAMPOLIA
Amusement center
👍👍 Good place, you will have a lot of fun in here, the customer service are cheerful and there are a lot of nice activities. A really good place for everyone that personally I had fun in it. I recommend going there it's a really fun place!
4.40 (286 reviews)
Carthage Golf image
Carthage Golf
Golf course
👍 Good cozy and quite! :)
4.10 (288 reviews)
Animalerie All For Pets La Soukra image
Animalerie All For Pets La Soukra
Pet store
👍👍 I've bought pretty much every sort of thing that I'll possibly need for my cats. The customer service of this place is really great, the staff is very kind and helpful. They'll advise you what to buy for your pet when you're stuck and their prices are definitely reasonable. If you pay a specific amo...
4.40 (78 reviews)
Dar Misk chambre d'hôtes image
Dar Misk chambre d'hôtes
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 In all honesty, the rooms are clean, the furniture is new, calm and safe, the handling is sophisticated by the owner, and I photographed the room for rent while you are comfortable, and the owner is very respectful and humble, and he is the one who serves you personally. I advise anyone who likes t...
4.90 (35 reviews)
Oïshi image
Asian restaurant
4.20 (88 reviews)
El Firma Restaurant image
El Firma Restaurant
😐 Ups : the food was great and the service too Downs: way too loud for a restaurant, they should create some kind of separation between the restaurant and the lounge. It was awfull, we went for a lovely meal and a conversation between friends and we spent the evening telling each other : I can't hear...
3.90 (275 reviews)
Paintball Life image
Paintball Life
Recreation center
👍👍 Excellent endroit pour faire du paintball mais aussi d’autres jeux pour les enfants. Équipe sympathique et lieu entretenu. 👍
4.50 (46 reviews)
The Factory La soukra image
The Factory La soukra
😠 Definitely AVOID going to the Factory! A bunch of thugs managing the parking and ask for money even if you park far away! They came inside the place while we’re eating to ask us to pay for parking and threatened to ramage the car if we don’t! We asked to speak to a manager but of course the waiters...
3.80 (286 reviews)
University Tunis Carthage image
University Tunis Carthage
😠 Université qui ne m’a jamais payé les travaux de plâtrerie réalisé en 2012 avec l’architecte de Knauf Tunisie C’est une honte pour cette université qui prétend etre pour moi ce qu’elle n’est pas et ne sera jamais c’est à dire Honnête
4.60 (37 reviews)
Arena Gym Premium image
Arena Gym Premium
👍👍 Never felt comfortable in a gym like I do in this one.. professional staff, wonderful settings, energetic surroundings .. and there is a good sized indoor pool 👏🏻!
4.50 (39 reviews)
Le Golf Restaurant Bar image
Le Golf Restaurant Bar
🫤 The place is great , nice atmosphere BUT the low standard of service mess up the whole thing , we got the worse disrespectful waiter in my whole life . Dirty table cloth which never been changed , we came first and we got served last , he said they don't have a beer bucket but he is giving others be...
3.90 (114 reviews)
Le Golf de la Soukra image
Le Golf de la Soukra
Golf club
3.90 (67 reviews)
Résidence Zayatine Cité Les Palmeraies image
Résidence Zayatine Cité Les Palmeraies
Apartment building
👍👍 مونوبري الواحات (السلامة) شقق مفروشة .. الحي آمن ونظيف جدا .. به مونوبري سوق كبير به أغلب السلع المطلوبة وبسعر عادل .. يعتبر مكان إستراتيجي للانطلاق فهو قريب من المطار والعيادات وألعاب دحدح وسيدي بوسعيد وغيره .. متوسط سعر الاستوديو 80 دينار تونسي .. تاكسي للمطار أقل من 7 دينار تونسي
3.80 (72 reviews)
Soukra Park image
Soukra Park
Amusement park
👍👍 Top
3.50 (268 reviews)
Don PaPa image
Don PaPa
😠 The page said first come first serve, no option for reservation, but the guy at the door told me to go to golf instead even tho it’s empty inside and i arrived at 19:00 Disappointing
3.50 (102 reviews)
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